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Welcome to SurDoc | am pleased to welcome you to SurDoc™ -the new online document portal that lets you backup, use, read, share, annotate, sign or store documents and fill in forms in the cloud. SurDoc is a powerful, safe, professional, yet easy to use service to help you backup your files and manage your documents in the cloud. In fact, SurDoc is the only Goud storage offered in the market today which guarantees that the system administrator cannot access user's data. Due to its unique TruPrivacy® application, SurDoc ensures that the user’s data is encrypted during the entire data transmission process. Moreover, SurDoc can provide its oud services without storing a secret key in the Cloud. Even if the Internet or system is insecure, you don't need to worry about your data being disclosed. In addition, SurDoc is the only complete solution on the market today - it combines the ability to back up, view and share documents with the power of editing and signing documents with your natural signature - all in the cloud. SurDoc is based on our advanced VisiDoc™ technology. This unique technology is as easy as using a pen and paper, and you don't have to worry about which file formats to use or which types of software to install. With SurDoc, you have everything you need right at your fingertips. SurDoc is a totally mobile solution that helps you go “paperless”. No more paper and files to carry around, You can access your data from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet connected to any modern browser such as IE®9(or newer), Chrome®, Safari® or Firefox®. No apps, plugins or additional software is needed. You can backup, view, share, edit and sign your documents online anytime, anywhere. SurDoc offers three plans: the 100GB Free Plan, the 100GB Premium Plan and the Unlimited Plan. Users who have the 100GB Free Plan can upgrade to the 100GB Premium Plan or the Unlimited Plan at any time. Users of the 100GB Free Plan and the 100GB Premium Plan can earn up to 1TB by inviting friends to use SurDoc and by liking SurDoc on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. SurDoc also provides high fidelity online sharing, which means that the look and feel of your documents is the same as your originals, no matter what device you use. Information is transferred securely with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption with AES-256 bit encryption and our servers provide self-managed redundant replication for protection against disc failure. That means SurDocis fast, safe and secure. | hope you will find that SurDoc is a great tool to help you save time and money, and help improve your productivity. Our team is working hard to offer you more great features in the near future. If you have any comments, an idea for a great feature or have any questions about SurDoc, please e-mail us at feedback® Yours sincerely, AlexWang Founder and President