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Language focus


Describing a picture

General description In the picture I can see … There's … There are … It looks like …(+noun) It looks quite… (+adj) .

. .Describing the person/people He looks…(+adj) The girl looks a bit…(+adj) They seem ..

Giving an opinion I think it's… I don't think… .

In the background you can see decorations on the wall In the topleft corner there is a lamp In the foreground. on the left. there's an armchair On the right there are shelves In the bottom righthand corner there’s a stool .

At the top of the picture you can see the hills In the middle there is a white horse At the bottom of the picture there is a green field… .

The yellow car is the biggest. .Comparing The girl looks slightly older than the boy. The child isn’t as tall as the baskeball player.