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Republic of the Philippines


San Isidro, Tomas Oppus, Southern Leyte

Midterm Exam in Current Trends and Issues

1. Compare and contrast Structural Functionalism, Conflict Theory, and
Interactionism on the following aspects:

Principle or
Main Theory

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Conflict Theory
2. The new government is currently focusing on the excessive salary and
benefits of some officials of Government Owned and Controlled Corporations
like the GSIS, MWSS, SBMA, and others.
a. Analyze this issue using the conflict theory. Who do you think are
the group of people taking advantage of this, and who are the
b. Having this conflict in mind, what do you think will be the outcome
and how will this affect the society?
3. Just recently, the Commission on Audit (COA) announced to the public
government agencies who have un-liquidated cash advances which
amounted to almost two billion pesos.
a. Analyze the issue using the Functionalist theory. What sector or
sectors are dysfunctional? Explain.
b. On the basis of change, why do you think this problem has not
been properly addressed during the Arroyo administration? Explain
your answer.
4. The world was stunned when more than 50 people including women and
journalists were killed in the Maguindanao massacre.
a. Analyze the issue using the interactionist theory. Why did the
gruesome murder happen? If the Ampatuans were really the
mastermind of the massacre, what do you think is their view and
understanding of government? What do you think Maguindanao is
for the Ampatuans?
b. Taking the interactionist theory into consideration, do you think
there will be change in the politics in Mindanao? Explain.