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Week of February 2 - 6

What will we learn this week?

MathThis week in math, we will focus on comparing fractions with the same numerator
or denominator by reasoning about their size (MCC3.NF.3d). I will also continue
working with students in small groups to wrap up our focus on equivalent fractions.

ELA: English Language Arts

GrammarConventions of Standard English
Performance Standard: ELACC3L1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of
standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
We are going to work on using quotation marks this week. I have noticed in their
writing that the students are either trying to use them but are doing so
incorrectly or they are omitting quotation marks all together.

Spelling- This week in spelling, the students will work with plural endings, adding
es to the end of words (watches, mixes, guesses, etc).

ReadingELACC3RL9: Compare and contrast the themes, settings, and plots of stories
written by the same author about the same or similar characters.
In an effort to prepare the students as much as possible for the Milestones test in
April, I am going to start working with them on constructed response questions and
how to best answer them. This is not an easy task, but they will get there with

practice! The students are required to respond to these questions in a written

format and usually need to use examples directly from the text in their
explanations. You can help them at home by asking questions after they read like,
Describe the setting in the story. Use two examples from the text to support
your answer.

SOC.3.SS3H2: The student will discuss the lives of Americans who expanded
people's rights and freedoms in a democracy.
We will finish up FDR early this week and move on to Eleanor Roosevelt, a woman
known for her work with the United Nations and a fighter for human rights. She
was also the First Lady longer than any other woman in history since she was
married to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Life has got to be lived - thats all there is to it. Eleanor Roosevelt

Important Notes
Valentines Day is right around the corner!! We unfortunately do not have any
time to have a party, but I am going to allow the students to decorate
Valentines bags and distribute Valentines cards and candy if they choose to.
However, I will only allow them to give out cards/candy if they have one for
everybody.This is a very important rule and I will not bend it. Thank you for
your understanding
February 5- Valentines Day Dance and Six Flags reading logs due!
February 10- Jets Spirit Night
February 13- Progress reports; Valentines Dress Up Day (pink or red clothes) for
$1.00 to Relay for Life; Parents Night Out at Marietta Martial Arts
February 18- Jump Rope for Heart during PE
February 25- Picture Day
February 26- Zaxbys Spirit Night