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I am sure that you may

have heard about Scribd,

the worlds biggest
digital library, consist of
all kinds of written books.
As per the latest reports,
Scribd consist of nearly
40 million free e-books
and other article
documents posted by
their users. Statistics
shows that scribd
database doubles the

size every year. This

digital platform Launched
in March 2007 and head
quarters is in San
Francisco California.
Every month 80 million
people make use of
On Scribd, New and old
authors publish or sell
their works and readers
can browse through the

pages and find

appropriate one for their
needs. By a small
subscription rate, Scribd
readers can view and
read all such documents
from their favorite
platforms like Android,
iOS and from Blackberry.

Download or view PDF

and DOC files from
Scribd for free

Subscription pack of low

monthly fee of $8.99 is
required to read contents
from Scribd. However this
is not a problem for
readers from developed
nations like US, Canada
and Australia. But this

makes some irritations

for the readers from
developing countries like
India Pakistan ,
Bangladesh etc. They all
looks for any other
medium or use it for free.
There is an awesome
loophole in Scribd
database so that any
user without the above
mentioned Subscription

pack can view or

download the files for
free. Follow the below
steps to download or
view a file for free.
#Step1:- Go to
#Step2:- Search and
find which page to view

or download without
paying to scribd.