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About Us
English 2089
Professor Beckelheimer
Multi-Genre Project
Downtown Greater Cincinnati

Form local action groups

Raise awareness
Monitor and regulate
hazardous/ toxic air
pollutants, acid rain,
regional haze and ozone

File review

Make appointment with

Hamilton County Dept. of
Environmental studies to
view files about a facility
such as complaints, air
permits, correspondence
between the facility and the
agency and records of

Spread the Word

Attend community council

Form a local action group to
advocate about air pollution
and its harms.
Inform neighbors who may
be willing to help make a

Contact Us
Name: Keavash Assani

The truth is, is that our future is

up to YOU. When a society
recognizes an issue, it can and is
dealt with. The problem is that
people do not do anything until
the issue is prevalent and right in
front of their face. This must
change if we are to provide an
environment for our children
where they dont have to be at
risk by simply playing outside.

# 8 MOST
Air Quality Matters

Steel. Particulate matter cannot

always be seen. The most
hazardous particulate matter is PM
2.5 which can lead to asphyxiation,
lung problems, or even death.

There are nationwide and local

epidemiological studies showing
that when particulate matter (in
air pollution) goes up,
premature deaths go up.
-Mathew Lakin, Ph.D., U.S. EPA6 liter air quality sampler

How did we
get here?

Inversion Season:
What is it?

Cincinnati as well as many other

cities have had its ups and downs.
Industries have been a large
influence on the pollution of the
city, especially in times like WWI
and WWII. Regulations were
lessened and industries were
allowed to produce products with
little to no regulations for mass
efficiency. This caused a dramatic
increase in city smog and
particulate matter in the air. This
raised public awareness and
National Smoke Abatement Week
was implemented. This helped but
through bad city representatives
and officials these regulations were

The large scale temperature

change from fall to winter
causes pollutants in the city
to rise releasing dormant
particulate matter to
become suspended in the

Contributing Factors:

Citizen Air Sampling Program

Heating and resource
consumption increase due
to cold


How can you


Eye and throat irritation.

Increased allergens

When you are concerned

about orders or emissions
from a nearby source of air
pollution contact 513-9467777 or 1-800-889-0474.
They will send a canister
that you use to take a
sample of the air. This
sample is used to conduct
an investigation on the

Elect officials who support the

Clean Air Act

Regulates air emissions from