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General Specification

General Specification

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C1.5.1 Boiler

(a) The maximum room length available, allowing for fire tube
withdrawal from front of boiler, shall be as indicated in the

(b) The boiler shall be properly levelled and installed on its
concrete plinth to ensure it is in a horizontal position; and

Section C1
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2007 Edition

(c) Thermal expansion slot for bolts joining the boiler and concrete
plinth shall be provided.

C1.5.2 Gas boosters and compressor for towngas burner

Boosters and compressors shall be installed in well-ventilated
locations. The location should be clean, dry, and accessible for
maintenance and sited near to the equipment being served thus
minimising the length of pipework operating at the higher pressures.

C1.5.3 Towngas Pipe Connection

Suitable anti-vibration mounting shall be used to reduce noise and
vibration. Both the inlet and outlet connections shall incorporate a
suitable length of flexible metallic tube to eliminate strain on the
booster or compressor and to minimise the transmission of vibrations.
Connecting pipework shall be adequately supported independently of
the booster or compressor. Where the pipework diameter differs from
the connections to the booster or compressor properly designed taper
pieces or concentric reducers shall be inserted as close to the unit as is
practicable to prevent turbulence.

All the control and protective devices specified that are fitted on the
inlet of the booster or compressor shall be fitted between the inlet gas
isolating valve and the booster or compressor. No other shut-off valve
shall be fitted in the pipework between the machine and its inlet
isolating valve. The pressure delivered shall be stable without any
surging at all operating gas flow rates.

C1.5.4 Control for Towngas Connection

A non-return valve of the approved type shall be installed between a
compressor inlet and the low pressure cut-off switch and capable of
withstanding a back pressure equal to the maximum compressor
discharge pressure.

A suitable relief valve capable of by-passing the full rated output shall
be fitted immediately around a positive displacement compressor to
relieve excess gas pressure from the outlet to the inlet to maintain a
constant outlet pressure.

A resonator shall be installed on the inlet of a reciprocating compressor
to damp down pressure fluctuations.

Where gas is supplied to a gas compressor or compressor type mixer,
notices similar to the following should be affixed with suitable Chinese
translation to be approved by the Architect:

Section C1
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2007 Edition

(a) Near the meter inlet valve


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