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Artistic Reconstruction

January 22, 2015

Volume 12
Issue 1

VP on

Dr. Greg Lamontagne

Tamera Carvalho/Lens
By Tamera Carvalho
Staff Writer

If you were to visit the art wing on Knight Campus fourth floor on the 13th of January, you
would find that it was bare. Stripped of tables, textiles, and other equipment, the art wing is now
just a long winding tunnel. The windows that allowed you a peek into the art world of the CCRI
students, are covered in red paper and the only thing inside are two construction workers who are
throwing around the word drilling and a table with renovation plans on them. Yvonne Leonard,
the art department chair for the 2 million dollar renovation project, says that if everything goes according to plan, the wing should be finished by mid-August, just in time for the Fall 2015 semester.

With the input of the entire art department faculty, the renovations should make the art wing
more efficient. The renovation project will fix the noise problems and the aging equipment that the
art wing has, but will also provide much needed improvement. Each art class will have its own specialized classroom, and each of these classes will have glass walls making the rooms more open and
accessible. The rooms will also have the ability to control the light that seeps through the windows,
allowing the professors to have greater flexibility when lighting subjects for drawings and paintings,
or showing slides or presentations. The school will also be redesigning the dark rooms that are used
for photography, will create a special area for the display of students artwork, and have now bought
new printing presses. But these changes are not the only good thing to come for the art students at

CCRI will be getting a NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art and Design), accreditation. This accreditation will certify that the art classes here at CCRI meet the same requirements as those in full time art schools and will make CCRI one of the 16 community colleges who
have this accreditation. The accreditation will legitimize the art classes at CCRI and will make it
equivalent to those found in four-year schools, but it will also pave the way for programs that allow
students in a four-year school to take certain classes at CCRI for a smaller tuition price. CCRI is
working on having RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) be a part of this program. For now, art
classes are being held in temporary spaces or other campuses. Hopefully with the new changes
coming, students will be inspired to be at their best creatively and academically.
Go to for more information.



Students speak up
Obamas college plan
Je suis Charlie
Part time Deans list


Meet our Staff

and faculty
share their
Check it out on

page 2

By Edward Kdonian
Editor in Chief

Shortly into his second year at CCRI,
Vice President of Academic Affairs, Greg Lamontagne sat down with The Unfiltered Lens to
discuss the controversy around the removal of
the WP/WF grades and his hopes for our college.

Ive got the best job in the world. Dr.
Lamontagne starts out, Because I work with the
most creative people in the world, the faculty.
He explained to me that as Vice President of Academic Affairs, its his job to supervise the deans
and faculty and to help them Accomplish the
mission of the institution

Dr. Lamontagne expressed a deep appreciation for community colleges. He went on to
discuss how he himself had started out at a community college in his home town of Montreal.

I wouldnt be where I am now if I didnt
attend a two year college in Montreal he said.
He feels that community colleges have all these
barriers down so you can talk to the faculty and
other studentsIts just a really refreshing experience he continued by stating its different when you get into residential colleges or research universities. They have different rhythms,
[community colleges] have a rhythm that I really
like in the end they [faculty and students] all
want to be learners, that is what makes community college, really, such an exciting place to be.

(Continued in Lamontagne on page 3)

Sex sells
page 4

From sex
to cigarettes
page 6

The Unfiltered Lens

Campus News

How do you feel about Rhode Island

legalizing marijuana?
Students, faculty and staff give their personal opinions

Chris ShortProfessor of philosophy

I think we should (legalize
marijuana). I think that its
inevitable that eventually
that will happen nationwide and I think that economically, it makes sense. I
think that in terms of black
markets to slow down, it
makes sense. Reduce crime,
it makes sense. From what
I can tell, theres no downside.

Michael CunninghamDean of Student Life

I dont have enough information...I would want to
know about crime rates, I
would want to know about
addiction rates, I would
want to know about health
incidents, anything along
those lines. Those would be
important factors to me. I
hate the idea of legalizing it
just so it could be taxed

Rob Sherwood-Student

Artie Brunelle-Student

Well, I saw on the news

how (Rhode Island) became
the largest usage of marijuana so I think that it would
actually benefit Rhode Island. It would probably be
less sketchy to actually do
stuff around the place. And
also, the more bad people
would less have it.

Ive been all for it ever

since Colorado legalized it,
I mean, obviously there was
an issue with it on the federal level, thats still there,
but our economy could definitely use the boost. I think
it could definitely help us

I think that it will help our

economy. I think that if the
government were to regulate
it, if people could sell it in
small shops, that would be
great. Rhode Island was rated number one in the country for a pot-smoking state
so that would help us out a
lot. If everyone would buy
from small shops instead of
neighborhood friendly drug
Marissa Marzullo-Student dealers, thats putting more
money into our state that we
For sureI think that need at this point.
it will help people who
smoke weed not do other
drugs because they have
to be sketchy to go get the
weed which leads into buying coke and other drugs
from those dealers. Youre
dealing with professionals (at potential cannabis
care centers) who know
about marijuana and not
Norman Mageau-CCRI
drug dealers who sell other
College Police

Amanda VenticinqueStudent
I am absolutely all for it. I
think that it would decrease
our crime rates for sure.
People are in jail for possession of marijuana, its a
plant, its naturally grown,
its not hurting anyone and is my own belief as an

employee of the college that
I think it should be legalized and regulated, because
its out there everywhere
and anywhere you want.
The states losing revenue,
its losing big tax dollars.
But I believe it has to be
done right, see what the other states did, maybe where
they went wrong, then we
could correct itIts out
there anyways and I believe
that if we regulate it, well
have better control. Were
going to be losing some big
revenue as far as gambling
goes, so that would be one
way to offset itMaybe we
can support higher education with this.

Dan Chapman-Student
Im all for it. I think there
are far too many people
in jail for low-level drug
crimes. I dont think its
helping anyone. Its a huge
burden on taxpayers. I think
its a drug thats obviously
much less dangerous than
alcohol and cigarettes and
theres this totally unnecessary stigma.

Chris Cameron- Student

I personally dont enjoy
marijuana, but I believe our
state should take the lead
in the region, instead of
following. Marijuana has
many latent medical and
economic benefits that far
outweigh any cons that I
can think of.

Campus News
Continued from cover

After discussing his
feelings about community
colleges, we moved on to
the crux of our discussion,
the removal of the WP/WF
grades. The history behind that predates me he
explained Ive decided to
bring this to a head and resolve it one way or the other.

My understanding
is that this really started
with the faculty wanting to
move this issue through the
various governing committees. Its pretty split, some
say they feel the need for it
others dont.

Dr. Lamontagne remarked that since we have
a ten-week period in which
a student can withdraw officially, he doesnt feel that
students need the WP/WF

Last semester he decided to have the faculty get
together as a community

The overall mission of THE
to inform and improve the
quality of student life at
the Community College of
Rhode Island. We strive to
accomplish this standard
by reporting and writing
the truth in an ethical and
responsible fashion that
enlightens the entire college community, while providing information in an
unvarnished manner that
seeks thoughtful responses, dialogue and, of course,
action. We fully understand
serving students is our clear
objective and recognize the
impact and, more importantly, the importance of
this endeavor. We realize we
do not make news but cover events that stimulate our
community, improve college life and strengthen our

The Unfiltered Lens

of scholars to discuss the
issue and come to a consensus. He intoned that he has
yet to get the facultys verdict; but that when he does
he will use that information
along with his own judgement to create a recommendation that will be sent to
the presidents council.

I dont have the
definitive word on it, just
whether I move it forward
or not. He went on to say,
that while he does understand that there are times a
student does need an exception, most should take on
the responsibility of withdrawing from a class officially if they are failing.

URI for example,
you can only withdraw
from the fourth to the sixth
week. That only gives you
two weeks to get a W. We
are from the third to the
tenth, which is pretty liberal. Which gives you ten
weeks to decide if a class is
going to work out. He also
mentioned that by week ten
students should be more
invested in class, perhaps
even participating in group
work with other students.

If you arent going to commit yourself
you should get out then
or that can be difficult for
you classmates. He also
made it clear that even if

the grades are removed that

there must still be a way to
help students who have extreme cases, because things
happen and that could
happen in the thirteenth
week, so I want some way
that students can appeal.

It was at this point
that I suggested that he consider only removing the WF
grade, while leaving the WP

Students who had
been maintaining passing
grades up until the tenth
week would be protected in
the event that the demands
of life interfere with their
ability to attend class after
the tenth week.

However, students
who had already been failing by week nine would
have to withdraw or risk
getting an F. This would
help to encourage a responsible attitude in students
without punishing those
who had been putting in a
genuine effort in class.

Astonishingly, Dr.
Lamontagne informed me
that no one else had brought
this up as a possible compromise. He promised he
would consider that, because thats the first time
Ive heard that.

Vice President Lamontagne also spoke briefly
about programs he would


like to see implemented at

CCRI. First among these
was a culinary program.
While a few culinary classes exist, they by no means
constitute an in depth or
complete form of instruction.

He remarked on how
much of a foodie state
Rhode Island is. Saying that
not only would a culinary
program be beneficial but
there would also be value in
viniculture (wine making).
He mentioned that viniculture was interesting even
just from a chemistry perspective. He also discussed
how beneficial a program in
beer brewing could be as a
means to instill in people
the fundamentals for opening their own breweries.

Overall, Dr. Greg
Lamontagne came across as
a reasonable and open member of the administration
with a genuine passion for
making our college a more
well-rounded and thorough
institution of higher learning.

We here at The Lens
are thankful that he was
willing to take the time to
sit down and hope that we
get the chance to discuss
our colleges direction and
future with him again.

Edward Kdonian

Courtney Germain
Managing Editor

Chris Cameron
Copy Editor
Lauren Delbrocco
Robert Gagnon
Arts and Entertainment
Jessamy LeBeau
Health and Science
Alex Wallace
National and World

Staff Writers
Tamera Carvalho
Paula Cournoyer
Dylan Harris
Rob Oatley
David Schmidt
Alex Wallace

Contributing Writers
Destinee DeSoussa
Ashley Rebelo
Ari Samayoa
Jared Winslow

Steve Forleo
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The Unfiltered Lens National News

Non-security fund is a little insecure

Social security funds diverted overseas
By David Schmidt
Staff Writer

Most are taught at a
young age that if you make
a mess, you clean it up. This
is the reason Congress created the non-security fund.
The non-security fund is
meant to supply social security with money to pay
out assistances for old age,
survivors and disability insurance benefits.

Congress has continuously appropriated money
for this program since the
start of the Iraq-Afghanistan conflict. However, is
the funding being used for
non-security reasons, such
as transportation, communication systems, banking,
health care, education, and

Before investigating, let us look at the rationale behind this program.
Most of the justification for
Congress appropriation of
these funds is reflective of
the assumptions held by the
American public on the nations obligations towards
Iraq and Afghanistan.

For one, the Bush
administration assumed that
reconstruction was essential
in the counterinsurgency

Moreover, it helps
our military build local trust
amongst the natives so we
can gather valuable information on the positions of
the enemy.

Now, let us review
how these funds are being
used in the field.

According to, As of Septem-

As of

September 30,
2014, the US
$104.1 billion
dollars for the
relief and


Obamas plan for higher education
By Chris Cameron
Copy Editor

Earlier this month,
President Obama delivered
remarks regarding higher education at Pellissippi
State Community College
in Knoxville, Tennesee on
January ninth.

The president announced an initiative that
hopes to provide two years
of free tuition at community
colleges across the country.

Tennessee was the
logical locale to announce
this initiative, since it was
there that Republican Governor Bill Haslam proposed
providing free tuition tocommunity college in his

The program was
proposed and passed the
state legislature last year,
taking the form of a state-issued scholarship called the
Tennessee Promise that
guarantees funding for two
free years of community
college for all graduating
high school seniors, provided a student doesnt fall
below a 2.0 GPA. This pro-

gram would only kick in if

federal Pell grants and other
aid are not enough to cover
the total cost.

Obamas plan, titled
Americas College Promise, could potentially benefit nine million students
across the country. The plan
would provide free tuition
to students that maintain a
2.5 GPA. The program is
projected to cost the federal government $60 billion
over 10 years.

Funding at the federal level wouldnt cover
the total cost of the program, with the federal government covering roughly
three-quarters of the bill,
with the state governments
picking up the remainder.

Free college isnt
a new idea in the United
States; California had low
or no tuition costs at their
state institutions of higher
learning for most of the last
century, and the City Universities of New York City
were without tuition from
1970 to 1976.

While there are
countless benefits to having
a better educated workforce,

and a greater need for education beyond a high school

diploma there are many that
question the ability of this
proposal to gain approval
in a Republican-controlled
Senate and House of Representatives that has already
opposition to the legislation.

The eventuality that
states would have to pay
part of the cost presents another obstacle for the bill.
The odds of a bill passing in
Congress are slim, but the
president has now moved
the national discussion toward the idea of making
community college available at lower to no cost.
Rhode Island Governor
Gina Raimondo supports
the idea of making CCRI
free in the same idea, but
has reservations about the
affordability of the program
in the state. This comes as
no surprise, given the states
increasing budget deficit,
projected to be $190 million
in the next fiscal year.

ber 30, 2014, the US had

appropriated $104.1 billion
dollars for the relief and
reconstruction of Afghanistan

A majority of that
has been diverted to security (police and military training).

The remaining sum
of about 30% is used for
governance, growth, and
immediate humanitarian assistance.

Nevertheless, a massive share of this 30 percent
is essentially used to combat insurgency by training
and equipping locals to battle insurgents themselves.

This however, is a
double edge sword, as the
insurgency decreases there
are civil wars popping up in
the Middle East.

This means there is

potential for our hard work

and financial aid to be used
in what may be considered
an unwarranted situation.

The remaining sum
of the monies is used for the
desired purpose, yet it is not
enough, thus making seemingly simple projects like
road construction impossible to complete.

Rocky mountain highs

lead to low unemployment
tain High, well, youre
wrong my friend.

At the moment Colorado is experiencing its
lowest unemployment rate

Ganja, mota reefer, since 2008. Legalization
and marijuana are all differ- has also continued to supply
ent names for cannabis. Its new jobs around the state,
been a year since pot has le- thousands of jobs in fact.
galized throughout the state
Colorado is an ideColorado.
al example that change is

You may be a sup- happening. In Colorado
porter of legal marijuana or the stigma that comes with
you may think marijuana Cannabis is beginning to
is the devils weed; either dissipate.
way the infamous plant has
One day we as a
greatly affected Colorado. country may even overIn a good way that it is, per- come our fear of a plant.
haps even the dankest of Perhaps we could have a
hemp industry that flourish
This may hit kind of es. If so maybe we wouldnt
hard or leave you dazed and be growing so much damn
confused but the proof is in genetically modified corn.
the pudding. Legal marijua-
What it really comes
na has brought Colorado 60 down to are the people. If
million dollars in tax reve- people really want the law
to change, people need to

In addition, the band together and push for
state has one of the fastest to be brought to a vote.
growing economies in the
country as well. You maybe thinking thats all well
and good but it sounds
like theres a bunch of lazy
stoned individuals milling
around the Centennial State
listening to Rocky MounBy Alex Wallace
National & World

World News

The Unfiltered Lens

Cuban Embargo goes up in smoke

Thats right, get your humidor ready

By David Schmidt
Staff Writer

Recently, President
Obama announced the United States has opened itself
to normalize relations with
Cuba. The United States
and Cuba have been at odds
with one another for about
54 years. It all started in the
1960s when two important
events transpired.

First, Cuba allowed
Communist Russia to build
missile installations on Cuban soil. Keep in mind that
in the 1960s America and
Russia were at odds. This
period is well known as the
Cold War.

The second reason for Americas embargo against Cuba was Fidel
Castros rise to power. Fidel Castro was considered
a communist dictator whose
views did not coincide with
the ideas of democracy.

On December 17,
2014, President Obama announced, we will end an
outdated approach that for
decades has failed to advance our interests and instead we will begin to normalize relations

The outdated approach that the President

was referencing is the policy of isolation. The President also intends to discuss
the possibility of lifting the
embargo that the United
States placed on Cuba.

As a reaction to this
news Cubas current President Raul Castro, who is the
brother of former President

of Cuba, Fidel Castro, stated the following remove

any obstacles that hinder
ties between our two countries.

Officials who know
more about the situation
have stated that the two
countries will also deliberate the normalization of
both trade and finance relations as well as the possibility of lifting the travel
prohibition on Cuba. All of
these normalizations will
provide benefits for both.

In addition, it will
especially benefit Cubas
struggling economy, which
many Cuban officials have
referenced in the same sentence with the U.S embargo.

However, both parties know that not all of the
topics discussed will meet
bipartisan agreement especially the following: Human rights, and democracy.
Even though many see this

as an unlikely event, many

foreign relations experts
have approved the push for
the normalization of the
United States and Cuban relationship.

So could both countries see a new beginning?
Many of you are probably
formulating that question in
your mind right now.

Time will tell if this
is a new beginning for a
U.S and Cuban relationship.
Nevertheless, let us be realistic, will take time to occur
but we should also think
positively on the possibility
as Cuba is a close entity to
our country.

Freedom of speech shall never perish

Charlie Hebdo stands strong after terroist attack

By Alex Wallace
National and World

On January 7th at
11:30 am, both France and
free press fell victim to a
vicious massacre. Two to
three men toting AK-47s
attacked the satirical French
magazine Charlie Hebdo.
Twelve people were killed
in the attack and 11 others were injured.

It is believed that the
violent flare-up is thought to
be a retaliatory response to
cartoons depicting Islamic
leaders, the prophet Mohamed and Muslims in general.
Four of the people killed
were cartoonists for the terrorism. In a video of the
magazine, one of which be- attack, the gunman can be
heard exclaiming Allahu
ing the magazines editor.

Two of the others Akbar!, which translates to
who perished in the attack God is greater or God is the
were French police officers greatest, before fleeing in a
who were attempting to stolen car.

This was not the first
combat the gunman.

President Hollande assault against Charlie Hebof France believes the at- do. In 2011, the Paris office
tack to be an act of Islamic was fire bombed by extremists.

ing those rights and paid the

ultimate price for them. No
one really knew what to do
after the attack, be it out of
respect for the cartoonists
and other staff members of
the magazine or out of fear
of terror attacks.

The French people
rallied together in solidarity
by the millions. Even Google has rallied to support
the magazine by donating
$300,000 to help fund the
periodical. Charlie Hebdo is
fighting the good fight.

Various cartoons from Charlie Hebdo

Neither the first attack, nor this one succeeded in stopping the magazine
from producing an issue the
following week.

According to BBC
News, their normal print
run of 60,000 was extended
to five million. The newest
issue of the publication contains an illustration of Mohamed crying.

The staff of Charlie Hebdo refuses to be silenced and continues to
fight for free speech.
What happened to the staff
of the magazine was truly
devastating; there are no ifs
ands or buts about it.

The french people
live in a country where freedom of speech and religion
exists. They were exercis-

With condolences
and admiration
The Unfiltered
Lens, we salute

The Unfiltered Lens

Smoking Hot Sex

By Lauren Delbrocco
Op-ed Editor

After an elegant dinner and stroll around Newport or an upbeat game night
at Dave & Busters, you and
your significant other take
it up a notch and head back
home. The front door whips
shut as you stumble up the
stairs, kicking off your
shoes grabbing each other

The dopamine rushes through your body as
clothes disappear as youre
approaching the bedroom...
and within seconds the
magic begins. Endorphins
initiate to attach themselves
to opiate receptor sites, as
you feel yourself to start to
relax and embrace the moment.

After climaxing, the
cuddle hormone oxytocin is
secreted, conferring a sensation of bonding with your
significant other.

After all is said and
done, prolactin is released
to distract the brain away
from the naked desire in
front of you and to focus on
the pile up of dirty laundry


Jacob Appelbaum [Love in Wiesbaden] Retrieved 1-19-2015 from
or the accumulation of dust
bunnies in the corner.

However, for the average smoker prolactin may
encourage you to indulge in
your stash of cigarettes in
the night stand drawer, trying to sneak on in as your
lover hops in the shower.

You jump out of
bed, reach into your beautiful hand crafted cherry
pine drawer and light up,

the smoke filling your lungs smoke alarms are blaring,

as the sizzling noise calms fire trucks swerve down the
the silence. The water shuts road, and the fighters tackoff, you toss the still burn- le the blaze. After hours of
ing bud into a red plastic spewing water, the flames
solo cup and leave the room. are extinguished and the

The plastic cup firefighters determine that
melts and it begins to burn the fire was caused by the
the flammable polish on the cigarette in the bedroom.
wooden table top under-
As explained on the
neath, smoke billowing up U.S. Fire Administration
website, there are 7,600
minutes smoking-related fires in

homes each year, 77% of

those fires are caused when
cigarettes are not put out
properly, with 24% of these
originating in the bedroom.

The romantic and
passionate evening has
turned into a stay at your
parents house with a pissed
off significant other and annoyed parents until the falling structure on the second
floor where your bedroom
once rested can be rebuilt.

Many falsely believe that nothing bad could
never happen, the thick
headedness of being invincible to danger. But tragedies happen, so maybe next
time instead of reaching for
the cigarette, get that load
of laundry done and PROPERLY DISPOSE those cancer causing, house burning,
sticks of death.

Winter can be S.A.D. for some

By Courtney Germain
Managing Editor

While many individuals struggle with the
prospect of enduring three
lengthy, bleak months of
winter, for others, the often
attendant misery associated
with the season is profound
or prolonged and may be
considered a clinical disorder.

For these people, a
formal diagnosis of seasonal affective disorder, commonly referred to as SAD,
may be warranted.

A subtype of major depressive disorder, the
onset of SAD is thought to
correlate with the lack of
sunlight associated with the
winter months, and subsequent changes in ones circadian rhythm (biological
clock) and altered levels
of various chemicals within

the brain.

While the majority
of those who struggle with
this disorder experience
the symptoms in late fall
through the winter, some
endure a similar manifestation in the spring and summer months.

Common symptoms
of SAD resemble those of
major depressive disorder
and may include:

Feelings of worthlessness/hopelessness
Reduced ability to
Feelings of heightened agitation/anxiety
Losing interest in
activities you once
Tendency to oversleep

Social Withdrawal

Since the amount
of sunlight received is decreased significantly in the
winter months, the presence of vitamins and chemicals processed by the body
through the absorption of
sunlight is reduced as well.
Levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps to
regulate mood, have found
to be depleted in those diagnosed with SAD.

Due to the increased
darkness associated with
the shortened daytime, melatonin, a hormone that aids
in the management of the
sleep/wake cycle, tends to
be secreted at a heightened

As a result, those diagnosed with SAD tend to

desire longer and more frequent periods of sleep.

Treatments for SAD include
the following, and are often
used in conjunction:

Phototherapy, also
known as light therapy.
Thought to be the most effective means of treatment
for those contending with
SAD, individuals sit facing
a specialized box that emits
light and mimics that of natural sunlight. This method is
thought to alter the changes
in brain chemistry associated with SAD.

medications. Many individuals diagnosed with SAD seem to
benefit from medications
intended for the treatment
of depression.
It is important to treat SAD,
because all forms of depression limit peoples ability to
live their lives to the fullest,
to enjoy their families, and
to function well at work
-Deborah Pierce, MD, MPH

If you or someone
you know is contending
with the symptoms of SAD,
please refer to your health
professional and speak

P s y c h o t h e r a p y. openly about your feelings.
When utilizing this approach to treatment, those
afflicted attend therapy ses- For more information
sions with a mental health
professional to accrue various coping mechanisms to
combat the disorder.

Sexual Health The Unfiltered Lens

Wacky, weird and strange facts about sex

Wolves, bears and bats are known to participate in oral sex.
Vaginas also grow (and even double) in size during arousal thanks
to a process called vaginal tenting. So now you know that.
Gymnophoria is the sense that someone is mentally undressing you.
The best-selling work of fiction of the 15th century was The Tale
of the Two Lovers, an erotic novel by the man who later became
Pope Pius II.

During intercourse, your inner nose swells just as your breasts and
genitals will. This is most notably due to the increased flow of blood
while having intercourse.
There is enough sperm in one single man to impregnate every fertile
woman on the planet

The G-spot was nearly called the Whipple Tickle- after Professor
Beverley Whipple, who coined the expression that we know today.
Alfred Kinsey, author of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male
(1948), had a collection of 5 million wasps and could insert a toothbrush into his penis, bristle-end first.
About half of Americans lose their virginity by the age of 17, but
10% remain virgins after 24.
As men grow older, their penis gradually shrinks
The smell of pumpkin can significantly increase blood flow to the
penis, according to the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research
Foundation of Chicago.
If a female ferret does not have sex for a year, she will die.

At the 2012 London Olympics, which lasted for 17 days, the athletes
were provided with 150,000 free condoms- approximately 15 each.

Women are more willing to commit adultery during their ovulation

than at any other time throughout their cyclemost notably due to
their bodies desire to fertilize the ovulated egg.

Theres an average of 280 million sperm in every male ejaculation.

Its the exact same number for rabbits.

Compiled by Lauren Delbrocco

Find more weird sex facts at the below web sites

Great sex can lead to good health

Just a few ways that getting lucky can improve your health
By Edward Kdonian
Editor in Chief

Sex isnt just a fun
way to feel good but it actually provides some surprising health benefits. Thats
right, research from many
sources are telling you exactly what you want to hear:
sex has many different mental and physical health benefits.

For example, did
you know that a healthy sex
life could actually improve
your immune system?

A study done by researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found
that students who pounded the pavement once or
twice every week possessed
higher levels of certain antibodies.

So if you have a
habit of getting sick often,

the answer may be as simple as getting laid more frequently.

A little extra boost
to the white blood cells isnt
the only additional benefit
of sex. Joseph J. Pinzone,
MD of Amai Wellness suggests that regular sexual
intercourse actually lowers
blood pressure.

In addition to lowering your blood pressure, sex
is a great way to get to sleep
at night.

After orgasm your
brain discharges prolactin,
the chemical responsible for
calming you down after a
good roll in the hay.

As Billy Mays
would say, But wait, theres
more!. Sex has been proven to help improve bladder
control, especially in women.

The same muscles
responsible for an orgasm

In addition
to lowering
your blood
pressure, sex
is a great way
to get to sleep
at night.
are also used in controlling
your bladder. Thirty percent
of women will have problems with incontinence and
bladder control in their lifetime. Thankfully, sex is a
great remedy for this all too
common inconvenience.

Sex also makes a
habit of lessening pain and

stress. Whether you are

having intercourse, or just
enjoying alone time, sex
or masturbation releases a
slew of hormones, including serotonin and endorphins, that help to raise your
pain threshold.

the hormone oxytocin is released, elevating good feelings and diminishing feelings of stress.

Just the simple act of
hugging and touching your
partner is enough for your
brain to start releasing oxytocin, and leaves you wanting to be touched more.

There have it, more
reasons to have sex. Of
course, if you are experiencing chronic pain or other
serious health concerns, sex
is not the answer, a doctor

Respect your own,

and your partners health

by being tested for STDs
every six months, and every time you are with a new

Use contraception to
lower your risk of STDs and
unwanted pregnancy. Stay
safe, stay healthy, and have

The Unfiltered Lens


New year, new frontiers

By Jessamy LeBeau
Health & Science Editor

In 2006, the childhoods of many were turned
upside down when the International Astronomical
Union demoted Plutos
planetary status to dwarf

qualified our solar system
as an eight major planet system, instead of nine. Good
news everyone, there may
indeed be more planets than
we thought.

Astronomers have
been debating for decades
whether a trans-Plutonian
planet is hiding undiscovered in our solar system.

A new study conducted by the University of
Cambridge and the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) has concluded
that there may be not one,
but two planets in our solar
system beyond Pluto and

In the study, researchers investigated the

Photo taken by Hubble Telescope

strange orbital behaviors of far out in our solar system,
extreme trans-Nepturnian by proposing the objects are
objects (ETNOs), and stud- reacting to a planet beyond
ied the Kozai Mechanism. Neptune and Pluto we have

The Kozai Mecha- yet discovered.
nism relates to the gravita-
It is uncertain just
tional perturbation a larger how many undiscovered
body (a planet, for exam- planets are causing the disple) exerts on the orbit of ruption in the ETNOs ora smaller object, such as an bital patterns.

However, Carlos de

Using the Kozai la Fuente Marcos, co-author
Mechanism, the researchers of the study from UCM,
were able to explain odd be- stated that ...our calculahaviors exhibited by objects tions suggest that there are

at least two planets, and

probably more, within the
confines of our solar system..

Outside of the confines of our solar system,
a new study suggests that
planets originally thought to
be inhospitable to humans
outside of our solar system,
christened exoplanets, may
be very Earth-like after all.

In a study by the
University of Toronto, researchers created a three-dimensional climate model
that could predict the planets spin in relation to its atmosphere, which influences
a planets climate.

The model predicted
that these exoplanets more
than likely had more moderate climates, and have day
and night cycles.

arguments already suggest
that these exoplanets can
support an atmosphere similar to that of Earths.

With this new study,
the likelihood of these planets being able to support life

is not far-fetched.

This new year is
starting off with exciting
news about our universe.

We may well have
some planets hiding in our
own little solar system.
There are also new possibilities that life could exist on
planets outside of our solar
system, light years away.

If you want to find
out more about the universe
and astronomy itself, visit To
keep up with all kinds of
science news, from astronomy to nanotechnology,
check out

Wearable electronics soon to be in fashion

By Jessamy LeBeau
Health &Science Editor

For decades, engineers have been dreaming
of creating electronics that
are less rigid, perhaps even
flexible. Recently, researchers at University of Wisconsin-Madison published
a report in the journal ACS
Nano that they have developed a new technology that
may lead to flexible electronics with a much longer
battery life.

This new technology may lead to bendable
electronics, which can be
implanted onto a variety of
different surfaces, including

The team of researchers built upon previous research in which carbon nanotubes were used as
the platform for electronic

Some of the best
electrical conductors ever
discovered, carbon nanotubes are single atomic
sheets of carbon rolled up

Edward Kdonian/Lens
into a tube.

When visible to the
human eye, these structures
resemble wires. Under a microscope, these nanotubes
appear mesh-like, and are
two hundred times stronger
than steel, with five times
the elasticity. They are
mainly used for electronic
and medical purposes.

In previous research, engineers struggled
with isolating semi conductive carbon nanotubes, and

the battery would short

itself off because of metallic
corruptions in the tubes.

Researchers have
also had troubles in the past
in regards to the packing capacity of the nanotubes, and
the positions of the tubes.

Led by professors
Michael Arnold and Padma
Gopalan, this new research
includes a new technique
called floating evaporative
self-assembly, or FESA.

This approach uti-

lizes a self-assembly phenomenon elicited by rapidly

evaporating a carbon nanotube solution. This aligns
the nanotubes correctly, and
also prevents the electronic
device from shorting itself

Professor Arnold,
co-leader of the study, said
that Carbon nanotubes are
very strong and very flexible, so they could also be
used to make flexible displays and electronics that

can stretch and bend, allowing you to integrate electronics into new places like
clothing. This would mean
that these nanotubes could
be woven into articles of
clothing, or engineered into
wearable devices on account of their flexibility and
battery strength.

As much as this may
sound like science fiction,
researchers at the University
of Wisconsin-Madison may
be on their way to creating
wearable electronics.

Using carbon nanotubes, the team has created
a procedure which harnesses a self-assembly phenomenon exhibited by these
amazing electronic conductors.

The team has already patented their technology, and hopes to have
these conductors being produced at a more industrialized level as soon as possible.


The Unfiltered Lens

The unbearable lightness of justification

A chilling look at a demeaning trend

By Paula Cournoyer
Staff Writer
advertisements featuring woman
fellating various objects in
the pursuit of perfection.
Objectification leading to
self-flagellation and the
withholding of food in the
event, excess nutrients will
lead to love handles, a formidable arse, even the ability to have fun.

fellated include; spoons and
forks, and in one commercial, the womans very own
pinky finger.

Yes, you read correctly her pinky, that
diminutive digit symbolizing a ladys propriety (held
aloft while sipping tea). The
final destination of a signet
ring following a privileged

One ad in particular features a woman clad
in a virginal white T-shirt
and skimpy red underpants
lounging across an armchair
with her legs draped over
the arm rest.

Feet adorned in a
cumulus of fluffy white cot-

By Courtney Germain
Managing Editor

Qualifying criteria
for the CCRI Deans List
asserts that the student must
be enrolled within a degree
program, possess at least a
3.25 grade point index, and
be registered for at least
twelve credits for that semester.

Though I am a matriculating student of general studies with concentration in both nursing and
psychology and have maintained a grade point average
that has ranged from a 3.74
to a 4.00 in my eight semesters at CCRI, my name has
never once appeared upon
this prestigious tabulation.
One may inquire as to how
this could possibly be so.

As I typically contend with six to eleven credits a semester, I am considered a part-time student,

Edward Kdonian/Lens
ton, her body a study of perfection, she throws her head
back and smiles lustily.
Alighted on the tip of a tungsten phallus sits a zero calorie, zero sugar, amorphous
blob of artificial sweetness.

Five ounces, just
enough to trigger the responses in your brain, convincing, yourself, youve

The half naked
woman is orally stimulating
the stainless steel spoon.

Muted hues, flashes
of metal; the entire scene an

arctic experience. A smiling

ice- queen, her triumph is
self-denial; self- negation
vs. self- indulgence.

I decided to put myself to the test. I went out
and purchased four cups of
prepared, rave colored gel.

I went home and
stripped down to my bra
and underpants. Reclining
on the sofa, I brought the
undulating glop to my lips. I
ate and ate and sucked until
the spoon clenched between
my lips reached homeostasis; ninety- eight degrees


Far from feeling satisfied, I was freezing cold
and contemplating eating
the tree remaining cups or
foraging my ten year old
sons school snacks.

The conclusion I
came to was; not only is the
woman objectified expected
to be physically perfect, but
she must not find pleasure
while in pursuit of that altered state.

Saintly and skinny,
the objectification of women results in woman self-ob-

Partial Credit

effectively barring me from

this exclusive listing.

Many students may
find themselves in a similar situation to my own, in
which circumstances depend on my working a full
week (as well as numerous additional obligations)
while obtaining an educa-


I am unable, at this
point, to commit to additional credits. According
to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Greg
Lamontagne, approximately 70% of the student population at CCRI attends less
than full time.

Given that such a
large portion of our students are disqualified from
appearing on the Deans
List based on the amount of
credits they accrue in any
given semester, I believe
that a listing specifically
composed of exceptional
students that attend classes
part-time (perhaps a minimum of six credits) should
be considered.

Students with an academic drive similar to my
own might identify with my
compulsory need to accrue
as many accolades as time
permits, as well as my desire to make my transcript
as outstanding as possible
in order to appeal to other
academic institutions in the

designation on the Deans List
would not only compel students who are relegated to
part-time status to strive to

jectifying, female misogyny

if you will. Ah, but here-in
lies the caveat; not only do
women suffer the fall-out of
objectification, men do as

objectification has been associated
with lower levels of relationship and sexual satisfaction for both men and
woman. An impairment
detrimental to the forming
of meaningful interpersonal

Denying oneself the
joy of nourishment alienates us from our loved ones.
Food and love are inexorably linked.

When sharing a
meal with loved ones, you
are vicariously and empathically experiencing identical
smells, tastes and ascetics.
This is as close as you can
get to your loved ones without actually being them.

Why would anyone
want to throw all of that
away for an idealized, unattainable image, impossible
to maintain. I have a sneaking suspicion we would all
rather watch an Bruce Jenner tucks in to a turgid, dripping hot burrito.

achieve the criteria for eligibility, but would award

those who accomplish and
exceed the standards with
notation on their transcripts.

Part-time students
that have committed themselves to earning superior
grades, especially while
managing to maintain their
other priorities, should be
recognized for such. For
partial credit, at least?



The Unfiltered Lens

Joy Fullmer

Sweet Love
By Rob Gagnon

Lauren Delbrocco

By Jared Winslow

Our hearts so vulnerable and our souls so weak

Have you ever been with people that make you feel a
way that words cant express?

Words flowing like water its magic when we speak

Almost like time doesnt exist, and you can be young


Pleasures we both share but our fantasies we shall seek

Youre frozen in that day, that moment, and its the

only thing that matters.

With you lying in my arms I stare deep into your eyes

There are no outside forces to distract you or take

you away, reality is nonexistent.

When your soft body touches my masculine physique

One touch from you and my love juices start to leak

Very nervous to show the true meaning of a closet freak

With our lustful thoughts my hand starts rubbing your thighs

Two heads on one pillow theres no room to tell each other lies

Things are getting so hot our bodies start perspiring sexual cries
Music playing and candles lit our passion senses begin to rise

Mind, body, and spirit connection make it sweet love in disguise

Obligations may get in the way, but theyre irrelevant

once youre back in the altered reality that has been
Theres nothing else like it, when you have best

Scan this for some bull

Pheonix - by Lanyka Lincoln

This is bull - by Lanyka Lincoln


The Unfiltered Lens

Just the two of us

By Rob Oatley
Staff Writer

bled to himself, It doesnt

work, it never works, theyll
never stop.

Josh? I called
This is the fifth
out, hearing the thud of the time this has happened
front door. Is that you pal? Cathy! I roared. What is it
Im making macaroni and going to take for you to do
cheese with hot dogs for something about this?!
dinner, are you hungry?
Scott, weve been
Turning the corner, I was over this. The school cant
stopped in my tracks by the do anything about Joshs
sight before me.
situation, it isnt happening

Josh! I trembled on school grounds.
dropping to my knees. I
Youre joking! On
hugged him tightly be- school grounds? I mocked.
fore taking a moment to Jesus Cathy, who took care
thoroughly examine his of your parents funeral arwounds. Blood dripped rangements? Who cremated
from his battered nose, and their remains?
his right cheek was a deep
Scott, I know
plum color.
youre upset, but dont you

Oh my gosh, was think youre being a little
it those same kids?! Josh rash? she inquired.
stared at the floor. For
Im being rash? All
Christs sake, why isnt the youre doing is...
school doing anything about
Cathy cut me off,
this?! But Joshs only re- trying to placate me, Lissponse was silence. Ill ten Scott, I promise that Ill
talk to the principle again talk to the parents again.
tomorrow buddy, come on,
See that you do I
lets put some ice on that sneered as I stormed out the
door, slamming it behind

As we walked back me.
to the kitchen, Josh mum-
Hey pal, how was

school? Are you ready to

make those cookies for tomorrows Fall Festival? I
inquired as Josh entered the
kitchen out of breath. Did
you have to run all the way
home? Josh fell silent. I
talked to the principle today, she promised me that
shed talk to their parents.

It doesnt matter.
Josh mumbled despondently. Let me go wash my
hands, then Ill help.

That night I tossed
and turned restlessly as my
worries about Josh kept any
chance of sleeping at bay.
Knowing I needed sleep
for tomorrows festival, I
walked to the bathroom to
find my Ambien, only to
discover that the bottle was
empty. I didnt remember
taking all of them, but either
way, I wasnt going to get a
good nights sleep.

Yawning the next
morning, I handed the plate
of cookies to Josh. Hey
pal, why dont you head to
the festival, and Ill meet
you there in an hour, the
Millers insisted that I cre-

mate their cat so they can

have a funeral later today.
Josh wouldnt look me in
the eyes, he just left without
saying a word.

His quiet behavior
was unlike him, but after all
hes been through, I wasnt
surprised he was so solemn.

Not finding Josh at
the festival, I walked up to
Cathy to ask if she knew
where he was.

I havent seen him,
but do you have the cookies
you promised?

No, Josh was supposed to bring them, I had
something that needed my
attention. He shouldve
been here an hour ago.

Quickly, I turned
around and headed home to
see if Josh was there.

As I walked through
the door, I tripped over
a backpack, but it didnt
look like my sons. All of
the lights in the house were
off, but the cellar door was
slightly ajar and I could hear
the crackle of flames from
the incinerator. I mustve
left it on by mistake after

dealing with the Millers
cat. Before continuing my
search for Josh, I decided to
turn off the furnace. I cant
believe I forgot to turn it off,
the last thing I needed was
for the house to burn down.
down the cellar stairs, I
nearly tripped over a shoe
and broke my neck. Picking
it up, I wondered whose it
could be, it was much larger
than Joshs. Turning the corner to turn off the furnace, I
found Josh.

It took my brain
a moment to realize what
stood in front of me. Bits of
clothes were strewn across
the cellar.

A pair of glasses
rested on the floor, just
beneath the incinerator.
The stench of charred
flesh filled the room. My
son, stood staring into the
flames. Jo..Josh. Whats
going on? I stammered.

Josh glanced over
his shoulder, a small smile
moved across his face.
You couldnt make them
stop... But I did.

Edward Kdonian


The Unfiltered Lens


Balance and Composure play The Met

By Rob Oatley
Staff Writer

On January 18th,
the post hardcore, alt. rock
band, Balance and Composure, came to The Met in

Though doors to
the event opened at 8pm,
the first band named War
Games, didnt go onstage
and start their set until
9:30pm. As I had yet to hear
of the alternative rock group
before, I was eager to listen.

Overall their performance was decent. The
instruments connected and
spoke well with each other,
and I wouldve been more
inclined to listen to the
group if it wasnt for their
front man, Kyle Therrien.
entire set, Kyle was disrespectful and flirtatious towards the crowd and made
himself appear bigger
than he actually was. At one

point during their performance, Kyle let everyone

know that his had mother
put him through college by
herself and he thanked her
by dropping out and starting
a local band. Sorry mom.

The next band that
went onstage was an indie
rock band from Newtown,
Connecticut, named Ovlov.
I had only recently listened
to Ovlovs song Baby
Blue off their album Am

before the show and was

very eager to hear more.
Ovlovs performance did
not disappoint, and kept me
entertained throughout their
entire set.

Frontman and guitarist Steve Hartlett, did an
impeccable job keeping the
crowd captivated and the
music on track. Ovlov is
definitely passionate about
what they do and I highly
recommend them to any-

off their album Separation

and the crowd exploded
with enthusiasm, screaming
every lyric back to the front
man/guitarist Jon Simmons.
Balance and Composures
set also included the songs
Tiny Raindrop, Back of
Your Head and Patience,
all of which were all on key
and perfectly performed.

When their set was
over, the crowd demanded
an encore, and sure enough,
and Composure
Rob Oatley/Lens
came back onstage to play
one looking for a new and one of their most well
upcoming indie/alt. band to known songs, Quake.
get into.

The show was an

Balance and Com- overall success and if you
posure hit the stage at havent seen or heard Bal11:20pm, and the venue was ance and Composure beinstantly filled with people. fore, I strongly suggest that
The band first started with you log onto YouTube and
their song Parachutes off play one of their tracks imtheir album The Things We mediately.
Think Were Missing and
the show took off.

The band then
played Progress, Progress

Beantown vs
Emerald City
By Robert Gagnon
Arts & Entertainment

first the New England Patriots will face the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 49.
The teams play home games
almost 3000 miles apart, but
for this neutral sited game,
they will play at the University of Phoenix Stadium in
Glendale Arizona.

The Patriots and Seahawks have never played
each other in a playoff game
or Super Bowl and have
only met sixteen times ever.
Their all-time series matchup is split at 8-8 with the Seahawks winning the last six
head to head matchups including a 24-23 comeback
victory back on October
14th 2012.

February first will
mark the second year in a
row that the superpowers in
the sport will meet for the
big game.

over in 2000. Bill Belichick,

who is the head coach of
New England, will become
the first head coach to go to
six Super Bowls and could
possibly become the second
to win four.

If New England
were to win this year, quarterback Tom Brady will
have four Super Bowl victories matching Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana. Tom
Brady will also become the
only quarterback in NFL
history to start in six Super
Bowls beating out John Elway who played in five.

Both teams have a
strong secondary and running game, as well as the
strongest turnover margin
in the last two years.

Unlike last years
lopsided game, this one is
likely to be very close and
could possibly come down
to the fourth quarter. Both
teams had slow starts this
year and at times were both

written off as contenders. T

he Patriots were 2-2
back in week five but since
then have won 12 of their
last 14 games and finished
fourth in scoring. The Seahawks were 3-3 back in
week seven and are currently riding an eight game winning streak and for a third
year in a row in addition,
they have the best defense

in football.

Oddly enough, if
Seattle wins, they will be
the first team to win back to
back championships since
the New England Patriots
accomplished that feat back
in 2004.

Seattles coach, Pete
Carroll was also the head
coach of the Patriots before
Bill Belichick, who took




The Unfiltered Lens

Rose apple pie

The best looking dessert you will ever make


if some slices are broken

it wont be noticeable in
finished product. If you
notice you might not have
enough slices when you are
still distant from the edge
you can begin working inwards from the outer edge
and then spread out the
blossom one layer at a time
to fill the pie.

Step nine: Bake pie
at 425 degrees for about
45 minutes or until apples
and pie shell are nicely

Step ten: Enjoy

About 10 medium sized

1 cup dark or light brown
1Tbs cinnamon
tsp ground nutmeg
cup bourbon or brandy
1 Tbs vanilla
1 pie crust either homemade or store bought

Step one: Combine
brown sugar, cinnamon,
and nutmeg in a bowl and
set aside

Step two: Cut
apples into 4 pieces around
core. Do not use a circular coring tool as this will
make it harder to get flat
slices for the rose shape.

Step three: Using
a mandolin slice all apples
thinly. Make sure to slice
them in a way that the each
have at least one side with
the skin still across whole

Step four: Place
about one third of apple
slices in a large bowl and
sprinkle a third of the sugar
mixture over them. Repeat
with second third of apples and sugar. Then add
remaining apples to the

Optional Caramel

top of bowl and cover with

remaining sugar mixture.

Step five: Let apples marinate in sugar for
about 30 minutes to soften
and release liquid. Then
pour brandy and vanilla
over apples and mix gently.
If some slices break dont
worry but try not to handle
roughly. Let sit another 30
minutes or so.

Step six: Preheat
your oven to 350 degrees,

and place pie crust in bottom of dish.

Step seven: Now
that the apples have softened begin by picking a
large piece and rolling it
tightly into a tube. Then
begin adding one slice at a
time until you have a rose
sized blossom formed from
the apple slices. Now place
that apple rose in the center
of the pie crust. The sugar
should act as a binder hold-

Combine remaining juice from the apples
Edward Kdonian/Lens with one cup of brown
sugar, cup of bourbon
ing the apple slices together or brandy, and teaspoon
enough so that it doesnt
of salt. Cook over medifall apart.
um low heat until mixture

*Note: if making
reaches approximately 210
caramel sauce save left
degrees. Allow to cool for
over juice from apples rath- 15 minutes and thicken
er than throwing out
slightly before drizzling it

Step eight: Begin
over your pie, or save it in
adding onto the center rose the fridge and serve indione apple slice at a time,
vidually with slices of pie.
make sure to add evenly
Caramel will be thick when
on all sides. Do this until
cold and should be warmed
you reach the edges of the
slightly in the microwave
pie. Remember it is okay
before serving.

Luxurious Libations
Melt the snow with a stiff drink

Cinnamon Coffee
Served cold or warm, this
cup o joe is the perfect ending to any meal.
*oz Whipped Vodka
*1oz Cinnamon Vodka
*1oz Kahlua
*2oz Fresh coffee chilled
(or hot)
*1oz Half and Half
Simple and heartwarming
this drink is perfect served
in a martini glass or coffee
mug. Just top it off with
whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg
and you are ready to wind
down from a day of turkey
and piggishness.

Recipes and photo courtesy of

Edward Kdonian
Editor in Chief

Find recipes for the other two cocktails in the Writers Block on

Creamy Pumpkin Pie

Thank to this smooth and
enchanting drink you wont
have to find out!
1oz Pumpkin Pie Vodka
1oz Cinnamon Vodka
1oz Butterscotch schnapps
3oz Half and Half
2Tbs canned pumpkin
Have a glass with a graham
cracker rim ready for this
delectable treat once its
done with its ride in your
cocktail shaker. Throw on
a nice dollop of whipped
cream and say hello to
pumpkin flavored paradise!
The pureed pumpkin mixes
in so smoothly you will be
positive that it was made
just for this drink.


After my first day of class I

am not sure I like my professor but I need the class
and am not available for
other times, what should
I do?
Signed - Bored in Math

The Unfiltered Lens

necessary unless your ex

brings it up first. Remember
that both of you are students
and should do your best to
keep personal awkwardness
from getting in the way of
your grades.

Focus on the course
Well Bored, this is work and try to keep any
tough. If you cant choose drama or remaining feelto take another class then ings, good or bad, out of
you will have to stick it out. your mind.
You can always choose to
talk to the teacher and bring
up your concerns, but you
would have to be careful not Recently I started my
to create animosity.
first serious relationship.

A better bet would Before this I had only
be to try and make a friend had only done the high
in class. It is always easi- school romance, which
er to deal with a class when ended after little more
you are taking it with some- than a month, as such I
one you know. If only so am still a virgin and I am
you can pass on a sly smile very nervous. How can
or wink during those un- I bring up my lack of exbearable moments.
perience without making

Sometimes just be- things weird?
ing able to talk about a class
afterwards can make the ac- Signed Untouched
tual monotony of it enjoyable.
Okay Untouched, sex is always an awkward topic in a
new relationship, especially
My ex and I broke up sev- when you have no expeeral months ago and hav- rience with it. Try to reent spoken since. Unfor- member that every one was
tunately we have a class a virgin at one point. This
together and I am now means that your new partforced to see him regular- ner knows exactly what that
ly. How should I handle feels like.

The safest bet is to
Signed Uncomfortable just bite the bullet and bring
it up. Be open and honest
and express your concerns.

Ouch! That really is Take some time to decide
uncomfortable, especially if whether you are ready for
you parted on bad terms. It sex, or if you want to ask
may be worth looking into them to hold off for a while.
other class times to see if Remember, do what makes
there are any open. If how- you comfortable. If your
ever you cant switch class- new relationship is worth
es, your best bet is to try being in then they will unand go on as if everything is derstand.

Try to be polite,
maybe even say hello. We
wouldnt suggest confronting the issue any more than

Recently I started my
first serious relationship.
Before this I had only
had only done the high
school romance, which
ended after little more
than a month, as such I
am still a virgin and I am
very nervous. How can
I bring up my lack of experience without making
things weird?
Signed Untouched

Okay Untouched,
sex is always an awkward
topic in a new relationship,
especially when you have
no experience with it. Try
to remember that every one
was a virgin at one point.
This means that your new
partner knows exactly what
that feels like.

The safest bet is to
just bite the bullet and bring
it up. Be open and honest
and express your concerns.
Take some time to decide
whether you are ready for
sex, or if you want to ask
them to hold off for a while.
Remember, do what makes
you comfortable. If your
new relationship is worth
being in then they will understand.

My mom has been on my

case about getting a job
even though I am a full
time student, how can I
politely tell her that I love
her but she needs to get
off my fucking back?
Signed Busy Enough

Parents can be a
pain sometimes, we get that,
but what do you expect they
are your parents. Try to remember she is probably insisting on you getting a job
because she thinks it is what

is best for you. Parents often

make the mistake of forgetting that we need to make
our own choices, even if
they dont agree with them.

Try sitting your
mom down and explaining
just how busy school keeps
you. Tell her that the whole
reason you are going to college is to help you get a career not just a job. It might
even be worth it to mention
that a job may only serve to
distract you and lower your

Of course you have
to keep in mind that there
may be other reasons she
wants you to have a job. If
your parents are supporting you and putting you
through school it is possible
that money is tight and they
dont want to burden you
with that knowledge.

Take a minute to analyze her reasoning before
confronting her and remember, be respectful she is your

that will keep you motivated when temptation (inevitably) strikes!
One of my breasts is larger than the other. Is that
Signed - Lopsided

Yes! It is very common for the breasts to differ in shape and size. More
than half of all women
have asymmetrical breasts,
sometimes even a full cupsize variance.

Even the nipples can
look different! HOWEVER: If the change in breast
size is new or sudden, or
if they feel unusual (i.e.,
lumpy, fuller), refer to your
health professional as soon
as possible.

A change in just one
side may be a sign of a tumor or cyst. Be sure to get
regular breast exams and
be on the lookout for any
I got a tattoo a few
months ago, and I havent showed or told my
parents yet, and I know
they would disapprove.
How or when should I tell

Im about 15 pounds overweight for my height and

am looking for methods
to lose some weight before
I go on vacation during
spring break. Do you have
Signed - Tatted
any suggestions?
Signed - Flabby

I often say that people will do anything to lose
weight, except eat well and
exercise. However, with
some sweat and dedication, you are very likely to
achieve your goal.

The first step is to
analyze your food intake.
Remember that several of
the popular fad diets will
aid to lose weight quickly,
but often the weight does
not stay off. Regard losing weight as a permanent
lifestyle change.

Cut out any sugary
beverages, such as soda and
juices, and replace with water. Find a work out routine
that you are comfortable
with, start slowly, and build
up to the more difficult of
the exercises.

One is much more
likely to stick to a routine in
they allow themselves days
of rest, so dont go overboard. Solicit encouragement and support from your
loved ones. Continue to set
realistic, short-term goals

You should certainly be forthcoming and tell
them about it. Maybe you
could tell them your inspiration for the tattoo, and how
committed to that art you
truly are. Having a tattoo
shouldnt change their opinion of you at all, considering they didnt know for
the last several months and
treated you the same as they
had before. If they do react
negatively, remind them of
that. Good luck!

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