30 Days of Boredom-Day Thirteen An Experiment in Writing Fiction By AJ Mars “So much for the quiet days, eh John

?” Detective John Lee scratched his head and leaned down over the remains of what had been a handsome young man. He noted that the dead boy’s eyes were the most beautiful mixture of bluegrey and his hair was well maintained, a hint of hair gel mixing with the scent of the blood that had pooled on the ground. The unfortunate heartbreaker had died with his fingers clutching his stomach, trying to stop his life from flowing out his bellybutton. “It’s a relative life, Donny,” he said. “Besides as I recall, you seemed to always be pulling me into some kind of trouble when it was “quiet”, so I’m better of dealing with some noise, I might live a bit longer, or at least a little easier.” “Johnny and Donny, loose cannon crimestoppers, wasn’t that what we wanted, isn’t that why we took up the badge in the first place?” Detective Donald Hearsch leaned over the young corpse and lit a cigarette. “Donny, we’re not-”

“Don’t make me pop your face in, John.”

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