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What If..?

What If..?

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Published by: AmayaLily on Jan 19, 2010
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What if… …love wasn't what you think?

…the tingling feeling in your stomach was caused by something you ate? …the happiness you feel while talking to someone was due to less boredom? …thinking about one person alone was something you subconsciously make yourself do? …wanting that person to be yours was merely to be able to claim something? …needing to be with your one and only was simply not to feel lonely? …your craving for a hug or a kiss was just for feeling desired? …that hug or kiss could be received from anyone? …you only have affection for someone because that someone likes you as well? …your 'true love' was actually replaceable? …you love only for the sake of loving? …'love' was just an illusion?

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