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Ice from the Sky gloat! ps HEY AyoungAfrican boy in a remote village moaned and tossed as his fever raged higher and higher. The doctor who was helping to care for the boy did what he could to bring the fever down, but what he really needed was an ice pack. He quickly dismissed the thought. The nearest ice was a difficult d joumey away. “Cannot God send ice for my dear son?” the sick boy’s mother asked. Then she reminded the doctor that he had once told her that God delights in doing miracles for His children. fous ft pall Gi Ge Sus Le gS tyanid ylas all cab GJS Oe LS gp Thali sill dallas 8 Ge sui) 6 5 GI ab all px oie clay calill 4g ony Ol OS vin sida sally cleLug Jlua yl Oe etl ob Ute bos i ayia by pi Gull ob GS 2 "Lal (Ol jamcdl Gan Oe dy 52 ail 3s GIS “That's true,” sai “But ice? Here?” Paying no attention to his doubts, the mother asked again matter-of- factly, “Shall we not pray? And so they did. The boy’s mother got right to the point. “Lord, ifice is necessary to my sons healing, You can send it. I believe it!” No sooner had she ended her prayer than a hailstone the size of a walnut rolled into the hut. When the two looked out, they saw hailstones plummeting from the sky. eLREY Ai. teat fal OS «quae as" :Caylali St fla, fale be 4B) goat yi Ute" O'S 1) ell Gi FATS Gall cas be lib