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NSTP 2 LTS II 2nd Semester A.Y.

Borlagdan, Pau P.

NSTP 2: Requirement complete
Now Im just waiting to graduate...someday
My NSTP experience was great, ever since the first one that I had just last
semester. Though it wont earn me any units, theres no denying that the required
NSTP courses was indeed a ticket for me to graduate you just dont take it for
Start of the semester was usual as always new guys, new faces, new
classroom, and then theres the antisocial me just waiting for what the courses
have to offer. NSTP 2 was more like of a continuation of the first, and since I chose
the path to LTS, I just expected the faculty in charge to just do lectures about
teaching, administrating, and other stuffs that we can use in fieldworks. I would go
to meetings every Monday, sit and listen like a good boy, and participate in
whatever activity coming on my way. But no, I was gravely mistaken; it was more
than that. We were made to act as a team, learn to work together, interact with
each other, and have some fun activities to kill boredom. I do not plan on having a
career as a teacher, but that doesnt make NSTP worthless to me. I know that
someday, time will give me an opportunity to use what I have learned from all of
these in whatever manner possible.
Its just a shame that we were not able to do any fieldworks or even a single
mission to a community. It just totally defeated the purpose of NSTP. I just hope that
the alternative project that we did instead would still be able to help our targeted
audiences somehow. Anyway, it was fun doing it with my group, so it still was worth
Now its a big relief that the semesters finally over, and I know Ive passed
this last NSTP course of mine. Sure, I know that I did not excelled in here I just did
a considerable amount of effort. I was also thankful that there are no exams, less
things to deal with. Its been a year since I started attending NSTP and it comes to
an end now. Did I manage to change somehow?

NSTP 2 LTS II 2nd Semester A.Y. 2012-2013

Borlagdan, Pau P.