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Third Periodical Test in Science V

Name ___________________________________________________ Date ________________ Score
I - Identify if the following materials/objects are INSULATORS or CONDUCTORS.
___________________ 1. Tissue paper ______________________ 6. Pencil
___________________ 2. Metal rod ______________________ 7. Rubber band
___________________ 3. Ashes ______________________ 8. Plastic cup
___________________ 4. Tin cans ______________________ 9. Mineral water
___________________ 5. Yarns ______________________ 10. Fire wood
II – Encircle the appropriate word that best completes the sentence.
1. ( Static, Current ) electricity is non-moving.
2. ( Lightning, Thunder ) is the loud sound produced before a large spark strikes.
3. These materials called ( conductors, insulators ) allow electricity to flow or pass
4. In a ( parallel circuit, series circuit ) current flows in a single path throughout the
5. A ( fuse, switch ) is an electric device that opens or closes the circuit.
6. A ( fuse, switch ) controls the amount of electricity that flows.
7. Electric current produced by power plants through the help of water is called
( hydroelectric, geothermal ) energy.
8. A ( lever, inclined plane ) is a rigid bar that turns around a point.]
9. Any device or tool that facilitates or makes work easier and faster is called a
( robotics, machine ).
10.A ( lever, wedge ) is similar to an inclined plane because of its sloping or slanting
III – Choose the letter of the correct answer.
1. What tool would a gardener use to move a large rock from the center of a garden?
a. An ax b. a long iron bar c. a spade d. a wheelbarrow
1. What will you use to cut and split bamboo for your project?
a. A hammer b. a knife c. can opener d. an ax
1. A pair of scissors is securely attached by a _________.
a. Needle b. pulley c. screw d. lever
1. Which supports a seesaw?
a. Plane b. fulcrum c. arm d. force
1. What simple machine will you use if you want to lift a cow onto a truck?
a. Screw b. lever c. wheel and axle d. inclined plane
1. Which of the following is not a simple machine?
a. Lever b. pulley c. chair d. screw
1. The bicycle is an example of what?
a. Lever b. pulley c. screw d. wheel and axle
1. What can machine do to us?
a. Make us lazy b. facilitate our work c. make us alert d. make us
1. Which of the following can lift very heavy objects?
a. Fixed pulley b. movable pulley c. block and tackle d. double pulley
1. It is a complete path through which electricity flows.
a. Parallel circuit b. series circuit c. electrical circuit
IV – True or False
Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if it is not.
______________ 1. Always open the refrigerator to save electricity.
______________ 2. Avoid using too many appliances in one outlet.
______________ 3. Keep your hands dry when plugging appliances.
______________ 4. Place you finger inside an empty socket.
______________ 5. Turn off lights and appliances when not in use.
______________ 6. Play near electric wires that have fallen to the ground.
______________ 7. Unplug electrical appliances during brownouts and thunderstorms.
______________ 8. Use natural fresh air for ventilation to save electricity.
______________ 9. Turn on the lights even at daylight.
______________ 10. Touch worn-out electric cords.