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English 9 Lesson Plan February 2 – February 6

Course Title: English 9
Teacher: Kever, Londa
Instructional Focus: Vocabulary, Reading, Literature, and Grammar
Performance Indicators
In-class Procedures
Students will do the following tasks:
*Demonstrate knowledge of
*Submit Reading Logs for
technology to submit/share
Week #20 (Sunday,
documents with one another and
January 25, 2015 –
with the instructor.
Saturday, January 31,
*Exhibit 21st century skill of focus
2015) via technology
on bellwork.
(link on PRHS Website/
*Exhibit 21st century skill of selfMrs. Kever’s Weebly
awareness in monitoring reading
*Update Reading Record
*Manage their independent reading
(as needed) via technology
by monitoring their progress
Teacher is inputting
throughout the week, documenting
Book #11 and Book #12
their results, and reflecting on
in grade book for
their level of achievement of the
progress reports.
*Student-led library visits
*Access prior knowledge and use
as determined by students
as a foundation for new content
knowledge re U.S. history.
Vocabulary Test #18
*Apply new and prior knowledge
(vocab from To Kill a
to discuss politely and cogently.
*Be respectful, responsible, and
Students read aloud and
reach rigorous standards.
make vocabulary cards for
Vocabulary #19.
Movie re race relations
in U.S. 30 minutes.
Instructional Strategies
X independent reading
Movie re race relations
X technology-based activity
in U.S. 30 minutes.
____ other ____________
Whole-class discussion
10 minutes.
Common Core Standards Applied
RI.9.10 Students will . . . read and
Movie re race relations
comprehend literary nonfiction in the in U.S. 30 minutes.
grades 9-10 text complexity band
Whole-class discussion
proficiently, with scaffolding as
10 minutes.
needed at the high end of the range.
Writing reflection on theme/
W.9. 8 Students will gather relevant moral of piece.
information from . . . digital
sources, . . .
W.9.2a Students will . . . organize

X Chromebook
X websites
X whiteboard
X projector
X library books
X vocabulary test
X reading log
X reading record
X listening skills
X participation
in class
X verbal prompts
X modified
X positive
Additional Support:
*Teacher is available
to provide
additional access to
technology to any
student requiring
additional time with
school resources
Chromebooks and
*Possible reading
*Playaways and cds
which “read” a
book to student.
*Lower weekly
reading goals

complex ideas, concepts, and
information to make important
connections . . .
W.9.2c Students will use appropriate
. . . transitions to link the major
sections . . .
W.9.2f Students will provide a
concluding statement . . .
LP.9.1 Students will demonstrate
command of the conventions of
standard English grammar and usage
when writing . . . (reflection)
LP.9.2 Students will demonstrate
command of the conventions of
standard English capitalization,
punctuation, and spelling when
LP.9.2a Students will use a
semicolon (and perhaps a conjunctive
adverb) to link two or more closely
related independent clauses.
LP.9.2.c Students will spell correctly.
LP9.3.1f Students will ensure
subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent
LP9.3.3a Students will choose words
and phrases for effect.
LP9.4.1f Students will produce
complete sentences, recognizing runons and fragments.
LP9.4.1g Students will correctly
use frequently confused words (too,
to, two; their, there; etc.)
LP9.5.1d Students will recognize
and correct inappropriate shifts in
verb tense.
LP9.6.1e Students will recognize
variations from standard English in
their own and in other’s writing . . .
[and] use strategies to improve
expression in conventional language.


Teacher is available
every day after school
this week to provide
students additional
access to Internet
and Chromebooks to
make up work from
absences because of
illness or field trips.
*Students should read their

assigned 150 pages from a
self-selected high-school
appropriate book that is
200 or more pages.
*Each student should
accurately document the
pages he or she reads daily.
PARENTS, your student
should be finishing Book
#13 this week or early next
By last Friday, January 31,
students should have
finished at least 2 books
since the beginning of the
semester, and AT LEAST
12 books since the
beginning of school.
Please, be sure that you are
monitoring your student’s
Each student should be
finishing a book --200 or
more pages--every 10-14
days to meet his/her goals.

Your student
must have
Book #12 by last

if requested.
*Lower semester
book goals.
(< 10 books)
*Books that are <
200 pages to
Periods 1, 2, and
possibly 3 will relocate to the Media
Center on Wednesday,
February 4.
Class accommodation:
*Instructions are
broken into smaller
*Instructions are
Note about Social
During Colors Week
students may dress up
for the various themes,
but all clothing should
still be schoolappropriate.