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Christina Richmond

Box 321, 428 4th Street South, Vulcan, Alberta, T0L 2B0
Home Phone: (403) 485-6010 Email:
Academic Experience
University of Lethbridge, Current since January 2010 (Part time)
- Competed a Minor in Linguistics
Athabasca University, Current since June 2010 (Part time)
- Currently completing a course in Child Psychology
University of Manitoba, September 1998 April 2002 (Full time)
- Completed Bachelor of Science degree with focus in Human Genetics
Employment Experience
Current since October 2009 (Part time)
Preschool Teacher
- Develop curriculum and lesson plans, and purchase any necessary resources
- Work with speech and physical therapists to develop and carry out individual program plans for students with
special needs
- Have attended Individual Program Plan meetings, outside of work time, despite this not being required as per job
- Refer students to speech, physical or behavioral therapists if necessary
Christine McMorris, Early Childhood Society President, Arrowwood Preschool, Alberta
Current since May 2011 (Part time)
Research Assistant
- Conducting sociolinguistic interviews to help create the Southern Alberta Corpus of English
- Segmenting and alignment of word lists using PRAAT, and transcription of interviews using ELAN
Supervisor: Nicole Rosen, Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages,
University of Lethbridge, Alberta
Current since October 2011 (Part time)
English as a Second Language Instructor
- Lesson planning and teaching English for a group of individuals, with a focus on articulation, specifically
pronunciation of sounds in English not present in native language of learners
Cathy Dallmann, Adult Learning Council Coordinator, Vulcan, Alberta
Current since December 2011 (Part time)
Education Assistant
- In charge of speech-language activities, helping children to improve vocabulary, mean length of utterance, and
articulation of target sounds as outlined in Individual Program Plans
Shane Cranston, Principal, Vulcan Prairieview Elementary School, Alberta
June 2009 July 2011 (Full time)
Learning Centre Coordinator/Instructor
- Conducted county-wide needs assessments, identified learning barriers, constructed and advertised courses
- Purchased all equipment and resources as I saw necessary for facility set-up
- Instructed a variety of classes, including GED, Computer, Collective Kitchen, and English as a Second Language
Lorna Armstrong, Rainbow Literacy Coordinator (previous), Vulcan, Alberta
January 2006 - April 2009 (Part time)
English Tutor in Taiwan

- Developed programs and lesson plans catering to each individuals personal wants/needs
- Focused on pronunciation with one individual in particular, as advancement in his workplace depended on a high
level of expressive language
Various Individuals, Douliou, Taiwan
November 2005 - June 2008 (Full time)
English Teacher, then promoted to Head Teacher
- Taught various levels of all areas of English to native speakers of Mandarin from ages 5 - 16
- Assessed new students for placement in appropriate English class
- Recruited and trained new teachers, organized and developed teaching materials, evaluated teachers, performed
administrative duties
Robert San, Sesame Street School Manager, Franklin Sesame Street School, Douliou, Taiwan
July and August 2005 (Full time)
Community Service Provider/Assistant Behavioral Therapist
- Worked with 8 year old child with autism, executed a play therapy approach to address his behavioural issues,
incorporating speech and language goals into play
Treena Huxley, Behavioural Therapist and Program Coordinator, Arrowwood, Alberta
September 2003 July 2005 (Full time)
Special Needs Assistant
- Worked closely with speech, behavioral, and physical therapists, carrying out their program plans, reporting on
progress/barriers, and developing activities to target specific goals of two children with autism, one of which was
- Acquired Class 4 licence, to transport one of the children to and from school in my personal vehicle, as the bus
ride proved problematic for this child
- Developed and taught a specialized curriculum of math, English, and science activities for small groups of
advanced children
Penny Mackenzie, Principal (previous), Arrowwood School, Alberta
July and August 2004 (Part time)
Education Assistant
- Worked with a child with autism, teaching life/social skills, addressing speech, physical and behavioral issues
- Worked closely with speech and behavioural therapists to develop program plans, and pinpoint the areas of
development/speech delays that needed attention
Kathy Cockwill, Employer, Arrowwood, Alberta
Professional References
Christine McMorris
Arrowood ECS President
Home Phone: (403)534-2290
Lorna Armstrong
Executive Director (previous) of Vulcan Rainbow Literacy Society
Home Phone: (403)485-2405
Cathy Dallman
Vulcan Adult Learning Council Coordinator
Work Phone: (403) 485-3109