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Volume 1 Issue 1

Come near to God and He will come near to you. James 4:8



And do not be conformed to this world,

but be transformed by the renewing
of your mind, that you may prove what
is that good and acceptable and perfect
will of God.

Lamb of God

Inside this issue

Mom Knows Best
Featured Gal: Bonnie B. Outlaw
Economic Equality


By this My Father is glorified, that you
bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples.


Common Bond:
Womens Favorite Scripture
Bible Study Ideas
Silver Threads: A Tribute

Hot Topic: Economic Equality

Read what national radio host, Dave Ramsey, has to say about
the popular news reports of minimum wage workers expecting
higher salaries because it is only fair.


Featured Gal: Jesus Is The Answer. Period.

An interview with Johnston County native, Bonnie B. Outlaw
and a few words of wisdoms from one sister in Christ to

Cut It Out: A Lil Gift

Next time youre in Walmart, pick a cute 5 x 7 frame for this
artwork and treat yourself to a gift or give it someone who
needs this special reminder from our Creator.

Common Bond: Womens Favorite Scripture

Find the pattern between comments when gals on
Facebook were asked their favorite scripture.


Welcome to the first issue of

Gals Set Apart. A Christian
Womens Publication that
God has completely ordained.
Please pray with me that His
work continue to be done
through this mailing and that
He be glorified.

Bible Study Ideas: Find Your Recipe

A few ideas for your Bible Study routine. Find the right recipe
that works best for you in your daily walk with Jesus.


From Me To You & Finding Jesus

Somewhat of an Editors Letter and also your clues as to
which name of God you can find on each page.


Silver Threads: A Tribute

A collection of writings by the late Lida Mae Rogers that was
published in her home-missions newsletter, Silver Threads.


Peace of Peace

Mom Knows Best: A Gals Productivity

Take your morning routine to another level. Dive into scripture
to see what your Creator has to say about being productive
throughout your daythen do one simple task.

Mom knows
Just make the bed already...

King of Kings

I have to admit, I giggled a little when

I came across someones title while
doing a little research. I stumbled upon
a gal named Christine Carter. Her title
Happiness Expert. Well, isnt that handy
occupation to have in a society where
women are scrambling to check off their
to-do list before bedtime? Lets face it
gals, we wake in the mornings expecting
to check off about a million plus one
tasks all before we lay our heads down (at
midnight). The thought of all that needs to
happen just between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00
a.m. can be somewhat overwhelming for
a gal who strives for productivityno
matter what your household status may be.
Ms. Carter suggests we should make
our beds in the mornings. That this simple
task contributes to happiness because its a
small win in the willpower department.
She notes that research proves that when
we focus on one small area of improvement then it spills over into other areas of
our lives. We find ourselves doing more
and procrastinating less. Our good habits
can make life easier, happier and more
meaningful. Hmmm, all of this is fine
and good. But these are things my mother
taught me throughout all of my childhood.
The saying more is caught than taught
is so true. She is always focuseda planner, an organizer and always keeps things
in order. And there is a long list of other
tasks that were simply instilled in my sister
and I that makes a world of difference to
how our daily routines pan out. We didnt
need articles by a happiness expertwe
had mama.
Your day can go one of two ways...
smoothly or rough. The choice is yours.
The simple act of being organized can
mean a world of difference in just one
day. Seems simple, but did you make

Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let your

hands not be idle, for you do not know which will succeed,
whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well.
{Ecclesiastes 11:6}
The Adam Clarke Commentary states:
The morning, as we apply it to Christian [life], stands for brightness, freshness,
promise, for regenerate hope, the salt of life, for opportunity, activity, and
corresponding responsibility. The morning is pre-eminently the sowing time. Noon
and eventide will take their complexion from the morning, and morning, whether
we improve or waste it, never returns. How important, then, that we should sow
well, that our aims should be right, that we should lay up the opportunity and live
crowded hours. First... we are all sowing. God has so constituted our nature that
we must sow. Every thought, emotion, motive, is a seed; all our words and deeds
are seeds which must generate, spring up, and bear fruit in our hearts and lives,
in the hearts and lives of others, in time and in eternity. Our present characters
are the harvests of seeds sown in the past of our lives. The seed we are sowing is
imperishable. Be the winds ever so high, be the frosts ever so severe, germinate and
spring up the seed must. Outward circumstances may hasten or check the growth,
but cannot kill the seed.

... manage the house, give no opportunity to the

adversary to speak reproachfully. {1 Timothy 5:14}
your bed this morning?
Lets go a step further. Whether it be
before or after you have made your bed,
did you pray? Did you give thanks to your
Creator for a new, fresh day? Jesus rose
up a great while before the day to pray.
He found a quiet, peaceful place to speak
to His heavenly Father.
And in the morning, rising up a great
while before day, he went out, and
departed into a solitary place, and there
prayed. {Mark 1:35}
If you are not already, take the
Happiness Experts advice and simply
make your bed, then mosey along to your
coffee pot and begin your daily Bible
Study (see page 10).
I am thankful that my mother is an
expert in productivity, planning and


organization and it spilled over to me, but

I strive to improve every day.
Instinctively women know how to
be productive but do we always follow
through. Why is that? Laziness? Lack
of motivation? Exhaustion from the long
day before?
Be accountable. Be intentional. Be
set apart from the other women who are
barely making it to lunch hour. Be the gal
that your Creator wonderfully made you
to be and give to Him your time, your
attention, your praise. Then just go make
the bed already!
For whoever has will be given more,
and they will have an abundance.
Whoever does not have, even what
they have will be taken from them.
{Matthew 25:29}

County story
to tell
GSA inte izzell Outlaw, Christian hom
ow u
wing u apart and h hood
a gal ow from her es her
ately g
society es. She ultim ist who may b
experie to sisters in C pe to those wh
testimo is or to give lvation throug
reading ave accepted y is the day
may n ist sister, to ly on my hear
s laid str st featured ga
n. It wa
salvatio ie be our very fi A and I am
e GS
ural issu ppreciative
in ou
and a
greatly accepted with
that sh
hes o

Bonnie B. Outlaw


Bread of Life


Jesus Is The Answer. Period.

If you could give advice or a few words of
wisdom to a new believera babe in Christ
what would you say to her/him?
I would, first of all, congratulate them for making
JESUS their personal savior! Id tell them that the
two main things they need to do is:
1) Find a church and get involved [Hebrews 10:25]
2) Read/Study your Bible [2 Timothy 2:15]
And to remember this daily Even though Jesus
has forgiven you for your sins, we are human and
we have to ask forgiveness everyday for anything
that we may have said or done that wasnt pleasing to HIM.
For a teenage girl or a young lady reading this,
how would you direct her in her walk with
Keep friends that are Christians, friends that will
help keep you stay on His right path! Staying in

tune with Christians is a must to maintaining your

faith. Jesus knows your heart and He knows if you
want to live right for Him.
Tell us about your childhood; your parents;
the type of household your mother operated;
the kind of family man your father was; name
a few things that set you apart from other
families growing up.
My grandfather, Rev. Tom Bizzell, was a minister
in the Pentecostal Holiness denomination. My
father, Rev. Thomas E. Bizzell (aka: Tom Ed)
followed in his dads footsteps and became a Pentecostal Holiness minister as well. Mom and dad
always took us [their children] to church. There
was no questioncome Sunday morning we all
went to Sunday school and worship service. Daddy pastored eight churches and had eight children.
I never knew anything BUT to go to church and I


consider myself blessed by this. When Daddy pastored churches, all of us children were there, sitting on the same bench with mama. Mama would
sing specials in the churches he pastored. Her favorite song was Just One Rose Will Do. Revivals sometimes lasted for 2-3 weeks at a time. The
Holy Spirit lead them to last longer into the night
and wed not get home until 1:00 in the morning.
I can remember one time it hadnt rained in
months. The pastor at Bizzell Grove Pentecostal
Holiness Church at that time, called the church
folks together at noon to pray for rain. I distinctly
remember the saints of God coming with their
umbrellas to pray! When we left the church that
day, it began to rain as we made our way back
home. WOW! What faith those ol men and women
of God had! [Matthew 7:7]
Mama and daddy taught us to treat people like
we want to be treated, respect your elders, hold the


door for others, say yes maam and no maam,

yes sir and no sir, always tell the truth, keep
God first and pay your tithes.
As a child I remember before our meals we
would read a passage of scripture from the Bible,
get on our knees beside our chair at the kitchen
table and Daddy would pray, calling everyone
of our names in prayer, hed thank GOD for our
family, health, food, crops, church family etc.,
etc., etc!
My parents lived what they preached and I am
so thankful for that heritage.
What do you feel is the biggest mistake made in
families today that drive them away from God?
How can it be rectified?
I believe when families choose not to attend church,
refuse to take their children and grandchildren
thats when a lot of problems begin. [Colossians 2:7;
it is important to be rooted in Him, in a church that
preaches the Truth.] I am thankful to have brought
my children up in a Godly home and we took them
to Sunday school, church, Wednesday night service,
missionettes, vacation Bible school... everything.
Being involved keeps you where you need to be with
your walk with Jesus! When its instilled in you, you
will follow that pattern to which you were brought
up and your children will, too.
What are a few quotes that your mother or
father said growing up that you wish more
parents said today to their children or that you
recall as simply being special to you?
Daddy would say, People are the funniest
folks in the world, If someone gets wrong
with you, bake em a pie and take it to them,
Lazy folks arent worth the salt in their food
On our birthday Daddy would always say,
Today you are the oldest youve ever been.
I asked daddy why some families never have
any heartaches and he said, They are having
their heaven here on earth.
I also asked him on his dying bed did he ever
ask God why He allowed him to lie here and suffer
as good of a saint as my daddy had been and he
replied, I am no better to suffer than He was,
I wished Id done more for Him. But his motto
was, THE only thing thats going to matter once
this life is over, is what you did for GOD!
Mamas most profound saying was:
If you cant say anything good, dont say
anything at all!

I am thankful everyday for my heritage, my parents

prayers, my children, my health and for my Savior dying
on a cross so that I will have everlasting life with Him.
Bonnie. B. Outlaw
Tell us about a time when you felt Gods
presence and you knew He was the one
working in the room.
I know God is real! He has answered so many
prayers for me. I remember attending revivals in
Bizzell Grove P. H. ChurchHis power was felt
and people would rejoice in His presence!
I remember when I was saved and baptized in
His Holy Spirit I felt as if I was walking above
the sidewalk! I remember thinking, if this is free
why do people refuse Him?
I have heard my pastor, Bill Rose, say I have
never had anyone come sit in my office and say
that since they have started following Jesus
theyve had such difficulty in their lives. No!
People always say the very opposite... He is all
we need.
What do you feel is the enemys best lie in
todays society?
Like the Nike commercial... JUST DO IT!
[1 Corinthians 10:23]
I believe people think that its okay to do
anything. If it feels good, then just do it! We have
a conscious and we need to let our conscious
guide us. We will, one day, give an account to
God, our Judge, for all that weve said and
The enemy deceives women daily, what is your
advice for her to fight that deception?
I know a lady who is currently going through
a hard time and my advice to her is to stay in
church, read/study your Bible and GET ON
YOUR KNEES and PRAY! God loves for us
to humble ourselves and pray! God is greater
than any problem we have whether it big or
Jesus is the answer! Period! [John 14:6]
What is your favorite scripture?
Be still, and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10.


Anything else on your mind you would like to

tell the gals reading this?
Have a mustard seed faith [Luke 17:6]
Live that faith and abide by His word [James 1:22]
Pray for one another... prayer changes things!
[James 5:16]

Seth and Hollie; Bonnie and Haywood;

Matt and Hannah; Granddog Kenly

Bonnie Bizzell Outlaw is the fifth of eight children of

the Bizzell family. She grew up in Princeton, N.C. and
was proudly raised on a farm. She is a 1973 graduate
of Princeton High School. She works with her husband,
Haywood Outlaw, and they own and operate Outlaw
Mobile Homes Inc., of Mt. Olive, N.C. Bonnie and
Haywood have two daughters, Hannah O. Nunn who is
married to Matthew Nunn and Hollie Outlaw who recently
got engaged to Seth Slusher. The couple is planning a
2015 wedding. Since 1986, Bonnie and her husband
have attended The First Pentecostal Holiness Church in
Goldsboro where she has served on the church board for
two terms, has been the director of Missionettes for over
seven years and sings in the choir.

FUN FACT: Bonnies mother, Rachel Rogers Bizzell was

sister to my grandfather, Tommy Hubert Rogersshe and
I are distant cousins. We have reconnected via Facebook.
I am thankful for her support in this publication.
Karen Rogers Smith

HOT topic

I Am

Economic Equality

conomic equality... sound familiar? Its

been in the news for quite some time
nowminimum wage workers wanting
to be paid higher wages because its only
fair. Hear what Dave Ramsey has to say
about this topic. October 27, 2014, on his
radio show, The Dave Ramsey Show, Dave
read an article from the Huffington Post and
it was recorded on his daily show and later
released through his podcast episodes. The
article read as follows:
Paul Krugman is on board with some other
top economists who say that the U.S. should
tax top earners up to 90 percent.
What you really should want to do is to
soak the rich as much as possible, Krugman said in an appearance on HuffPost Live
Wednesday afternoon. So the top tax rates
should be whatever it is that collects the most
revenue, and now the question is, how high
is that?
The Nobel Prize-winning economist was
asked about a new working paper by economists Fabian Kindermann and Dirk Krueger,
which found that a top marginal income tax
rate of 85 to 90 percent would improve all
Americans wellbeing, reduce inequality and
bring in more revenue for the government.
Krugman conceded that soaking the
richusing a nickname for the Revenue Act
of 1935, which established a post-Depression wealth tax on top earners of up to 75
percentis not going to happen due to
todays political climate.
Today, the top rate of 39.6 percent is paid
on income above $406,750 for individuals
and $457,600 for couples.
Any increase in top tax rates is almost
certainly a move in the right direction starting
from here, Krugman said.
Dave notes that his suggestion is that if
you make over $400,000 a year then you
should give the government 9 out of every
10 dollars that you earn. So, essentially,
if you make $100, give the government
$90 of it (??). Dave says, Why dont we
go ahead and make it a hundred cents out
of every dollar and call it what it is... Communism. Dave explains that communism
is all about equality and if income equality is what you want (regardless of peoples
talents, work ethic, intellect and in some

cases education) and if you want everyone

to earn the same then, Go ahead and
call it communism and be proud of it...
because there is not a lot of difference in
taking 100% of peoples income and taking
90% of their income.
Daves example of a woman who goes
to medical school and becomes a brain
surgeon is a great illustration of this argument of how some people like Paul Krugman would like to see economic equality in
America. Dave asks the question, She not
only went to medical school and passed all
of her boards to become a doctorshe went
to school longer, has skills that are unbelievably unique, one person in a bazillion has
this knowledge and you want to pay her the
same as the guy at McDonalds? That is a
good question in my opinion. (This episode
is very much worth watching on YouTube, I
highly recommend listening to it). Dave rationalizes that actually economic equality
is itself an unfair concept because it would
not be fair to the one who chooses a life of
hard work, good character and integrity versus the person who expects the same reward
(i.e.: higher paycheck) without exhibiting
any type of good work ethic, good character
or diligencelet alone the added bonus of
higher education and skill level.
After speaking to a caller about this subject, Dave points out that essentially what
this concept (of being economically fair) is
doing is... stripping people of their desire to
invent, their willingness to do more and do
better. He says that you are decapitalizing
the entire free enterprise system and it takes
away a persons right to self-determination
ultimately crashing the whole thing, as in the
countrys economic system.
In my opinion, if you exhibit good character, good work ethic, are diligent, loyal,
show up on time, put forth extra effort
while working the cash register at the Mc-

But if any provide NOT for his

own, and specially for those of
his own house, he hath denied
the faith and is WORSE than an
infidel. 1 Timothy 5:8 (KJV)
{Infidel - and unbeliever, faithless}

Donalds drive thruthat alone sets you

apart to possess great integrity and you will
ultimately be rewarded. Possibly monetarily but surely spiritually. And that person
of integrity working at McDonalds should
be given a raise based on his/her desire to
offer all they can to the company he/she
works for, and the raise should not go to
the one next to him/her who shows up late,
stays on their cell phone all day and has a
bad attitude. See, the two examples here
are extreme when only looking at the job
titlebrain surgeon vs. McDonalds drive
thru cashier. But the integrity of the two
harder workers is the same.
Now I am going to wrap this up with my
thoughts and two scriptures for you.
The man of the house is the provider, the
overseer, the head of his household (also
see 1 Timothy 5:8)... if there is no man of
the house, then the woman must fend for
herself and children or in a lot of cases
today, both man and woman work. And
there are many people who are not
physically able to work, but for those who
are, hear what the scriptures have to say
about it:
... If anyone will not work,
neither shall he eat.
2 Thessalonians 3:10 NKJV.
The laborer is worthy of his wages.
1 Timothy 5:18

Dave Ramsey is Americas trusted voice on money and business,

is a personal money-management expert and extremely popular national radio personality. The Dave Ramsey Show is heard
on more than 500 radio stations across the country by 8 million
listeners weekly. His has four New York Times best-selling books
and has sold more than 7 million copies combined. He is a Christian who teaches people how to be a good steward of the money
our Lord has given to us to manage through Financial Peace University. For more information visit

Frame it for yourself,
Give to a friend,
Hang on the fridge.

This would make a nice surprise for one of

your gal coworkers.
Just put it in a little 5 x 7 frame and leave it
on her desk while shes out to lunch.
OR... put in the mail to someone who you
know would love to receive a surprise
package from you.
Whatever your plan is, just remember you
will brighten some gals day with a little
special surprise.
If you have accepted Jesus as your savior,
you live daily with His Holy Spirit..
therefore, you are chosen, royal, holy and
live in HIS light. Share the light sister, share
it with joy!

The Good Shepherd

Scripture tells us to build up another, edify

one another, love each other... count your
blessings that you have good girlfriends
who do this for you, too.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

When asked their favorite scripture, it was interesting

how so many of these facebook gals posted either the same

scripture or scriptures that entailed the same idea.


Be strong and courageo

Joshua 1:9

Beth of Four Oaks

Be still and know that I am


Psalm 46:10


Bonnie of Dudley; Angey of Ke

nly; Anita of Selma

For I know the plans I have for you declares

the Lord; plans to prosper you and not harm you
Jeremiah 29:11

Beth of New Bern; Anita of Selma

e are not worthy

All the sufferin
that shall be revealed.
to be com
Romans 8:18

Anita of Selma

u r l ives b u t H e
th e t r
e re c o
orry about nothin
p a tte
about everything
Philippians 4:6
ot i c
Do y
Nichole of Four O
I leave with you; my peace
I give you. I do not
give to you as the world give
s. Do not let your
hearts be troubled and do no
t be afraid.
John 14:27

Monica of Wake Forest

d, for in due
And let us not grow weary of doing goo
. So then, as
season we will reap, if we do not give up
everyone, and
we have opportunity, let us do good to
old of faith.
especially to those who are of the househ
Bright Morning Star

Galatians 6:9-10

Tasha of Four Oaks


The heavens declare the Glo

ry of God;
the skies proclaim the work
of His hands!
Psalm 19:1
y spirit and
Anita of Selma
Its what He spoke to m
for m
reminded me of His love
I was at my lowest.
And we know that all th
Jeremiah 31:3
ings work
good to those who love
Chris of Sims
God, to those who are th
e called
according to His purpos
Let all things be done decently and in order.

1 Corinthians 14:40

Emily of Four Oaks

Susan of Benson

But those who wait on the Lord

Shall renew their strength;They sha
mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.

The Lord is my strength an

d song
and has become my salvatio

Isaiah 40:31

Psalm 118:14
Ginger of Falcon

I can do all things through Christ

which strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13

Kim of Cary; Lea of Raleigh

Amy of Four Oaks

a l wa ys


o ffe rs H
is st re n gt h to l ift u s u p a n d g i v e e n c o

The Lord is good.

A strong refuge when
trouble comes. He is close
to those who trust Him.
Nahum 1:7


For God so loved th

e world that He gave
His only
begotten Son, that w
hoever believes in H
im should
not perish but have
everlasting life.
John 3:16
Sally of Four Oaks

Tammi of West Jefferson

Thank you Lord for

sending us a Comforter...
your Holy Spirit!

Whatever is true, whatever is noble
whatever is right, whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely, whatever is admi
if anything is excellent or praisewort
think about such things

And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another
Comforter, that he may abide with you forever.

Susan of Benson

Philippians 4:8

John 14:16


Pour a cup of coffee, hot cocoa or a

glass of lemonade.



Clear your mind of clutter and stress.


Deep breath. Your only focus, Jesus.


Ask that your ears be open to His Word,

that your heart receive His mercy and
find His grace throughout your daily walk
with him. Lets face it, your daily walk
with Jesus should not end once your Bible
study is over.


Often people ask me about my personal Bible study. I have been asked is there is a certain
way? What is your routine? And I always tell people that everyone has their own recipe on
how a Bible study works best for them, but the most important ingredient is your
very own, personal relationship with Jesus.
Once you have accepted Him into your heart, you begin living a life with His Holy Spirit
inside of you, guiding you, instructing you, teaching you, disciplining you, loving you, correcting you, forgiving you... the list goes on. Acknowledging His sovereignty and fully
opening your mind, heart and soul to what He wants for you to hear and read is the start of
a good study. (Whether yours is early morning, lunch hour or bedtimefind the right time
for you and Jesus. Everyones recipe will be different.)
Bible teacher, Beth Moore says, True intimacy with God always brings humility. Be willing
to humble yourself, be willing to be corrected, be willing to be loved. Let of all of the
walls break down around you, let all of the strongholds that the enemy has held against you
just break away and let Jesus light, His love and His Truth soak into every ounce of you.
Priscilla Shrirer once described her quiet time with Jesus as if she were a little girl with her
chin in both of her hands eagerly listening to what her Heavenly Father was telling
her as He bent over to her level spoke directly to her. Thats exactly what you are doing during your daily Bible study. Do it now... place both of your hands under your chin and read
His Word. Its so exciting to see what else we will learn about our Father.
That personal relationship with your very own Creator serves so many purposes
throughout so many seasons of your life. Therefore, your Bible study time may look different
than mine because He has placed you on a different path for His Will. Or maybe our paths
look a lot alike, but you can rest assure of this one thingour destination is the same. One
day sister, I will see you in glory. And then, we will all be singing the same songs of praise
and worshipping Jesus together in unity.
Until then, our road maps may look different on this side of Jordan but our goals are the
same. Always seeking His face, desiring for His will to be done and to plant seeds in others
so that we may also see them in Heaven. Destination Known! PTL!
But I would like to share a few things that I do during my own Bible study in case you were
looking for some tips or suggestions to help get started....


Go to a scripture that the Lord has

laid it upon your heart to begin

I have the book titled Jesus Calling.

It is a daily devotional with scripture
citation, but it doesnt actually have the
scripture written out. I like that, it causes
me to actually open my Bible and find
the scripture myself. I usually keep on
reading, and I find Im even more blessed.
For me personally, I like to have a printed
Bible. I enjoy finding my way through the
pages. You may prefer a Bible app.

Choose one scripture that really

spoke to your heart today. Write it
down on an index card.

If the scripture has thou or you in

it, dont be afraid to write in your own
name in the place of it. Remember, Jesus
had you on His mind while He hung on
the cross. Give it try now...

Ephesians 2:10
insert your name is Gods handiwork, created
For ________
in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God
insert your name
prepared in advance for________to
Rewrite that three more times on
more index cards. Hang them with a
little scotch tape all around your daily
routine where you can be reminded.
On the back door on your way out of
the house each morning, on the washing
machine, in your cars sun visor, on the
bathroom mirror. Keep it real! Remember
that your personal relationship with Jesus
is weaved in and out of the daily rhythms
of LIFE. Seek Him in everything you do,
everything you think, everything you say.

Praise God for His blessings! AMEN.

elcome to the first-ever issue of

Gals Set Apart. What? You say
its odd to find the Welcome
Letter or Publishers Note in the back in
the publication? You are exactly right! Maybe
I should clear up a few things. I am not a
publisher nor an editor or copy editor. I am
actually a graphic designer. Never was called
to be a writer by profession and yet here I
am finding my way through the first issue of
this home-missions newsletter. A newsletter
that just so happens to possess the qualities
of a magazine. So I am considering this to
be Issue 1 of what I hope to be many more
newsletters... err, magazines!
Whatever you choose to call it, know that
it has been established by GodHe is simply
using me as His mouthpiece and do the leg
work here on earth. But I can assure you the
works of this are of the one and only divine One
and not of Karen Smith. I can honestly tell you
that I have struggled and fought the Lord in this
endeavor, yet He has been persistent in leading
me to this exact night as I sit here to type this
up. As Beth Moore is known in saying in her
popular hairbrush video (Google it), Jesus...
He is the bossiest thing! I have to give her a
loud Amen on that one! But praise His holy
name... He is the boss of my soul and I would
not have it any other way.

from me to you
Great big God comes first and thats why
you will always find His Word, His Scripture,
His Holy Spirit-lead thoughts just for you on
the cover and throughout. My prayer is that
this newsletter/magazine always lifts Him up
and not myself or the ones who contribute to
it. Therefore, this section titled From Me to
You will always be found in the back, not up
front. Seems strange? I know, but heyits a
great feeling to be set apart.
It has been laid upon my heart to gather
writings from fellow believing gals, fill up the
pages with His Word straight from scripture
and to glorify His name. A collectionif
you willof ideas, news, articles, tips and
reminders to help edify fellow believers and
to plant seeds into the lives of lost souls and
bring them to JESUS!
This publication is not-for-profit, offers
writings from gracious volunteers and, for
now, will not be professionally copy edited.
(It will, however, be professionally designed,
wink wink.) But on a serious note, lets just
go ahead and acknowledge that you will find
flaws, an occasional grammatical error, but
know without doubt it has been put together
for the good of our Creator and to share His
light. We are not perfect writers, editors,
photographers or designers. But HIS work is
perfect and always without flaw.

At a fall revival at my home church in 2013, the guest speaker noted that we need to always be looking for Jesus...
always be on watch as to how we can serve Him, glorify Him and tell others about Him. That Jesus needs to be in everything we do! Light bulb!
I was given the idea that since there are many references to God and
Jesus using other words throughout the Bible, it would be neat to have
Jesus on every page of Gals Set Apart. So, you are challenged to find
Jesus on each page. Knowing that you will recognize a lot of the references, but maybe there are some that will be new to you, thus giving you
more reason to dive into His Word and find out
more about Him. I used to think that being a
Christian meant that when I did my Bible
studies alone I was to look for ways to apply that days scripture study to my life.
Of course this is so! But also, we must
be willing to simply learn more about
God himself! Its not always about us,
is it gals?

With the ongoing prayer that this publication will grow and eventually reach more people than imaginable, I figure some folks might
inquire who is this girl who obeyed Gods
call to start GSA (Gals Set Apart)? And, I
suppose its somewhat helpful to learn about
the folks behind the scenes but more importantly I would love to hear from you on how
this publication has affected your day-to-day
trials and situations. So, with that in mind, I
have created a simple website where you can
learn about upcoming events in N.C.; up-todate global and local news; last minute topics
that did not make it into the publication; more
about the publications circulation and mailing calendar; our contributors bios and an occasional blog that I may write. Id love to have
you stop by it and say hey to us, tell us your
thoughts and leave the site feeling revived and
reminded that your Heavenly Father loves
youmaybe even take away a few things to
pass along to a friend. When we listen to His
Spirit, its amazing to watch that ripple affect
as He touches the lives of those around us.
Bless you my friend and sister in Christ,
Karen Rogers Smith
Lamb of God
John 1:29

Page 7
The Good Shepherd
John 10:14

Page 2
Prince of Peace
Isaiah 9:6

Page 8
Bright morning star
Revelation 22:16

Page 3
King of Kings
Revelation 19:16

Page 9
Isaiah 63:16

Page 4
Bread of life
John 6:35

Page 10
Ephesians 2:20

Page 5
Isaiah 9:6

Light of the world
John 8:12

Page 6
I Am
Exodus 3:14

Page 3
Matthew 9:15

From the bottom of my heart...

Thank you to my husband, Scott, for your support and help

through this first issue. Thank you to my family and friends
who have encouraged me and helped me to this point. KRS



Silver Threads

By Lida M. Rogers

This piece is a reprint from Silver
Threads, a home-missions newsletter
originally published in February 1999,
written by the late Lida M. Rogers. She
began her newsletter in the 1990s. Issues included encouragement, prayers,
Bible studies, a collection of her poems
and, of course, loaded with scripture
FUN FACT: Lida Rogers was my grandmother. Born in 1925, she lived her entire life dedicated to the Lord and gaining souls for Him. She was a licensed
minister in the Pentecostal Holiness
denomination and preached more than
half her life. She entered the gates of
Glory in 2005. I pray that this section
of GSA will be a tribute to and a revival
of her home-missions newsletter.
*I have made only a few punctuation
corrections, but have left everything
the way she had originally worded it.
To find out more about the author
or to receive a copy of the original
newsletter, please visit our website at
The website offers contact information.

February 1999

trust the blessings of the Lord are being

given to you by Handfuls on Purpose.
(Ruth 2:16). I find it a JOY to come to
you and I hope it will be received in ways of
TRUTH and ENCOURAGEMENT. All because there has never been a time when people needed spiritual enforcement as much as
is needed today. We are in a war torn territory
of the enemy but Jesus prayed for his people
some two thousand years ago. (John 17:15) In
1st John 2:1 we have Jesus as our Advocate
with the Father.
This month is a time in celebration of Valentines Day, a day for sharing LOVE. Im so
glad to serve a God Who is love, one Who cares
each and every day of the year. (1st John 4:121) If you are experiencing a difficult time in
your life on receipt of this letter then this God
of love wants to share it with you.
Think of it, like this... Real hope, faith and
love comes out of hopelessness even though
there seems to be no way out of your tunnel.
Remember, There is always
ONE who is walking with your
through your circumstances. His name is Jesus and he
will never leave nor forsake
you. (Hebrews 13:5-6) No one
knows how much you hurt at
this time and you might and
you might wonder if God even
cares. However, we still have to
cling to the promise of the Holy
He is telling you to Cast all
your cares on Him for He still
loves you and is there when
it seems that no one understands. (1st Peter 5:7-9)
There is a silver lining to
your grief and pain. I can hear
you saying, Where is it and
how long am I going to have to
wait for its consolation? Your
silver lining is Faith, Hope and
Charity (Love). But the greatest of these is Love. (1st Corinthians 13:13) These essential
ingredients are three-in-one.
They serve as a trinity in your
life. The are the anchor of the
soul. If your hope is gone, it can
be rekindled by relying on the
source of supply.


You can regain Hope. You can refocus your

view. And you can wait on the Lord to renew
your strength. Its at this point when things
begin to look bright again and the sun will
shine upon you. (Isaiah 60:1-20)Think of life
with all the mistakes, sins and woes of the
past like tangles in a ball of yarn. Its such a
mess, not even our friends have been able to
straighten it out for us.
It is such a comfort to drop the tangles of
life into Gods hand and leave them there.
Let me share this one thing with you... Place
your burdens in the hand of our soon-coming
King and release that load to Him. He alone
can untangle the silver threads of your life.
Thats what faith, hope and love is all about.
Im enclosing a poem titled A Valentine
Greeting and I trust it will bring some satisfaction in knowing that someone cares. You
are in my prayers for a new beginning.
Scripture reference is taken from the King
James version.

Scan of the original poem in 1999