Laura Maccio

Emboldened font on the masthead to make it stand out and to denote the name of the magazine the bright red is used for an eye catching effect to attract the audience.

Price and date Direct gaze at the reader to attract them Cover stories. “The 10 best dressed college girls” this connotes that the magazine is for females.

Red used again on the cover storey to match the colour of the masthead and in larger font than the other cover stories which connotes it is a major part in the magazine and used to attract its target audience which is females

Large image of glamour model covers majority of the page, she interconnects with the title of the magazine as she is wearing make up which connotes “glamour”.

Has a section on men, another thing that connotes that the magazine is for females

Her clothing/costume is fashionable and matches with the beige background of the magazine

“make overs” and “glamour” is connoted several times on the front cover of this magazine which makes it very feminine

Rhetorical question used to encourage reader to want to read the magazine and find out the answer

Target audience – teenage females Mode of address – teacher to pupil