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The Build Montana Plan will make important investments in road, water systems,

schools, and broadband infrastructure. It will create jobs today, and ensure that we
have an infrastructure equipped to meet the needs of Montanas economy for years
to come, and it will do this without busting the states budget.
Lewis & Clark County would receive the following benefits from
The Build Montana Plan:
Infrastructure Repairs, Capitol Complex


Elevator Modiciations, Capitol Complex


Historic Buildings Maintenance*


Flooring Replacement, Capitol Complex


Fire Protection Measures, Capitol Complex


Deferred Maintenance & Repairs, Original Governor's Mansion


Sandblast Booth, CSMS


Misc. Improvements, VA Cemetery


New Montana Heritage Center

Remodel 1100 North Last Chance Gulch


Ten Mile/Pleasant Valley Sewer District


East Clark Street WSD Wastewater Collection System

Helena Valley Irrigation District Irrigation Efficiency and Water
Conservation Project


Lewis & Clark County Total:


The Build Montana Plan makes our families stronger by creating thousands of
good paying jobs. Investing in these construction projects will help build the roads,
bridges, education centers, and other improvements that will create stronger
Contact your legislators and urge them to vote YES on the Build Montana Plan!

Representative Christy Clark
(406) 466-2483
Representative Kelly Flynn
(406) 266-3322
Representative Jenny Eck
(406) 459-1082
Representative Mike Miller
(406) 793-5860
Representative Janet Ellis
(406) 431-9157
Representative Moffie Funk
(406) 461-6788
Representative Chuck Hunter
(406) 202-2030

Representative Mary Ann Dunwell
(406) 461-5358
Senator Llew Jones
(406) 271-3104
Senator Scott Sales
(406) 579-7994
Senator Christine Kaufmann
(406) 439-0256
Senator Mary Caferro
(406) 461-6266
Senator Jill Cohenour
(406) 227-1144