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College and Career Research Paper

DUE: MAY 1st
Students will gather relevant information from multiple sources, using
advanced searches effectively; assessing the strengths and limitations of each
source. They will integrate information into the text selectively to maintain the flow
of ideas, avoiding plagiarism and overreliance on any one source and following a
standard format for citation.
Students will use their research to get a better understanding of the goals
they wish to obtain outside of high school from college to a career, and to begin to
make and take steps toward those goals.
Paper Requirements:
1. 15 - 20 page length.
a. Divided into 3 sections
i. Part I: College
ii. Part II: Career
iii. Part III: Budget and Planning
2. MLA format.
a. 12 pt font
b. Times New Roman
c. 1” margins
d. Double spaced (including heading but no more than 1 space)
e. Proper heading
3. 5 source minimum. Includes interviews, brochures, and website. Must
include at least 1 book source.
4. Must include an annotated bibliography that contains at least 5 sources.
5. At least four sources must be cited in the body of the essay.
6. Students will generate a 100 note cards from their sources.
a. Each notecard should contain relevant information about their
resources and references, or information and bullet points specific to
their subject.
7. Students must create an outline of their essay including a thesis, concrete
details, and commentary.
8. Students will include a works cited page at the end of their essay.
9. Must include at least 1 interview
10. Must include at least 1 college visit

Set Up
FIRST – think about your SKILLS and ABILITIES
1. Choose a reasonable career that you could see yourself working in the future
2. How much will you make your first year (starting salary)? How much could
you eventually earn? What positions are available? Where is it located? What
are the rules and regulations for the job (uniform, hours, time spent working
outside of the office, ect…)
3. What are the general duties of your job? What would you do?
4. Is there any education required to work here? What is it? What degree will
you need if any?
5. How do you go about finding/applying for the job?
6. What/where is the best college to earn this degree? What could you major in
to earn the degree?
7. How much is tuition? Per year? Per semester?
8. Where will you get the loan/money you need to pay for it once you’ve
graduated? How much will you have to pay back once you’ve graduated?
9. How many credits will you need to graduate?
10.Create a budget for yourself for AFTER COLLEGE considering the following:
a. Rent
b. Groceries
c. Bills (water, electric, cable)
d. Loans
e. Extra (movies, going to dinner) – remember you’ll be paying for this

MLA Format for Research Papers
Printing or Typing:
1. Research Papers must be typed
2. Times New Roman Font Only
3. 12 point font
4. Use only one side of the paper (do not print on the back)
1. One inch margins throughout the entire paper
2. Indent the first word of a paragraph on half inch (five spaces or one Tab
3. Indent long format quotations one inch (ten spaces) from the left margin
1. Double Space throughout the entire paper including quotations, notes,
heading, and list of works cited.
Heading, Header, and Title:
1. No title page
2. Follow the formatting below as an example of the first page of an MLA
format essay.

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