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INNOVATE. OPTIMIZE PERFORM ed HISTORY he sry of AV US begins mor than 80 years ogo when foe! MltxyIndusties (WM) Ld. began firearms producon in sae under the Briish Mordal in 1933, In he ot 1950, IM began colaberation wih these! Dense Forces (DF) wih he goo! of developing he mas! technologically advanced small ams systems based upon fe demands of roo citing in urban recs nd harsh envronmerts. The unique combat conditions experienced bythe IDF requed o new prodig in rears development The rsuls fostered the ‘most innovative and legendary firearm bonds use by miliaris, law enforcement agencies and sory atsonel around the wer TAVOR,XB6®, NEGEV", GALI, UZ ond JERICHO. In 2006 te sol ‘goverment docided to spin of and prvi the small ams division of Ml and he new owners citened th now company 0s Isosl Weopon Indust (MM) Ld. ‘The jt Research & Development (R&D) team of Nand he IF continue o develop smal arms based upon fe dynamic changes ine: wold applications duet he ongoing treo of global eos. The infensive ond continuous use of Ns products bythe IDF ond worldwide mires such os Chile, Columbia, Indo, Thailand, Vienom, Georgia, cine, Maxco, Peru, Portugal, Nigac ond many more, enabe he company lo continue 1 innovate ad optimize existing and ew produs. Alef our weapon systems aren compliance with fe mast stingent mili (MILSTD) ond 0 9000 2008 standards. WMS, inc, ouncned in 2012, brought he rst ila commercial versions oh Tavor SAR othe Untod Sates. The Toor achieved immediate acclaim, wining te prestgious Rife f te Yeu” aword om American Referan Magazine. US wos also honored bythe [NASW (Wational Assocation of Spring Goods Wholesales) as inaugural winner fhe 2014 impo of he Yeor awa, 2014 brought he lunch of WI US's Law Enforcement Dison ine US and sa the adoption ofthe TAVOR SAR by the fist US Low Enforcement agencies. 2016 brings te logendory Gal ACE, UZ Pro pistols and Jericho pistols fo he US cilia maka long wh he Negev LUNG, UZ Pro SMG ond X95 forthe LE mae, greatly expanding the presence ond comment of IW US tothe American marks |NMLU, nc. s« memo of ha SK Group, a leding group of global Defense ond Security companas that includes: soe Weopons Indust, (QWD Ud; US, Inc: Meproight Lid. (lecto-cpicol syslems); Camera Lid (trough-hewall sensing sytem), ffl Shipyards Ld (ship ‘monufacuring and reper; S10 LLC (amored veil sighing systems); Un scape Lid. (Otel periscopes, nifscopes and binoculars): ond ‘mony more. ooo ee TAVOR® SAR FLATTOP SERIES —— yy “ThasaFLATTOP models fou ofl gh IL-STOPlatny lpr coupe who ML-STD shor all our oto 46 ange oppose te chrgng handle enading you to configure your TAVOR SAR wh whatover ops and aecessoris you wort. Batle proven by the IDF and now adap or ‘von usa ne USA, isis be eughest, most carga, ros bible sar-at fe you con oan, “The mos! vase ovr, flotops ore avaabe 6.86 NATO wena 18H" tol nd on oval length of 26s" aan 18" bal wth on OL ‘of 27H" orn new decaed Sren Luger Porobebum chambering wih 17" bare and an OAL of 264". The 18° bared model comes sondod wih a Md ype bayonet, AI TVOR FLATTOPS featur BUS Backup Kon Sights) embeded and Srng cade nthe top Patna The nt pos conn o Tim Inston sono stondré AR ted, uly eusteble rwindoge and elevation wih he st eustrent oo prove |ATAVOR SAR Ftp i also voll om the for “bk” let rand varsion wih al cote csserad fo lt hand option, inciting the charging handle, sty tov 0 sting swivel ceptacs, elocaton fhe formar 45 Plat ral. et sie nde ie ‘pation. Back lock wih 16} bora 2614 ony) ALL TRVOR® SA es forthe US mare ave Ie oouing ao: + ceo, tng stoke, gs piston operation ‘+ 5.56 NATO wi detochble/nerchongebl old hammer ged bare (CHF) home lined bre 1:7 Ns, CM sel + Dosicchd Sie Luger Paxabelun mode wit deochoblaecrongeble cold homer forges bared (CAF) bal, 1:10 bis, MGV stot + Optional gram Luger Porcbeiun Conversion Kt *+ 100% ombidecrous capable conigraton ond persion wh optonal et hand bol for 558 NATO. No adtonl pars required io cont Grim Luge Prcbelum ‘oLH conigucten + fort omdestous ont ond oor quck coche sing swivel ecapioles wth push buon 2 bearing ewes aude ‘+ Uses stondrs A. IBANIBISTANAG mogorinss * Lost reund hold open oth on empty mogezne arg TAVOR® SAR “IDF” Model ‘Te TOR SAR DF modelo sem-ado clon vason of TAVOR TAR-21 tue oe oe etn Frc Inadten foal he ousting focus foun in avr TAVOR SAR, tho IDF model includes 0 pra? Mopro 21 Day urine rte sight mounted det oe bor. This "bln opt cues 0 consint. lLigh ‘lming cope, using Tetum ond fer opt components ins o ats. Lk th fe I is on wos designed ond tut wih ne close colaboron of he IDE ava fet for utban COB oppiatans ware geting in and out fa vehi ky or lang 0 doorway ‘port corsdectens for ou, he TOR SAR maybe just we ya looking frinon ‘enema elabe 5.56 NAT pte, ‘omgaet only 26" ovr, yet tering the alisis of fl 16" baa, + Folding bitin oskyp sighs wh Ttium font ost 4+ Butn bose fr Meyrlght 3x magni, nigh isin oF ‘remo! devies 6 See PAVOR? SAR FLATTOP OPTIONS }———— FLAT DARK EARTH & OD GREEN ‘The TAVOR SAR fs valle in wo optional stock enor io match your onwronment, your kor your oun prsona at. Flot Dark Eorh ‘and 00 Gren coor stocks aos tough os our eign black stocks, ‘tremely high stergh and temperature leant ond made tom site of ‘he at impact motes polymers and erlss. Both coos ee avail in our Ftp coniguaton wih 016" bre ‘ond veal length of 264" eran 18" baal wth cn OAL of 275" ae RESTRICTED STATE MODELS IF you Ine in thesis of Caliomva, Marland, Mossochuses or Now Jrsy, eek 0 TAVOR SAR RS (Restle Stole) modal or you For Coliomio, our BI6CA and FOTECA i bul on our 16%" bool ‘nd come vith « 4 removable muzzle broke that yielés an OAL ot 30" when atoched, and a 10 rund mogazire that con only be removed wih the use a 00 For Manland, Massachusets ond New Jersey, ow B18 is ult on ‘ur 18" bare and flues « nor-emovable pinned ond waded) 2 steel muzzle broke tat yes on OAL ct30, ond is supplied wih (010 round magczino. These Fs models donot havo the bayonet lug found on our standard 18" atop. piers ———{ GALIL ACE® PISTOLS AND RIFLES ee New or 2015, ofr allo mest 25 years, NV US Is proud fo tring back he word fmous Goll ACE fry of pisos ond ies othe US commercioeion more The modernized Gall ACE is based upon the reible mechanism of he eign! Gall esscut rie est developed by IMI in he lle 19608 rowing inspiration rm he lagndoy Russon K-47 andthe Finnish Valmet 2, the IVI Gall ACE has been continuously improved over holst 40+ yaar, resulting in odoy’sexremayrlcble and highly accurate Gall ACE Improvements mode since he orignal Gal wos ts! doveloped include: ‘+ Charging handle feeprocoting) moved fo he le side of he recover lowing for eok hand eperaton ‘© Wolgtreducton win tne usa of modern potymars ‘Full lengh 2-pece Piatiny op ral ‘+ Piatny ral trearm wth but, side-on ral covers ‘+ Adjustbl lescoping buttock wih removable com onal rite madels ‘Fully cdjstobe ron Sighs wth Tt fone sight post (tt eRe Ti-Ro Rat Mondguoes on Handgun a Ace" Peo TE abn cde Irstge Flu te Spine 205 a te oarair] Birra ogee 8 br (HP), el wh 8 3b i crane a ity Seg ome sar Dene (HOE) ao Mt gh ee wi oe ides cpm us os Sal aa [coors tp mgr, Cony tn arn 2016 wb sow te Peercteo real coageed once Sarl ad rg buon os (1S15 ond gh an ih rg ose SAS yor cous (Ouse (Gees 20" cor (A208 Moe Shrtrd 225 ton ree cle sa sapien ss 0 ea 2018 i cota ae AD swe rane rc X we Pra lia PRO 8 wn Bros Fold —_______—. UZI° PRO PISTOLS Bi eae gaceaaa cece ‘The UI PRO pistol so modernized Mito U2 sai-ouo pistol based on he Word fomous UZ Sub-machinagun, woralons of which have sod In ows of 20,000,000 units wordwid. Tho naw blow-bock operied Sm UZ! PRO incorporates advoncod polymers in ha lows ction ‘of he receiver resulting in igre weight and relocation ofthe magazine release to 9 more proctiol and radonal pistol based locaton, Unie carler U2 modes, he chorping hand has been moved ftom the op of thepistol to helt side ofthe receiver. This allows the ‘tion of «fl-engh Peatinny rato the ep of isto, pemaiting he use of ary optical device tal ulizes@ Piety el clamp mount. An ‘adtonal Peary a's neaporte In the polymer lowe that alos the use igs anor loa o be mounted dec under th baa ermal oad and cocurct, ho UZ PRO piso Incorporates hee safely mechanisms: * Manvol humb solely * Gp soy tnt must be {uly dapressd before cocking or ing + ing pin boc ac UZ PRO pistols supped wih Mo ‘magazines, one 20 round and one 25 ound. A 32 round magazine Is ovaobe. Fly adjust ‘rot ond oa sighs or standard, ‘Two vsion of he UZ PRO Pistol wll be valle In he US. The fists the bos pistol iced tke Also offered is he UZI PRO SB ‘wih side folding Stoizing Brae, produced ‘or NUS by $8 Tactical LLC, designers ond ‘manufactures of he ginal S615 and $847 sol Sobitzing Brooes. Originally designod osc means for persons with limited mebilty to operate ond fre the R15 piso the custom adapiaton of he Shbilzing ‘Brae othe UZ PRO SE Toke ho aplication of largo tame pistol cont and stoiizafion too now lve. With the 1 braces unique side {oling fue, te UZ PRO SB can be fed with or winou te aes extend depencing on the shoots need, Wim he brce inthe flded ostion, sorage space requiedin your sate or rong bog is minimized ue pro se sts ace Exendod

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