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Gunner Lissick
Period 1
Mr. Buscher

The foundation of the Constitution, established by our Founding
Fathers, had many great concepts placed into the American Government.
Three of these concepts were to establish a justice system, provide for the
common defense, and ensure domestic tranquility. These models were even
found in the preamble. The preamble gave a framework for what the
constitution would be comprised of. In my opinion, these points are vital to


the success America has been having since its birth. Compared to other
countries, which had formed thousands of years before America, America is
considered superior. I believe this superiority is due to our Constitution. Let’s
first examine the establishment of the Justice system.
Establishing justice was huge to the United States from day one. Our
fore Fathers fought for their independence from Britain because they were
being treated and taxed unfairly. This was to be known as the American
Revolution. No one believed that this new country known as America could
beat the British. Defeating the British showed that this new country should
not be messed with. Since then, the United States has inducted a court
system which is fair for the most part. It does have some minor flaws but it is
better than much if not all of the world’s court systems. This brings justice
to all the citizens and makes sure that people who should not be free walking
around on the streets are not. The shooting death of a Ferguson, Missouri
youth was one of the most recent incidences in America that has reached a
national consciousness. This was about a young, unarmed African American
teenager, Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by a white Ferguson police
officer. This act of injustice has started protests throughout the state and
country, some of which turned into riots. They used the court system to
decide whether or not the officer was guilty. They decided that he was not
guilty and was doing his job when the accident occurred. Although some
believe the system failed, the system was used the way it was established.


Article 3 of the constitution states that the Supreme Court is the highest
court in the land, and gives individuals and government a place to go and
work out their disputes. It also states that treason as the only crime defined
in the Constitution. Treason is punishable by fine, imprisonment or death.
Law enforcement remains key in keeping justice. Police officers jobs are
to protect the city to make sure that the average citizen is safe and that no
harm is done to them. These officers put their lives on the line every day to
make sure that the city stays safe. A routine traffic stop can turn into a
deadly shooting and without these officers we would probably have a nation
full of chaos. Drug smuggling is also a huge problem. Drugs are being
illegally imported from countries all around the world. Without the DEA and
other federal agencies to help enforce state and federal laws, we would be
living in a corrupt nation. Our military is another important element of our
justice system.
Providing a common defense, military, is the most important thing for a
government to do. The United States Military is one of, if not the best in the
world. There are many branches of the US military, including Air Force, Navy,
Army, and Marines. These branches combined make people feel safer and
other nations not wanted to pick a fight with the United States. Pearl Harbor
is a prime example, of our strong Military. When the Japanese bombed Pearl
Harbor, it brought the United States into World War II. Our involvement
made the war come to an end much quicker than the axis powers wanted it


too. The war on terror is also another great example because when the
Taliban flew two planes into the twin towers, the US took immediate action
and started hunting down the people behind this plan. The United States
does not stand for attacks on our homeland. This quick action shows that the
common defense is great and that the US who has the largest army in the
world is ready to defend the nation at any moment in time.
The United States also had a war with Vietnam and Korea. The war in
Vietnam was very unpopular with the people back home. Often when the
soldiers would come home from fighting they would often be booed and
object thrown at them. The war was over a communist situation and the
United States at that point in time and even to this day does not like
communism. Korea was also another war fought over communism. Unlike
Vietnam Korea is still split into two countries. These wars were fought in the
cold war against Russia who was and still is the united states biggest “rival or
threat” because no one knows what is going on in the mind of Vladimir Putin.
Ensuring Domestic tranquility can be created through public services.
Local law enforcement, fire departments, hospitals, social services and local
governments all provide a specialized service. Local law enforcement keep
the peace within the neighborhoods. They teach youth about safety, offer
anti bullying classes, and help the homeless find services. As well as a host
of other things.


Fire departments, not only put out fires, but they certify people in CPR
and first aid. They teach people how to use fire extinguishers. They are the
first responders in a health emergency. And they offer the community a safe
place to go.
Hospitals take care of sick and injured individuals. They offer a host of
services to the public, many of which are free to certain economic groups.
They have a safe place for people to go and can get lots of help. They can
also refer people to social services that they may need.
Social services offer people many types of help. People can apply for
health benefits, dental benefits, food stamps, welfare, unemployment and
housing. These benefits give people a source to fall back on in hard times.
These services also help to keep people healthy and from becoming
homeless. If they are already homeless, there are other services available to
them. All of these things together help to insure the domestic tranquility of a
community and the nation.
The foundation of the Constitution, established by our Founding
Fathers, had many great concepts placed into the American Government.
Three of these concepts were to establish a justice system, provide for the
common defense, and ensure domestic tranquility. These models were even
found in the preamble. I believe that these things have made our country
great. Without them we would not be the great country we are.


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