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BC Roadmap

-Google Map with route highlighted - image - DONE
-three forms of wildlife you might run into - pics - DONE
-you must visit a BC Park and stay overnight - image DONE
-name the states and provinces that border BC-DONE
-is there a ferry route to the Queen Charlotte Islands? Who runs it? BC Ferries DONE
-what is the scale in kilometers for the road map I provided? 100km/per Cm DONE
-which mountain range does Prince Rupert reside in? Coast Mountain range DONE
-using the grid codes, tell me the code for the following places:
Fanny Bay O, 8, Lastman Lake K, 10, Spuzzum O 13 Radium Hot Springs 20, N, DONE
-how hot does it get in Midway(record high) and are there poisonous critters Record is 39C
in that area? Name at least two. What type of “different” geographical area
exists here? How much precipitation does Midway get? Include a climate
graph. DONE
-how much rainfall does Prince Rupert get? Include a climate graph. DONE

Dylan T, Jedrek R, Gene C

Road Map

This is the roadmap that we planned out.
We are planning to stay in the Jasper
national park for the night on the first day,
then stay in Prince George for the second
day. It will take around 41 hours in total.
(that’s including 16 hours of sleeping time.)

18 mpg on highway
11 mpg in city

This is the vehicle we have
chosen for our journey. It is a
red 4 seater Coupe
Lamborghini Aventador. It gets
18 MPG, so gas will be pretty
expensive, but who cares
about fuel efficiency, when you
have a goddamn Lamborghini!

Our plan
For the first day, our plan was this: we are going to drive 800km, then stay in Jasper National Park.
The route we picked should take 25 hours, so we'll have some spare time to do some extra things, plus we
have 5000$ (minus around 900$ for gas) to play around with along the way. Before we go, we’ve decided
that we should do some research on the climate of Prince Rupert, so we’re not standing in the rain with
shorts, because that’s all we brought, or something stupid like that. We’re taking a break from the hot, dry
and dangerous Midway( the average temperature is degrees 16 celsius, the average precipitation is 4
centimeters, and there are black widow spiders and rattlesnakes everywhere) and going to rainy, dreary
Prince Rupert.
Midway→ Prince

Day 1
We started off our journey by going to Jasper National Park, because we are staying the night there.
Along the way, we saw black bears, rabbits, raccoons and cougars. We could’ve drove more, but we
wanted to stay in a national park.

Day 2
After we left the Jasper national park, we started driving towards Prince George. halfway to Prince
George we stopped off at a corner store and got some snacks and drinks for the drive. (Jedrek, pick
up from here plz i cant load up criteria)

Day 3

Grid Codes
Fanny Bay O, 8, Lastman Lake K, 10, Spuzzum O 13 Radium Hot Springs 20, N

Prince Rupert climate graph.

This is what resulted from my
research on the climate in Prince
Rupert. I found out that Prince Rupert
is in the coast mountain range, and
that Prince Rupert is cold, rainy and
just all around miserable when it
comes to the weather. Fun!

Midway Climate Graph

Provinces that border BC

Queen Charlotte Islands Ferry Route
There is a route to the Queen Charlotte islands, and BC Ferries runs it.