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Tyler Jennings
Mr. Gresham/Mrs. Weikert
English 12
My name is Tyler Jennings and I am a senior in high school. The name of my high school
is F.J Reitz. After High School I want to go to college. I want to get a good job and a good
education. I have been searching on the internet for some colleges and I have chosen 1 of 3 that I
might go to. The names of the colleges are USI, IVY Tech, and Champlain. I chose them because
they seem like good colleges.
One of the first colleges that I took an interest in was university of southern indiana. Here
is some information. graduate studies partners with academic programs and colleges, the
university and the community to recruit, enroll, retain and graduate the highest caliber of
graduate students. We foster the attainment of knowledge and experiential learning opportunities
through graduate assistantships, grants, scholarships, and funding for research and travel for
graduate students and faculty. Graduate studies provides the bridge to graduate education for
aspiring, seasoned, and diverse learners.(University of Southern Indiana)
The cost of tuition, books and supplies might seem a little scary, but there are many
sources of financial aid available to make financing your education a little easier. You can find
more information about the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and a checklist to
help you complete the financial aid process under the financial aid section this the website. (IVY
The final college I chose was a college named champlain. It seemed like an easygoing

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and friendly college. Champlain College has provided a hands on, relevant education that
thoroughly prepares its students for the needs of emerging and changing career fields, as well as
public service organizations and graduate studies. Champlain College adapts to changes in the
business world, and our entrepreneurial spirit and history of working individually with students
have put us at the forefront of career-centered education.
“With our Graduate programs—all offered online except the MFA and Shanghai MS in
Emergent Media—we continue pioneering higher education best practices.” (Champlain)
I want to college because I want to learn as much as I can. Knowledge is very important
to me. I want to get a very good job and support myself the best as I can. Being successful is
what I like to to. If I am not successful I do not feel good about myself. That is why I want to go
to college.

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