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C and C++ in 5 days

C and C++ in 5 days

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learn C and C++ in five days
learn C and C++ in five days

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Published by: xinuxnet on Jan 19, 2010
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Given the partially written program below, fix the indicated bug, and add
code to count the number of negative, zero and positive numbers in the
data read in. You should use switch, if and at least one loop construct


/* bug: should check if s is zero */
int sign (int s)

return abs(s)/s;


main ()

int data [10],
i, n,
negatives, zeros, positives;
n = sizeof data / sizeof (int);
negatives = zeros = positives = 0;
printf("Enter %d numbers : ", n);
/* need loop on i from 0 to n-1 around this */

/* read in the data */
scanf("%d", &data[i]);
/* now count negatives , zeros, positives */

negatives, zeros, positives);



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