Father advises, Son refutes Father advises “be a great person, son!

” But father, Neither mountain nor elephant, man is the Don, I am smaller than both of these mates, isn’t a good person better than great? Father advises “be a patriot.” But father, How good is the Jihad of Fanaticism and Riot? should I consider world as my home or think my own is my only cone? Father suggests “never fall in love.” But father, Success do I see in these attached dove. we are the two faces of a coin, not all relationships will ruin. Father says “be always a winner.” But father, As time to compete, never will I be the runner, it’s not forever, my rank can I defy; aren’t we braggart, god’s mere toy(s)? Father advises “visualise the other fold of universe”. But father, As a speed of light, I am not terse,

Just touched the moon, to human it was scary, should I be practical, or the fanatic visionary? Father says “side the truth” But father, What if the bitter truth loots the momentary smile of humanity, and desiccates every flower into a painful tragedy? Father advises “dance on the chance.” But father, Opportunistic life will become, increasing furtive glance. Luck won’t halt milk spilling, milched in wicker basket, No,no, so no to fatalism, goading to fall from the cliff, into the casket. Father says, “be brave.” But father, Master of puppets above, we - the slaves. Promise to fight against every impediments and block, but I am in fear of the continuous tick of time clock. Father advises ‘play the music of equality and peace.’ But father, never can I see a big eating a small fish, Guns and bullets displacing songs and ballads. Of peace, I only see ways to sing elegy, sad.

Father rebukes ‘don’t teach me, son’ But father, Why does the moon block the sun? True otherwise Wordsworth would not have written “The child is father of the Man.” Copyright 2007, Kedar Ghimire

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