January 15, 2010 Dear Lower School Families, In an effort to reinforce our push for teaching empathy, moral responsibility

and world awareness, the teachers in each classroom will be having developmentally appropriate conversations with the children about what has happened in Haiti. So, please know that they may be coming home with questions, if they haven’t done so already. We also know that many of you have already started discussions about this tragedy at home. In conjunction with these discussions, the Lower School will be collecting change for relief efforts in Haiti and bringing it to school beginning Tuesday, January 19th. We are calling our effort “Change for Haiti” and are going to encourage the children to bring in any spare change or money they may earn doing chores at home or in their community. Our collection efforts at school will conclude on January 22nd so that our contribution can be sent to Save the Children and be made readily available for relief efforts. The initial collection will take place in each classroom. That classroom will then calculate their contribution and add it to the Lower School total. This will not be a competition between classrooms or grades, and the students will be encouraged to understand that we are contributing as a whole Lower School. On Friday, January 22nd we will be displaying our classroom collections in the Lower School, along with dreams/hope the children have for the Haitian people. We think that this connection will help the children see how much their collective efforts can help others in the world. We also hope that they begin to understand how very lucky we are. Please feel free to e-mail either of us with any questions you may have at Leslie_Hopping@columbusacademy.com or Dan_Vorenberg@columbusacademy.org. Thank you, Leslie Hopping LS Service Coordinator Dan Vorenberg Head of Lower School

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