Textual Analysis

Masthead Written in a serif font similar to Times New Roman. White, drop shadow separates it from the background. Sophisticated font, connotes that they want to give the image of an upper class school. Apostrophe used connotes that they want to use correct grammar which most magazines would ignore.

The word magazine is more modern than ‘King Edwards’. Different font is used to show this and it is put into italics.

Clear skies in the background – connote the college as being a nice place to be

The masthead is juxtaposed with the crest to connote the sense of sophistication/heritage. As though the college has been running for a long time.

A student from the college is pictured on the cover of the magazine. They have chosen a student that is set to be joining the 2012 Olympics. This shows that they want the college to come across as prestigious which is why they haven’t chosen an ordinary student. She is pictured wearing the Olympic outfit and the image is juxtaposed with the words ‘Olympic hopeful’.

This connotes that the college produces ambitious students that go on to be successful. This would attract students because it would make them feel as though they can achieve something.

Students get to go on once in a lifetime trips Image is taken at a low angle to connote the girl as being successful/powerful Cover lines are placed on a banner. to make them stand out and easier to read. Banner is opaque which means you can partially see through it.

Shows that students get prestigious opportunities that most colleges wouldn’t give. Appealing for students thinking of applying.

Connotes that the college has been around for a long time

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