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Apostles Lutheran School Exploratory Class Student Name____________________________________ Progress Check

Here is my progress as of ______/______/ 2010.
1. The general topic I have chosen is _____________________________________________. 2. The key words I have used to search for the topic are:

3. ____ If possible, I have used an encyclopedia or other reference material to get a general overview of the topic. 4. ____ I am making source cards for each of my sources. So far I have _____ source cards completed. 5. I have focused my topic by writing the following statement of purpose. I want to learn . . .

6. I have chosen the following project for my topic and have a plan to complete it which is writing here: Project: Plan (with tentative deadlines)

7. I have brainstormed additional questions about my focused topic and have grouped them under similar headings listed below (questions and headings):

8. _____ I have now refined my source list and that is reflected in #4 above. 9. I have begun or completed making note cards and currently have _____ total. All of my headings have at least ______ note cards. 10. Based on my research I have changed my statement of purpose into a thesis statement. Thesis Statement:

11. I have made a presentation outline which is printed here or attached.

12. ______ My project is now complete. 13. ______ I have compiled and completed my Works Cited page in MLA Format. 14. ______ If I have not written a research paper, I have included a 1 page summary of my thesis and supporting information (mini-essay).

15. ______I have practiced my presentation at least one time in front of ________________. 16. _____I’m ready to present!