Masthead- the colour of bright pink connotes that the college is all girl’s as the mast heads title

and background are girly and pink. The font is also san serif which adds to the modern theme of the magazine.

Cassie Wild
The colour attracts the target audience of teenage students.

The page references tell the reader/audience where they can find the stories inside the magazine. They can also aid the mode of address by telling the audience what to look out for.

Pug giving extra information and grabbing the audience’s attention.

Cover lines, e.g. ‘new year, new students, new facilities.’ These make the reader want to read inside the magazine.

Cover picture of a different topic. It’s another crowd shot of a sports team and makes the reader want to read on eg. Anchorage.

Ear of the magazine containing the name of the college and the logo.

Main cover line relating to the main image which is denoting that the results obtained were the best; it’s anchored by pull quotes. The larger font stands out from the rest of the text emphasising it.

The main cover picture is a medium close up crowd shot of the girls opening their results connoting that there is a happy atmosphere at the college as the facial expressions seem happy and pleased. It’s related to the main cover line and fills up most of the front page.

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