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Georgia Rules the Schools

Dominic Strunk
The Studio 21
Date Project is Due
February 2, 2015

Georgia Rules the Schools

Introduction (10 pts)
Our project is that we are going to write a letter and bill about Georgia taking over
failing schools. This is a very heated topic in some Georgia counties such as Dekalb
County. We will also be using multi-media to further help us get this bill accepted at a
mock townhall meeting.
This subject specifically affects what happens to schools when they begin to fail.
So as you may have guessed this distinctly affects our fellow students within the state of
Georgia. i personally am for the state helping failing schools because i believe that it
would help the country in the long run because of more people with a good education.
One of the main things that our country cares about is having an educated work force
which this bill would most likely help.
Essential/Driving Research Question (5 pts)
What problem or issues have you discovered that needs to be addressed by the
Georgia General Assembly?
The problem that the General Assembly needs to address is failing schools.
There are a fair amount of failing schools in Georgia but i find this unacceptable
due to my belief that all children need a good education.

What proposals do you have in order to help solve the identified issues?

i propose sending a bill to the General Assembly that if passed would allow the
state to take control of failing schools in order to help them.

Standards (30 pts)

8th Grade Georgia Studies
Category- Ex. Analyze the role of the legislative branch in Georgia state

Standards / AKS (write out entire standard that fits under category)
8 Grade Language Arts
Category - Ex. Listening and Speaking
Standard AKS 45a - explain the significance of membership in the
Georgia General Assembly in regards to qualifications, terms, election and
the duties of the members

Decriminalizing, reinstate, referendum
Intended Outcome (10 pts)
I hope that my partner and I will be able to convince people to support the bill
allowing the state to simply step in and take control of failing schools in Georgia. This
would be to help the school get back on its feet and give its students a better education. if
this would happen then the students would get a better education and in turn help the
Geogia and U.S economies over time. I also hope that we are able to get a law to the
General Assembly and
Group Member and Job Assignment (10 pts)
Teniola Adenji- Teni will be researching our topic as well as writing the letter to
Dominic Strunk- I will be researching about the topic as well as helping with the multimedia and letter to a representative.
(Everything above this line should be completed on the first week of a project; everything
below the line should be completed by the day the project is due.)
Result (10 pts)
Our intended outcome for this project is a easy to understand and creative political
cartoon which easily depicts our bill. We also intended to make an amazing attention
grabbing cartoon video which also represents our bill. We lastly wanted to create an
instagram account and get many followers on that so that we could show how many
people were aware of our bill.
I would have to say that we have done a good job at these tasks. I was responsible
for drawing the political cartoon as well as helping with the Instagram account whereas
my partner helped with the Instagram and created our video.
Reflection (10 pts)
I have learned a tremendous amount of information throughout this project. I now know
more about Georgia's education than I ever knew before. One thing I have learned is that
23% of schools in Georgia have received a grade of a D or F in the last three consecutive
years. I have learned that each year 19,000 high school students drop out. The things that
could have gone better with this project would probably be communication between my
partner and I. This project has many more parts than previous projects we have done.
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