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News from The Bryans

December 2014
Please Pray!


Top Left: Douglas and third grader,
Shannon, try out the document camera
Top Right: Kerry & two teachers visit
Autism Rwanda, a school near KICS
opened to meet the needs of children
with autism. This is a very big step for
this country!
Left: KICS elementary kids are
performing in their outdoor musical.

Grad. School
I finished my initial
practicum and have
officially signed up for
my last semester of
online classes! Im
thankful for support
that allows me to be so
close to finishing my
special education
degree. :)


-provision on

finishing the
semester well
-for a great start to
our break
-for continued
good health
-we are starting to
receive donations
for our car

-for next semester:

KICS and online
- starting a new
Bible study group
at our church
-for the learning
support program
as it continues to
grow and develop
-as we continue to
raise money, and
then buy a car

A busy end to a full semester

We are thankful that the semester is over.

There have also been difficult times this

There have been many times to celebrate

term. Serving overseas has shown us how

since the beginning of school. At the last

much we need to rely on God, as he is in

YoungLife club, where Douglas was

control. He has equipped us to deal with

playing Christmas music, a Rwandan

hard situations and for that we are

senior at KICS gave his testimony about


how God changed his life a year ago

Other December highlights at KICS:

through YoungLife. It was a powerful

student/staff basketball game, Christmas

testimony for his peers to listen to and left

parties, a wonderful play: The Christmas

a lasting impact. We pray that his faith

Carol, choir and band concert, and the

will be encouraging to others.

elementary musical: Follow the Star.

Serving at Kigali International Community School


December 2014

News from The Bryans

Read-esta (n):
Reading until one
falls asleep, then
waking up and
resuming where one
left off.

Christmas Camping in Rwanda:

Spending time on the shores of Lake Kivu at Kumbya
We left Saturday after school got out

destination. We were delighted to

Its remote location allowed us to

with the family of 6 Brubakers. They

spend the next four days playing

have privacy and a true restful

picked us up in their big van and we

games, going in the lake, taking

retreat. Taking multiple naps each

loaded our camping supplies

readestas (see definition above), and

day, whenever we felt like it, was a

borrowed from generous friends.

engaging in nightly devotions and

definite highlight. It was so nice to

We began the journey to southern

prayer with the Brubakers. We loved

be traveling with a family, especially

Rwanda. Yes, Rwanda is the size of

singing Christmas carols around the

during the Christmas season. Well

Maryland, but with the questionable

campfire. We so appreciated getting

spend the remainder of our break

roads (which are improving all the

out of Kigali and taking in all of the

here in Kigali, continuing to rest and

time!) and crazy, rolling hills, it took

beauty that Kumbya, a camp set

getting ready for the next semester

us about 6 hours to reach our

aside for missionaries, has to offer.

at KICS.

We were very thankful to travel with

the third next year). The Brubakers

the Brubakers- one of our favorite

teach at a Bible school where they

families in Rwanda. Theyre special

train pastors from around the

to us in a lot of ways: Tim recruited

country. In January theyre beginning

Kerry to come to KICS, they led us

the first semester of their bachelors

through pre-marital counseling in

program with New Creation Ministry.

2011 and we have taught two of their

Were thankful they let us join them

four children (and Douglas will teach

on a wonderful vacation!

Serving at Kigali International Community School

December 2014

News from The Bryans

ROC (Rwanda Outreach Community)

Partners in Kigali

at CCR
(Christs Church

KICS is beginning to
hire for next school
year. There are many
positions available.
Please see the KICS
tab on our website for

Feel like giving?

Our school, Kigali
International Community
School, is also fundraising
to buy important
instructional materials for
our classrooms. One
major benefit is a new
reading curriculum for
elementary students,
which both of us (and our
students) will benefit from.
If youre interested in
helping the school with
purchasing supplies,
please go here to learn

Please consider this

We continue to raise money to have a car here in Rwanda. The donations have began
to come in and we are humbled by all of the generous people in our lives. Thank you
for being willing to help us. We have $4,000 left to meet our goal so that we can
purchase a dependable vehicle to drive on the rolling hills of Kigali.
As we near the near of 2014, we would like to ask you to consider helping us with this
big purchase. Your tax-deductible donational can be made via our website through
ROC (Rwanda Outreach Community ) Partners:
We depend on people like you to help us, so thanks for considering it. Thank you for
your prayers and constant support. We sure appreciate you!

Noheli Nziza (Merry Christmas) &

Umwaka Mushya Muhire (Happy New Year)!
With love, Douglas & Kerry
B.P. 6558 / Kigali, Rwanda

Serving at Kigali International Community School