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NURS 4440

Windshield Survey Tool

For Community Health Nurses to be able to knowledgeably plan services for a community, it is
essential to know a specific community, identify health-related resources that may be helpful to
members, and learn about gaps in services. A windshield survey is conducted from a car and
provides a visual overview of a community. Conditions and trends in the community that could
affect the health of the population are noted. This data provides background and context for
working in the community or for conducting a community assessment. The clinical instructor
will make specific assignments for the Survey. Information gathered from this survey is to be
incorporated in the group’s wiki for the Community Assessment Project.


Boundaries Boundaries
Are the boundaries geographical, political, or Geographical boundaries include I-77 and Lake
economic? How is this seen? Do Norman. Economic boundaries include
neighborhoods have names? Are there sub- Downtown Mill Area which appear to be older
communities? How are these identified? homes with a lower-middle class status. The
rural areas of Mooresville contain a wide
variety of homes from old to new and lower to
higher appraised properties. Lake Norman, the
newer part of Mooresville, contains higher to
middle class homes.

Some neighborhoods have names and some are
stand alone. The older homes appear to be
more the stand alone type, where the newer
homes seem to be in developments.

Sub-communities of Mooresville include Lake
Norman. Lake Norman is identified by
billboards and signs when entering the

Housing and Zoning Housing and Zoning
What is the age of the buildings? What are The ages of the buildings in this region range
the construction materials? Are the from early 1900’s to < 5 years old.
residences single family or multifamily Construction materials include brick, wood,
dwellings? What is the size and condition of vinyl siding, and manufactured homes. A
the lots (repaired or damaged)? majority of homes in this area are single
family. There were some multifamily
dwellings that are mainly noted in the Lake
Norman area. The lots vary on the location of
the home. Inside city limits are smaller lots
(less than one acre). The lots in the historical
area are more developed with lots of shrubbery
that are not very well kept. In the rural area,
homes have more land that varies between
trees and fields. The newer developed areas
and Lake Norman have smaller lots but the lots
are very well kept and include landscaping.

Signs of Decay Signs of Decay
Is the area well maintained or in disrepair? Is Upper – middle class areas are very well
there garbage strewn? Are there maintained. In the lower income housing
trashed/abandoned cars, places for rodents or areas, there are piles of trash on the sides of the
other wildlife to hide, vacant lots? road. We saw several mattresses on the side of
the road as well. A few homes had land filled
with trashed cars. No rodents notes.

Parks and Recreational Areas Parks and Recreational Areas
Are there play areas for children and adults? There are 12 parks in this region. Some nicer
Are they safe and maintained? Who uses than others. All appeared to be kept in a safe,
them? playable manner. Youth sports team use these
parks, as well as children in play with their

Lazy 5 Ranch is a popular place for families to
go to see exotic animals. They have Lamas,
horses, giraffes, etc.

Charles Mack Citizen Center is a civic center
for numerous activities to include things such
as self defense courses.

Multiple Golf Courses – all open to public

Common Areas Common Areas
Where do people collect for social gatherings The Prickly Pear is a mexican cuisine
of all sorts; where do they “hang out”? Are restaurant that has live music events. This
they for particular groups or are they open to place is open to the public.
all? Are there signs posted?
Queens Landing includes boat rides, putt-putt,
piano bar, bumper boats and jet ski rentals.
This place is open to the public.

Other bars and restaurants all appear to be open
to the public.
Stores Stores
What stores (grocery, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Bottom Groceries,
retail, drug, dry cleaning, etc.) are in the and Walmart Super Center.
area? How do residents travel to them?
Rite-Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Medi-Cap

Residents travel to these sites via privately
owned vehicles.

There are many small privately owned
businesses such as coffee shops, restaurants
and consignment shops that are found in the
historical downtown district. Other areas have
franchises such as blockbuster, Applebees,
Walmart, etc.

Transportation Transportation
How do most people get around the area? Is People get around by privately owned vehicles.
there public transportation? If so what kind There is no public transportation at this time.
and does it appear to be used? Who uses it? There are signs posted of upcoming public
What is the condition of the streets, roads, transportation labeled ‘Park & Ride Transit
highways? Station’. Newly developed areas and main
highways are well maintained. In the historic
district there are roads that need improvements.
In the rural areas there are some roads that are
not paved.

Communication Communication
Is there evidence of local and national The local newspaper is called The Tribune.
newspapers to other media? Are there There are billboards in the newer developed
informational posters on streets, busses, areas and there are some posters on the sides of
billboards, etc.? the streets in the historic area to provide

Service Centers Service Centers
Where are the services for the community There is one main hospital in the south-western
located – health care, social services, schools, region of Mooresville. Lake Norman Regional
employment offices etc.? Medical Center is surrounded by several
medical buildings. There are a few family
practice offices noted in different areas of this
region. The county social services office is
located in Statesville, NC. The schools are
spread throughout Mooresville. There are 2
districts; Mooresville Graded School District
and Iredell Statesville School System. It
appears the employment offices are located
with Social Services for Iredell County.
People in the Community People in the Community
Who is in the area during the day? How are In the historic area we saw a woman opening
they dressed? Are there animals (pets) with her shop by putting a sign out on the side walk.
them or in the area? What evidence is there We saw to older men sitting on a bench on
of particular. “classes” of people – upper, Main Street drinking coffee. There weren’t a
middle, working, lower? lot of people walking down the streets as the
main source of transportation is by car. The
few we did see walking appeared to be poorly
dressed and not very well groomed. By
looking at the people we saw in the historic
area we assume by the way they were dressed
that they were middle-lower class. Other
evidence we noted were the cars. Different
locations had different cars of values from low
to high.

Industries Industries
What are the major industries? What The historic part of Mooresville is built around
types of occupations are evident? an old shut down mill. There are other
factories and run down mills noted throughout
the area. NASCAR seems to play a large part
in the newer developing Mooresville. There
are many companies related to race car driving
found in the city. The top three companies
with the highest amount of employees are
Lowes Headquarters, Lake Norman Regional
Medical Center, and Walmart Super Center.
We did note there are quite a bit of auto
dealership and auto body shops. Also noted
there are numerous banks, gas stations and

Protective Services Protective Services
Where are fire and police stations located? Is There are 4 fire stations equally distributed
there evidence of police and fire protection in through the city. We saw one fire station, one
the area? Is it more in one region than another? police station and did note police patrolling
throughout the city.
Ethnicity Ethnicity
What is the predominant ethnic group? Are On observation, we mainly noted Caucasian
there residents from a variety of ethnic ethnicity. Census reports:
backgrounds or is the community mostly one
group? Which one? Are there stores, Population 18,823
restaurants, churches, schools, or languages White – 15, 129
that indicate a particular ethnic group(s)? Black – 2,653
Hispanic – 480
Asian 312
Other 249

There are no observed stores, restaurants or
languages that indicate a particular ethnic

Religion Religion
What churches and church-run schools are Observed a lot of churches throughout this
in the area? Who apparently uses them and region. Over 50 Christian churches varying of
when? How many are there? different protestants. According to research
approximately 50% of Mooresville’s
population are a member of a religious sector.

Health and Morbidity Health and Morbidity
Is there evidence of any health problems Per county report, the top 3 health related
such as drug abuse, communicable issues in Iredell County are obesity, heart
diseases, chronic diseases, mental illnesses disease and lung cancer.

Politics Politics
Is there evidence of any political activity? Are No evidence noted of current political
there any signs that indicate predominant activities. This region is predominately
political parties and political concerns? republican.

(Modified from Stanhope M., & Knollmueller, R. N. (1997). Public and community health
nurse’s consultant: A health promotion guide. St. Louis: Mosby.)