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Kaleb Dale

Does race matter to law enforcement

When you think of police brutality what do you think of? What race do you usually tie
into these police brutalities? Most people would say that police brutality often involves the
African American race or simply known as the Black race. This is true but they are not the only
race when it comes to police brutality, there are plenty of other races being mistreated by the
police everyday but the real question in which race gets harassed the most and get the harshest

Cop's abusing their power or brutality hurting someone that shouldn't have been hurt in
that simple situation has been around since cops first received there badge. Why cops abuse
their power and why and if they a racially biased towards a certain race no one really knows.
But there have been multiple instances where a African American has died from law
enforcement when they weren't really doing resisting just trying to understand the situation.
Now the difference from the African American's and other races being mistreated is that the
African Americans have more deaths than any other race standing. When police brutality
happens to a white man or women the worst it usually comes out to is jail time. Same going
with other races Mexican's can be a little harsher depending on the cops. Take Arizona for
example they passed a law stating if a police officer needs to ask for your papers he can. Well
the only a police officer can ask you for those is if you are doing something for them to stop
you. This makes me think that they just got you on whatever they could just to stop you and ask
for your papers.

According to the FBI in 2012 69.3 % of arrests were white people. 28.1 % were black
and 2.6% were other races now arrests under the age of 18, 65.2 % were white 32.2% were
black and 2.5% were other races. This answers who gets arrested more according to race it is
white people. Total arrests in those races are white 6,502,919 blacks total arrests are 2,640,067.
White people clearly have more arrests than other races. While whites my lead in total arrests
who leads in certain categories of crimes. For Murder and non-negligent manslaughter whites
have a total of 4,101 and blacks have 4,203 the blacks lead for murders in that category.
Forcible rape whites have a total of 9,027 and blacks have a total of 4,512 making white
leading in that category. In the Robbery category whites have a total of 34,761 and blacks
having a total of 44,002 blacks leading in that category. Last and final category is Aggravated
assault whites having a total of 188,505 and blacks having a total of 102,371.
Cops arrest more white people far more than black people, it varies from certain crimes
but still for the most part cops arrest more white people in general. Now how does this tie into
police brutality according to African American's 65% saying police have gone too far while
only 32% there’s went about right with police officers. Now a study in Oakland California
found out of the 45 deaths by shooting 35 of those were blacks and 40 % of cases no officer
was brought up for the chargers or wrongful killing. Cops are killing African American's more
than they are killing any other type of race and most of them are not being brought up for their
actions. Cops that preform police brutality are getting caught on tape doing it but that still isn't
changing anything they get away with whatever they did and still it happens. Take the Mike
Brown case, man is Ferguson Missouri an officer of the name Darren Wilson pulled up onto the
two suspects walking down the middle of the street. Then some struggling began and Mike
Brown and his friend started to flee that’s when six gun shots were fired into the back of

Michael Brown. Now according to some reports he had his hands in the air and the cop still
shot him and the other report says Michael Brown rushed the cop trying to fight him so the cop
shot him for his own safety. The cop had no charges filed against but this caused huge sets of
protests and people fighting against everything the local law enforcement.
The media covers black killers with full details. While they cover up white killers with
mental illness or sadness. They also bring up black victims to white victims differently. In one
case they said the black man was a “Gang Member” and apparently that was enough the police
member to be acquitted for the charges he was facing against.
When you think of police brutality most think of the black race being abused. White and
Blacks are brought up differently blacks are usually killed during police brutality. But whites
are the ones that are arrested more and usually have more arrests and certain crimes. Police do
treat races differently. Blacks or African American’s usually getting the harsher punishment
whether there sentence gets longer or even death. Race does matter to law enforcement.