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RAMANDEEP AVAILABLE FOR: HIRE & FREELANCE WORK O vein WZ lird 8/43, Vishnu Garden, New Delhi- 18, t ‘Mobile Number SI N G H y2i & +91 9971366279 ANIMATOR Fa & GRAPHIC DESIGNER oS + PERSONAL STATEMENT > EDUCATION 2009 12th STANDARD (4 (4 $5. MOTASNGH Mo0e.ScH001, Jama elhibased Animator, designer and scriptor eee creating effective animation and designs for 20082010 _DIPLOMAINANIMATION & MULTIMEDIA companies. As Animatorand designer, could be {ooRD SOFTWARE NSTIUTE RAOUR CARDEN Pash de a problem soher and strive to delieverthe most effective solutions atthe highest ofthe standards, Additionally, having knowledge for codingenables me with a extra talent to help a company. 99 2010-PRESENT B.SC.(HONS.) ANIMATION & MULTIMEDIA BIRLAINSTTUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, NOIDA CENTRE, MeSRA Sujal spasof rian Desig incadng 2083, Asoghergsic rowel ofCalingandhr make Mobile ps + EXPERIENCE MAYJUNE 12 DEPTH STUDIOS ‘Summer Internship unio rimsoraned Game Designer SKITECHNOLOGIES NOV.DEC 12 Winter internship gp DesigeradSipor MAY13 — EDUTOPPERS.coM. emsorsed Game der + TECHNICAL SKIUS SMOKIN. Ww sortwanes Bm uwcuncss ADVANCED: INTERMEDIATE Ree aed > ACHEIVEMENTS At SKITECHNOLOGIES (Graphic Design and Seiptor), made mobile app for NOKIA, which became the #4 app in music category. (App Link :hap,// BLACKBERRY JAMIHACK 2012. Our team, QUADKHOR{team of 4) came 2nd OPENCLASS APP COMPEITION, 2012. ‘Ourteam, QUADKHOR(team of2)came 1st + DEMOREEL/ PORTFOLIO Check Demoreel 2013 at : p/w watch?v=pUoSCrDB7dk&feature=youtu be