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Paesana All Naturat Marinara Souce Tomato & Basi, prior Pagsans $4.79 a hon ay eeteroats — Organic Bare Instant Multigrain Hot Cereal with Fla SRP $3.99 Lactose Free J Blucberry Yogurt 2/$3 @ ae Prince of Peace FF 00% organic ® creon Tea toes men $5. 49 sees 2/$5 2/5 @@ Selected Varities Green Valley Organics Nutiva TS orsanic Black Chia Seed (2 $8.99 LBs) sen 6@ e Sprout Foods ne Organic Apple & Blueberry Baby Food : “I$5 @ Selected Varieties Coco Polo 70% Dark Chocolate Bor aazoz ° Selected Varieties Amy's Kevita Organic Organic Master Chunky Tomato | Brew Kombucha Bisque Soup Bid Grapefruit asoz 1624. Or ‘ovat eas Coe Bob's Red Mil Whole Grain Steel Cut Oats | $4.29 SRP $699 ‘The Chia Company ‘Australian Grown, White Chia Seed $5.79 sAPS7ue Sustainable Seas Solid Yellowfin Tuna Invlater or No Salt Added $3.29 ea Selected Varieties tome RMB evcearore TI seen ae Strained Tomatows NTA 318 Yt Bie gn Sates atic Mm sje com oe 2/$6 2/86 2s $6.99 eat est ‘ion rin @ © S =e! O@ Selected Varoties aura Sea Natura Sea Too brani Chunk Light Tune Chunk Light The Sprouted sani Yet ie "ep 2/$5 2/$5 $3.79 Selected Varieties, Woodstock Organic Tomato Paste Woodstock Organic Walnut Halves & Pieces ssor $5.79 SRP $549 me $1.29 SRP S199 @ I ® [= ‘itd Planet, Inc. ‘Wid Planet, ine. wild Selections White Anchovies White Anchovies Soll White inate intra Virgin lve Albacore Tuna 7$5 is rE in water 2 2 Sor seesin esas 2/$7 Selected Varieties Sate Varies sr $499 abbr Creo ome Pure trea Hearts Delight Dark Chocolate Bar Organic Organic $10.49/tb Brkcedaeewr Sasa a Sa ee 4 2/$5@ zoe Fs a 7 loonorsene $16.69/t srs nea drapontrut, $16.69/Ub ake Sa eaae Selecedareies naa sre 2039 Selected Varieties Kashi TLC Chewy Trail Mix Endangered / ae Species chocolate oe Cracoate $6.89/ Ub Dagoba Organic Chocolate Organic Chacolate Xocolatl Bar x Coe Gerla Bars tomas saps anzee Dark Chocolate $1. Bar ae 2/$7 $1.29/lb Slee Varieties J ee $2.29 @ pa hen Raw Revolution ies ws Selec Vereics Creamy Peanut Butter een & Black's ‘Thao Chocolate & Sea Salt Bar Organic Organic Peanut Butter Cups Ero) i ser 70% Dark Chocolate Bar S92 SRPSa29 aso 1 ae $2:79@ 51.79 |G sn $429 — @ Selected Vanities ro) eh Peers eee é eT 4 é RIE = =. eons nS 100% Organic Dark Red Kidney $3.29/U Beans SRPS4 21 100% Organic $2.39/Lb Chebe Bread Products CherrybrookKitchen _—Cherrybrook Kitchen Cherryvate Farms ‘Re Kidney Bears srog3op Original Bread Nix Gluten & Wheat Free Vanilla Frosting Mix Banana Bread Mix naar Yellow Coke Mix sae soz 2/$5 $4.79 2/$7 $4.99 Joow organe $8.39/b RP $4.20 ee sre $519 sResi79 Black Chia Seeds sep siauy Selected Vanities ae Selected Varieties Cherrybrook Kitchen Wheat & Gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mix wor $4.79 SRP $679 Seloctes Varieties The sweet solution for food allergies has arrived! Cherrybrook kitchen creates gluten and allergen free baking mixes ideal for any recipe. Our mixes are free from all common allergens including peanuts, tree nuts, dairy & eggs. Light, fluffy, and delicious our gluten free pancakes are the perfect addition to any breakfast! Arrowhead Mills sek To Nature 2S ik Wattle Mix $7 ue sean $3.79 Selected Varieties Wl SRP $5.79 Erewhon © Buckwheat Hemp Supergrains oor Barbara's Bakery Peanut Butter Puffs Cereal $2.99 SRP $599 Selected Vaities 8Riffins New England Naturals 3 ae o Organic & Gluten Free Organic RGANIC | Coconut Granola For _ Chocolate Lover's a rain Led aaa ene $3.99 eames — SRP $649 $6 99 $3.99 Selected Varieties = a" oe dances Srila Granda Original Cereat $4.49 2/$6 Selected Vries Cig sf $u29 lex.” Snacks = Newman's Own Organi Creme Filled Chocolate Cookies noe $3.99 SRP $549 Selected Varieties Gimme ‘Seaweed Snacks Organic Sesame Roasted Seawoed Shacks 2/$3 Re $239 Selected Varieties Bark Thins Dark Chocolate Protel ‘Snacking Chocolate Win SeaSalt $3.99 SRP $539 Selected Varieties Dancing Deer Baking Company All-Natural Chocolate Chunk Brownies oR All-Natural = Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies sRP9519 Gp Late July Snacks TATEIULY es Saltine Crackers 2/$6 SRP $4.19 g~ mele otutine Family Bag Doctor Kracker ee Organic Kiassic 9 Seed Crispbread 2 j SRP $8397 Bearitos Beartos Organic 5 Organic Lite Cheddar Yeliow Corn Puts Tortilla Chips $2.79 2/$7 sans SRP $5.49 carats Day ees ecrocrs Veg ey emma, i ey 2/$5 | 4) 2/$6 esr LEA Sees Pretzel Twists | $5.79 ‘Annie's Homegrown Organic Cheddar Snack Mix SRP $5.49 Selected Varieties Singer People Crystallized Ginger ason 2/$4 saps27° Selected Varees Kettle Brand Organi Country Style Barbeque Potato Chips 2156 SRP g3.69 Selected Varieties, ‘Annie Chun's ‘Sesame Roasted Seaweed Snacks 3802 2/$3 RP $209 Selected Varieties, Snacks ‘Sesmark Foods Brown Rice Thins $2.29 SRP $3.49 SelecteVarietias Lundberg Farms Sea Salt SRP$379 Selected Varieties 2/$6 2/$5 $1.79 ee ora! ae i tes 2/$5 A SRP $4.99 Selecte Varieties Woodstock Woodstock Woodstock Woodstock Organic Biack Organic Organic All-Natural Mission Figs Goji Berry Power Mix Pumpkin Seeds Wasabi Peas 002 vor na sot $4.49 $6.99 $5.99 2/$6 SRP S69 SRPSI9 SRP S859 tees @ © © \ Original Exposed ‘lo Vera Drink $1.79 sep sz Selected Varieties ‘Almond Breeze Almond Breeze Almond Mik SRP $2.09 Selected Varieties i] Imagine Foods " Original | S Unswestened . Coconut Drink : marca S $2.99 Horizon Organic Dairy Organic ) Lowfat Chocolate Mik Box | sIeFLOr : sree @ Selected Varieties SRP, Selectes Varieties Haute Grapefruit Juice San Pellegrino) Chacotate TartChery = 7 Foard LEA sttestone me ofl (ssp 2/$7 io Se) sey 2/$% SRP $2.79 Blue Sky Natrol ream perme fnee ia Scnatneches Pars Coen thewetend ‘saa FLOZ ) s2FLoz $4.49 & MY 2/$5 ‘em ‘ SRP $3.99, 2/$6 aueth i t =S A Lakewood - Super Bet i Detox Cleansing Ginger 54 $3.49 2/$7 SRP see SRP $5.19 Selected Varieties Organic Valley Smart Juice | Organic Organic nop! True Nopal =" cactus Water 21$6 2 88:79 2/$7 fo SRP $849 spesiey DAMIR Sets Votes sme $437 oqo WS oy Spectrun. Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are given the ttle ‘essentiat not only because they are critical in promating overall health, but because they cannot be manufactured by the body; therefore, itis essential that we receive them in our diets Chia Twister Sigg Fish Oil eee et | FishOu | Sm Coconut 18.99 Organic Decadent Blend Flax Oil Flax & Chia Oil 14.99 7.99 Sugg. Retail $11.19 Children's DHA "a 10.99 Chia Seed Omega 3& Fer Spectrum. Spectrum's line of culinary offerings are of superior quality variety and made from all natural ingredients. Our cils are for any type of cooking and are created for people ‘wha love perfection in their food. The American Masters of Taste organization, a panel of elite chefs, awarded Spectrum Naturals their best taste seal for Olive Oil, Canola, Safflower, Coconut and Shortening Oils. We invite you to “Taste The Goodness inevery bite Coconut Oil Organic Refined Mayonnaise ur 56.49 $9.99 + Sugg, Retail $10.19 Sugg, Retail $14.69 Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Unfiltered $3.29 Sugg. Retail $4.79 Canola & Coconut Oil Blend *6.99 Sugg, Retail $10.59 Organic Red Wine Vinegar $5.99 Sugg, Retail $9.29 Eden Foods 100% Organic Carinbean Black Beans & Brown Rice $2.19 sean Selected Varies Se Putts 2/$: Selected o = Ay Te smpsu29 ae $3.29 Varies sapsim EDEN. ‘+ A principled 46-year independent patural and organic food manufacturer ‘EDEN brand means No - irradiation (since 1988), chemical additives or colorings, refined suger, or genetically ‘modified organisms [GMOs) since 1993 + Full transparency with full disclosure of ingredients and all handling + Custom cans with bisphenol-A (BPAI free linings since April 1999 Happy Bites — Purple Carrot Organi Edlucbery wane ry Yogurt & __ Fruit Snacks 6 oe ‘Annie's Homegrown White Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese Microwave Cups 2/$3 SRP S229 Koyo Organic Udon soz 2/$4 SRP $2.99 Selected Varieties oS Kikkoman Gluten Free $2.79 sep sa89 Tamari Soy Sauce ‘Annie's Homegrown Organic Shells & Reel Aged Cheddar Cheese SAP S369 Selected Varieties, 8 Crotte Organic Rospberry Just Fruit Spread too? $3.19 SRP $4.99 Selected Varieties Se Ian's Natural Foods Original Panko Bread Crumbs $3.29 SRP $4.57 Selected Varieties e@ Imagine Foods reamareu Creer Creamy Tomato $2.99 2/$5 SRP $557 Poop Redwine crpgaoe oe So@ Organic Portobello Red Wine Culinary Simmer Sauce Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Raw & Unfiteres $4.99 SRP STI o Modern Products Original Spike Magic ‘Gourmet Seasoning $2.19 SRP g319 Selected Varies eo =" tone Pyare rae ie toasted Red Pepper | Organic Free Range Chicken Gtsce creamy amy | Rested Res Poser [Sa Saag Nol Peanut Butter pe Tomato Soup ste wo Sweetened & Salted 4 marloz oven ia 69 $2.19 & 2/$6 aw $3.9 seg | Be i $5.49 sre sop —I—= —" Selected Varieties SRP $8.99 Selected Varieties ‘oe. @ oe == sans = Tamar Lie oy j Sauce age | $2.79 sen Sr tongs Panes “SRP $4.29 Classic White Bread Classic Tomatoes, Peppers @ oi $3.79 $4.49@ $4.99 vi SRP $6.49 SRPSEF Selected Varieties Wholesome Sweeteners aya Wholesome Sweeteners Al Natural Orgarie Raw Blue Agave 100% Organic Sweetener Sehar Fir Trade Honey ter DetsyieBread $99 ‘war $6.99 51..29 eo. e: @ SRP 8.29 a $6.99 SRP S108? oe Boy) ‘American Flatbread Pizza Cheese & Herb Pizza Woodstock Organic Steamable Super Sweet Cut Corn $2.79 SRP S899 Fm $9.99 SRP ST419 Selected Varitos Maria and Ricardo's Sorte Vat Mea Angels a rere | 2/$6 $4.69 ; ae Rudi's Organic Bakery ee oe Muttigrain Oot 2 Bread na $4.79 Saffron Road SRP S819 Chicken Pad Thai Selected Varitis site Nordes $3.99 SRP $639 Selected Varies Udis Gluten Free Uncured Pepperoni Pizza a Uai's Gluten Free $6.29 Everything Inside SRP SeI9 Bagels Selected Varieties 40r @ $4.99 PebiOR ome Food For Life Baking Co. Organic: Sprouted Ezekiel :9 English Muffins 602 $3.96 SRP $5.49 EI Red's All Natural Chicken & Cheese Burrito SAP S309 Selected Varieties ‘Sambazon Orgaric Unsweetened Pure Acai Berry ‘Smoathie Packs ansser $4.99 RESTON vars natrat Fouts 2/$5 Wheat & Gluten Free sapsa.s9 Blueberry Waffles 7 @ Selected Varieties Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss Organic Salted Caramel & Chocolate Cocanut Bliss Ice Cream $5.49 SRP $759 Selected Varieties Rising Moon Organics Organic Butternut Squash Ravioli son $5.99 Sct Vries ‘Seapoint Farms Edamame Shelled Soybeans $2.29 SRP $3.29 Evol Foods, Chicken, Bean & Rice Burrito SRP $3.28 Selected Varieties ponte ———— Maple cream Top ua = Greco = == a we Brown Cow NAMA 10/$10 am CHAS Saeed ns CHAS ust Mayo - Premium Chipotle ey HARMLESS HARVEST geome = + World's First Cold Brewed Raw Tea ae ‘= Raw ingredients and nathing else $3.19 Harmless Harvest, (eaves never dehysrated, Sareea pore Brae product never heated Chotani ce ee ‘+ Uncompromised flavor, fragrance, gemmmmmmmny Non-Fat Blueberry Unewestenes 2/$5 ‘+ Heatless high pressure processing * $1.29 ‘and nutrition of raw Greek Yogurt 100% Organic, of course IMPPI for safety and extended shelf life 6 Cae — Orgone Livre Yoourt vices etait cacmutoget Sonal == $2.29 7 ae 2:29) 4/$5 $6.79 ca, Whotesoy ssi sean aise sey vogue ned Bey ) $1.19 Blueberry Acai ieee, Total 0% ee Probiotic Drink i Seg Non Fat Greck Yogurt sue Nasoya Foods sertoz ‘oa 7 fofupivs Organic 2/96 Qa $3.99 Extra Firm Tofu $6q ES 80 ie Selected Varieties 2/$5 © wall Steer ane Plain Creamy Organic Baked Australian Yogu ‘Australian Yogurt Sesame Ginger Tofu Fag 10/$10 $3.99 $3.96 SRP SLAF Selectes Varieties SRP $5.49 SAP S529 Bubbies of San Francisco Sauerkraut ror $5.79 SRP £8.39 Kingdom Organic Sharp Cheddar Cheese Wedge 28,19 ay ‘Oz Lightlife Foods Organic Soy Tempeh 2/$5 8 Nancy's Organic Cream Cheese 2/6 SRP SL.29 Sigai's Pumpkin & Spice Yogurt 5H Mikat \@) 2/53 SRPS229 Selected Varsties ~— hidltal Pure Almond Mik » urcoz i $3.99 SRP £579 Originat Pure Coconut Milk $4.29 SRP $4.19 Gherry Works Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate ervor $19.99 SP 829.99 Supplement $26.99 SRP $35.95 of WORKS. y Introducing Cherry Works by Michelle's Miracle! The same premium products you know and love! Cherry Works products are delicious, all natural, nutraceuticals that promate healthy joints, support sleep patterns, suppart inflammatory responses and are loaded with antioxidant activity, anthocyanins, natural melatonin ‘and potassium. Taste and Feel the difference! FOR LIFE! Kyolic | oS yotic Formula 100 Aged Garlic Extract aoncaP $17.99 SAP E2409 Emergen-¢ Super Orange Immune+ System Support wth vitamin D $13.49 SRP $19.99 Yerba Prima Women’s Renew Cleansing System Yerba Prima Men's Rebuild Cleansing System Poa A $20.49 FE) er se $12.99 > Tous Alba Botanica Hawaiian Ultra Light Moisturizer $8.99 SRP S129 Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Peppermint Twist Antgingivtis Rinse n69FLOz $6.79 sme $999 Selected Varies Nature's Gate Biotin Strengthening Shampoo $5.99 sap sao? Selected Varies Alba Botanica Coconut Milk Hanaiian Shampoo $6.99 SRP $1079 Selected Varieties Fuchs Record V ‘Adult Sot Toothbrush vcr iy $2.29 | SRP S049 ‘Avalon Lavender Luminosity Daily Moisturizer afar $12.99 SAP S185? ‘Chandrika Chandrika Ayurvedic Bar Soap 2as02 Crystal Deodorants Body Deodarant Roll-On Hypoallergenic 2/$6 sRP$3.99 10/$10 SRP S149 a Wiss My Face int Miss My Face Tropica Coconut Fragrance Free Light Moisturizing Oiive & Aloe & Spray Lation Moiatrizer shoe ‘wren $7.49 $7.99 sn s998 sari Selected Vries sustain Utea Thin oes Lubricated Sandoms Lubrietescondoms $8.99 $2.99 sn 1947 sReSiaR Air Scense Orange Air Freshener $6.99 SRPSE TD Selecod Varites Seventh Gen: Ultra Power Liquis Dish Soap $2.99 SRP 8499 Earth Friendly Fruit and Vegetable Wash Spray 2/$6 SRP $439 Selected Varities HW Wellness Pet Products Earth Friendly COS Free & CL Laundry Detergent $6.99 SRP $10.19 Ecover Liquid Zero Dishwashing Soap Seventh Generation Ultea Power Plus ae 2/$7 SRP 5.39 Castor & Pollux Orgarix Carved Turkey Canned Adult Dog Food Grain-Free Original Formula Protein-Focused £14.99 a” Selected Varieties