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Peer Tutor and Mentor Summit Round Robin Agenda

Allow participants to explore and discuss their tutoring and mentoring fears
and possible strategies to overcome them
Discuss our fears and strategies as a group
Distribute a helpful hints list based upon research for how to deal with fear
Introduction (2 minutes):
Introduce ourselves and ask participants to introduce themselves and their
tutoring / mentoring roles, then go over goals for the Round Robin session and
describe our own fears to contextualize the workshop
Small Group Activity (8 minutes):
Hand out T-Chart activity and have participants discuss in groups their fears and
strategies for overcoming them while filling out the chart
Large Group Discussion (7 minutes):
Have groups share out what they discussed about their fears. Make a list on the
easel of tactics for overcoming fears based on the discussion.
Wrapping Up (3 minutes):
Hand out our own best practices list and discuss any patterns or commonalities with
what the group talked about

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