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Clyde 2020 a new vision for the

Firth of Clyde Ecosystem

Context and Objectives

Recent studies and reviews of the Clyde Ecosystem
Our Seas a shared resource: High Level Marine
National and Regional Marine Planning in Scotland
Outcomes of the Clyde 2020 Summit, April 2014

Take the opportunity to engage, discuss and
encourage participation in delivery
To create the Clyde 2020 Action Plan based on
stakeholders priorities

Clyde 2020 The Vision

The Firth of Clyde is a healthy and
thriving marine ecosystem that is
capable of adapting and mitigating for
the challenges of climate change and
supports sustainable fishing, tourism,
leisure and other sustainable
developments while offering protection
to the most fragile species and habitats.
This will enhance the quality of life for
local communities and contribute to a
diverse and sustainable economy for the
West of Scotland.
Agreed at the Clyde 2020 Summit

Clyde 2020 Action Plan Framework

Basis Selected High Level Marine Objectives
Achieving a sustainable marine economy
Ensuring a strong, healthy and just society
Living within environmental limits
Promoting good governance
Using sound science responsibly

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