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Bluenose II Steering System Modifications

Summary of Contactor / Consultant Engagements, Expenditures and Forecasted Costs

Updated February 3, 2015
Costello Fitt Ltd.

Steering System Modifications - Coordination and Advisory
Services (Reporting to David Darrow)

McGowan Maine Design Inc.

Conceptual design for foam jacket to add buoyancy to rudder

Tboats (Iain Tulloch, Naval Architect)

Design of hydraulic steering system

Paul Gartside Boat Builder and


Consulting services related to vessel stability

Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance (LSA)

Construction and installation of hydraulic steering system

SolutionSmith Engineering Ltd.

TRC Hydraulics Inc.
Kobelt Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Spar Marine Ltd.
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

Design services related to hydraulic cylinder attachments at the

deck and rudder stock
Supply equipment for hydraulic pump
Supply equipment for hydraulic cylinder and associated
Design and fabrication of electrical control panel and associated
Vessel review and certification

Total commitment
as of Feb. 3, 2015
Estimated additional costs
Estimated project total

Updated committments as of February 3, 2015

Estimated total costs include a contigency of around 10%