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The Bryans in Rwanda

Bryans in Rwanda

January 2015

Does adventure await you in Kigali, Rwanda?

Read below for more information on teaching and administrative positions that are
open for the 2015-2016 school year at Kigali International Community School.
Wed love to have you join us!
If you dont want to live here, we also welcome visitors and we promise to show
you a great time. In addition, we offer year round summer. J

Update on our lives

because you can only write so much about the
wonderful kids of Kigali International Community
School (but more about them on the next page). J
Kerry- Graduate School
I continue to plug along as Im finally in
my last semester of graduate school.
Currently, Im taking Transitions in
Education and working on my capstone
practicum which includes an in depth case
study project and a digital portfolio. Its
all relavant and connected to my job. By
the end of March, I should be completed
with my classwork and two practicums.
At that point, my last step will be taking a
test in June. Im thankful to have m ade it
this far. The end is in sight!

New Bible Study

A few months back a pastor at our church
asked us to help lead a community
group/Bible study. One reason we were
interested is that it has many of the same
people in it from the group that we used
to host in our home when we lived in
Rwanda before. W e are excited to be
reunited with those friends from Rwanda,
Uganda, Kenya, and Togo. Another
woman is now hosting the study.
Currently, there are very few women so
Im praying that some more show up!

Car Search
We are grateful that weve raised much of
what we need to buy a caronly $808
more to reach our goal! Thanks so much
to the m any friends, families, and church
groups who have donated. It is a special
things when others partner with and
invest in us! Weve been doing lots of
reasearch and have one test drive under
our belts. The issue with that car was that
it didnt have much power on an incline- a
major problem in the land of a thousand
hills. J The search continues.


The Bryans in Rwanda

January 2015

Life at

The vision of KICS is to impact the
world for Christ by preparing
servant leaders who choose
character before career, wisdom
beyond scholarship, service above
self, and a lifestyle of participation
over apathy.

Kid Stories and Quotes

I found a few inappropriate words in the
novel Holes recently and so I used
whiteout on the students books. One of
my students was very concerned and
curious when they realized it had been
whited out in all of their books. Of course
this student ask, Do you want us to guess
what the word is, Mr. Bryan? No, please
dont guess. I replied. The great thing is
that I dodged one more conversation
where I would probably have not had the
right words.
To be sung to the tune of Call Me, Maybe:
Ill give you money, so call me crazy!
(Instead of Heres my number, so call
me, maybe!)
One of my students moved at the end of
last semester. I usually worked with this
student and another one at the same
time. I presented the remaining student
with some reading comprehension
Student: Nooo! I cant do this without

Me: Are you saying that because you

miss her or are you using it as an excuse.
Student: just using it as an excuse.
Learning Support Program
Its been a fun and challenging year
continuing to develop the learning
support program, which is very new. A
few weeks ago I was told, Kerry, you
need to turn in the budget for your
department next Friday. WHAT?! If you
know me, youre well aware this probably
sounded like a nightmare/sick joke. By
the grace of God and with a helpful
template, I turned in a budget!
Third grade
The third graders at KICS could probably
be voted Most Improved as a class.
Most of them have shown more maturity
and responsbility as the year goes on.
Theyve just earned a party for excellent
behavior by filling up a jar with marbles.
They voted on a theme for the party and
next week theyll be having a pajama +
movie party to celebrate their good

Looking Ahead
Of course we love our jobs, but we didnt
become teachers just for the kids and
crazy long work hours. As always, we are
anticipating spending our summer in
Indiana and Michigan. Well be around
for most of June and July. We have
numerous people that we love to see and
planning in advance is really helpful for us.
We anxiously await the m oments when
we get to reconnect with all of you! If you
already know of specific dates when
events are happening this summer, please
let us know! Our short time home makes
planning ahead important so that we can
fit in as much as possible.
Every week
Douglas continues
his tradition of Tie
Tuesday. Often
students join him in
sporting a tie and
looking extra fancy
on that day! He
even wore a
bowtie one time.


The Bryans in Rwanda

January 2015

Rejoice always, pray continually, give

thanks in all circumstances, for this is
will for you in Jesus Christ.

1 Thessalonians 5: 15-18

Prayer Requests & Praises // Thanks for praying!

Pray as we continue to look for a safe and reliable car

and praise God that weve raised almost enough m oney!

Pray for KICS, that we can continue to serve students

and the community well and share Gods love. Pray as
they try to fill the many open positions next year with
highly qualified individuals!

Continue to pray for balance in our lives as we juggle all

that were involved with in Kigali.

We appreciate you! Thanks for all of your love & support!

Douglas & Kerry Bryan
B.P. 6558/Kigali, Rwanda
Check out our updated website, complete with old newsletters!
As previously m entioned, were still $808 away from our goal to
raise money for a car. Click on the SUPPORT link on our
website to donate. Thanks!

Interested (or know somebody who might be interested) in

being a part of a Christian international school in Rwanda?
Here are the open positions for 2015-2016:
Primary Principal
Instructional Coordinator
Business Manager
Spiritual Life Coordinator
School Counselor
Athletics & Activities Director
Grade 1 Teacher
Grade 5 Teacher
Primary Music Teacher
Middle School Social Studies Teacher
High School Language Arts Teacher
High School Math Teacher
Foreign Language Teacher
Check out the KICS website for more details: