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International Financial Management

Marks = 10
Time: 10 minCurrency Derivatives

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______________________________ can be created to measure the profit or loss per unit.

(a) Currency option
(b) Contingency graph
(c) Market efficiency
(d) Call option

Q2: ________________________________ involves a spot transaction along with a corresponding

forward contract.
(a) Forward contract
(b) Swap contract
(c) Spot contract
(d) Spot-forward contract
Q:3 selling price purchase price + premium received =
(a) Call option
(b) Net profit
(c) Put option
(d) Non of above
Q:4 ____________________ currency futures contacts can also be traded on CMEs automated
order entry and matching system called
(c) Currency Exchanger
Q:5 cal option is to ____________________

Q:6 Put option is to _____________________

Q:7 CME stands for ________________________

Q:8 Credit risk is _____________________________________

Q:9 OTC is _______________________________________________

10: Strike Price is ____________ ___________________________