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• We learn that the protagonist found “him” in the garage.
• The family have just moved into Falconer Road.
• We are told Doctor Death was in the house and that everyone
was worrying about the baby.
• Michael is not impressed by the house or the estate agent Mr.
• We learn that Ernie Myers was the last resident of the house
and was dead nearly a week before he was found.
• We find out that the family had just moved to the house with
the intention of doing it up but that baby came to early and
everything was thrown into disarray. 
• Michael went into the garage Sunday morning
• Michael’s mother was worried about Michael exploring the
garage before it was deemed safe.
• “Do you not think we’ve got more to worry about than stupid
you getting crushed in a stupid garage?”
• Michael felt annoyed about the whole situation and a bit left
• “she went back to the flaming baby”(p4).
• We learn that all the work doing up the house and garden was
put on hold because of the arrival of the baby.
• Michael remembered back to his old house on Random Road
and of his old friends Leakey and Coot.
• Doctor Death arrived.
• Michael waited a few minutes before going back into the
• The protagonist tells us about the creature in the shed
• “voice squeaked like he hadn’t used it in years”.

• Michael’s dad called him out.
• Michael couldn’t sleep that night. He kept seeing the image
of the creature.
• He tried to convince himself  that he didn’t see anything at
• Michael got up and went into the baby’s room
• He said “Hurry up and get strong if you’re going to”
• His final thought was “What was he doing there?”
• Michael questioned when the garage would be cleared.
• His mum was taking the baby to the hospital for more checkups.
• We learned that Michael stayed at his old school at Kenny
Street High to be with his friends Leakey and Coot.
• Michael continued to try to convince himself that it has all
been a dream.
Ch 6
• Dad was working on cleaning the house.
• Michael went back into the garage thinking he wouldn’t see
“him” again but he did.
• Michael spoke to “him”
• He asked for an aspirin
• Michael tells him that they are going to clear the garage out.
• He asked for “27 and 53” and told Michael to go away.
• A girl was standing at the top of the wall into the back lane.
She introduced herself as Mina.
• Michael ordered “27 and 53” from the Chinese.
• He put the left overs in the outside bin.

• Michael saw Mina sitting in a tree with a book and a pencil.
• She talks about birds
• She tells Michael that she would like to see his baby sister
• Michael began dreaming about birds, the baby and Mina.
• He took a jar of aspirin from the bathroom and brought it to
the garage with the left over 27 and 53.
• Michael dreamt that his bed was a nest.
• Michael went to school
• Leakey was getting on to Michael about being so bad at
football but it was because he was so tired from staying up all
• Michael told the man on the bus that there was a man in the
• Michael comes home to find Doctor Death in his house.
• His mother is upset that the baby has to go back into the
hospital and blames it on the house being dirty and derelict.
• Michael asked his mam “What are shoulder blades for?”
• She told him “They say that shoulder blades are where your
wings were when you were an angel”
• “Sometimes I think she never quite left heaven and never
quite made it all the way to earth”. “Maybe that’s why she
has such trouble staying here”(p37)
• They drove mam and baby to the hospital.
• Michael went out to Mina and told her the baby is back in

She took him to Crow Road where he first met Whisper the
• They watch the owls
• Michael didn’t go to school.
• He helped his dad clean up around the house
• Michael went into the garage and said “You can’t just sit
there!. You can’t just sit like you’re waiting to die”.
• Michael and his dad went to visit the hospital and the baby
was in the glass case again, covered in tubes.
• Dad got Michael 27 and 53 on the way home.
• Michael finds out that Mina is home-schooled
• “We believe that schools inhibit the natural curiosity,
creativity and intelligence of children. The mind needs to be
opened out into the wold, not shuttered down inside a gloomy
• She tells him her motto “How can a bird that is born for joy/
Sit in a cage and sing?”
• Michael shows her how to make a hoot noise.
• He tells her he has something to show her.
• His dad called him for his 27 and 53.
Ch 16
• Michael asked Skellig how he knew about 27 and 53.
• He told him it was Ernie’s favourite and that he used to watch
him through the window but wasn’t sure if Ernie ever knew
he was there.
• Michael told Skellig that the baby was in hospital. He
responded by stating that Ernie used to love brown ale.
• He told Skellig he wanted to bring someone to see him.
• Skellig doesn’t want him to bring anyone.

Michael asked Skellig to think about her sister getting better
in hospital.
• Michael and Mina made “hooting” sounds to each other.
Ch 17
• Michael goes to school while Mina sits on her front lawn
• She tells him to listen until he heard the chicks in the nest.
• Michael asks Mina if she heard him hooting last night.
• She tells him she can’t be certain because she dreams.
• Michael got to hold the baby in the hospital. She was still in
the glass case but the wires and tubes weren’t in her.
• Michael asks a woman how to help someone with arthritis.
• She tells him she swears by cod liver oil and a positive mind.
• Michael asks Doctor MacNabola who makes a joke about
needles and saving but tells him that remaining active is the
most important thing to do.
• Michael goes to find Mina, who is in her house modelling
with clay.
• She goes for a walk with Michael.
• Michael took Mina in to see Skellig.
• He told Mina he was “nobody”
• Mina said “You must let us help you” to Skellig. He said “Do
what you want”
• Michael and Mina make a plan to hoot to each other at dawn
so that they can carry out the plan.
• Michael whispers to himself “He won’t die”

Michael dreamed that he was in a nest with the baby and Dr.
Death and Dr. MacNabola were ready to “make her good as
• He woke up to Minas hooting
• They started to move Skellig who said he was frightened and
“as weak as a baby”
• As he stood up Mina and Michael felt the growths on his
shoulder blades.
• They moved him into a boarded up house.
• We learn that his name is Skellig.
• Mrs. Dando dropped homework to Michael.
• Mina began writing a diary about herself, Michael and
• Mina tells Michael the house is her grandfathers who died
last year.
• They went in looking for Skellig but he had moved from
where they had left him.
• Mina tried to make him more comfortable but when she took
off his jacket she found wings.
• Skellig begged them to let him sleep and let him go home.
• Michael’s sister had the wires and tubes stuck in her again.
• Michael tried to listen to her breathing and told himself “If I
listened hard enough her breathing and the beating of her
heart would never be able to stop”
• On the way home Michael’s dad struggled to hold back the
• Michael touched his heart and felt the baby’s beating beside
his own 

“I stayed dead silent and concentrated on keeping the baby
• Leakey and Coot saw Mina for the first time.
• Leakey and Coot said its Minas fault that Michael is not
doing well at football. 
• They tease Michael until he got up and grabbed him by the
scruff of the neck.
• After Coot kicked the ball at the garage Michaels dad nailed
boards across the door and wrote “DANGER” across them.
• Michal tells the boys about Mina being home schooled and
thinks about her visiting Skellig alone.
• Mina and Michael have an argument about Leakey and Coot.
• Michael says she has no idea about what “ordinary” people
• Michael dreamed that Skellig pulled the tubes and wires from
his sister and that they were both strong again.
• Michael and Mina made up.
• They went back to visit Skellig in the house.
• They saw the owls feeding Skellig and noticed how much
stronger he seemed
• They stood in a circle.
• Michael “felt the feathers and delicate bones rising from my
own shoulders, and I was lifted from the floor with Skellig
and Mina”(p111)
• Dad was out shouting for Michael.

• He said he was dreaming and sleepwalking.
• Doctor Death asked Michael about his “sleepwalking”.
• Michael asked about Ernie Myers and if he ever “saw”
• Dr. Death told him that he should go back to school.
• Michael went back to school.
• He played the best he ever had.
• Michael got a phone call at school from his dad. He told him
that something wasn’t right and that he had to go to Minas
after school, because he had to go to the hospital.
• Mina told Michael she went to see Skellig on her own today
and that he told her that he would be leaving soon and that
Michael must keep coming to see him.
• Michael waited for his dad in Minas and began drawing.
• His dad rang and told him that they are planning on operating
the next day on her heart.
• Mina and Michael sit outside waiting on dad to return. They
discuss what it means that “Skellig eats living things and
makes pellets like the owls”
• Michael and his dad argue about him going to school.
• Mina asks Michael to help her with the fledgling that have
fallen out of the nest.
• Dad tells Michael that everything will be fine and that he
needs to just keep believing.

• Mina’s mother tells them about Persephone.
• Mina and Michael go to visit Skellig but he wasn’t there.
• Michael said his heart stopped and he fainted. 
• Michael came to but said he can only feel his heart, not the
• They think Skellig has left forever.
• Mrs. Dando came to give Michael work and he told her that
she was having an operation today.
• Dad pulled up and the chapter ended with him saying “It’s
over son”
• Michael was wrong. She wasn’t dead.
• They try to think of a name
• Mam tells them of a dream she had about a man who came
into the hospital and picked the baby up (p150)
• Michael asked Dr. MacNabola “Can love help a person to get
• Michael gets 27 and 53 on the way home.
• Michael and Mina went out with the remnants of 27 and 53
and a bottle of brown ale.
• Michael told Mina to feel his chest to see if she could feel
“her (the baby’s) heart beating right in there beside my own?”
• Skellig came back. He told Mina and Michael they were a
“pair of angels”
• Michael said you went to visit my sister. “You made her
• Skellig said “it was her that gave strength to me”

Skellig told them he was “Something like you, something
like a beast, something like a bird, something like an angel”
• Skellig thanked them “for giving me my life again”
• Mina and Michael knew he was going to leave.
• Michael went back to school and was the best at football.
• They worked on the house
• The baby got stronger
• Michael and Mina went to the attic on more time.
• They saw “Thank you. S carved on the wood and three white
• The builders came to knock the garage
• Michael whispered goodbye to Skellig when he saw the dust,
rubble and take away trays.
• The baby came home on a Sunday in Spring
• The garden space was clear and filled with shrubs, flowers
and grass.
• Mina came to visit the baby.
• When she unrolled a picture she had drawn of Skellig, Mum
seemed shocked but didn’t say anything.
• They called the baby Joy.