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Teaching Excellence Program


Brad Sloss
Kristan Lingard, Rick Simone, Denise Gardner
Feb 4, 2015

Approximately ten years ago, the Recreation and Leisure Services Program
began offering an instructional course in Class Software, owned by Active
Networks (ActiveNet). The results of the course have been significant in
setting Humber's Recreation program and now Sport Management program
apart from the competing programs at colleges and universities. Further,
graduates from each of the aforementioned programs have been awarded
careers in their field as a direct result of successful completion of Class
Software training (via informal feedback from employers and students).
Lastly, Humber College has become the reference point and lead provider of
Class Software. Over the years of offering Class Software, we have been
approached by other colleges eager to offer similar curriculum. A few have
been able to provide a basic overview of registration software; however,
Humber is still the only college able to provide hands-on training with Active
Network’s Class program registration, facility booking, membership and
tournament management software.

Class Software will be phased out by 2017 and replaced by a new Web-based
As a result, the industry started switching over from “the old” software based
facilities management system to a “new” more user and customer friendly
web-based system as early as 2009. In addition to this looming end-date,
competition now exists for service providers in the registration, membership,
facility booking and tournament management industry – Active Networks is
no longer the only option.

Goals and Objectives
In order for Humber to remain the leader in providing cutting edge
registration, membership, facility booking and tournament management
software, it is imperative that a new instructional material investigation take
place to analyze and implement the most current, effective, and popular
program available.
1. To phase out Class Software from courses: RECL 253 (formerly RECL 906)
and SPRT 251
2. Develop and implement NEW instructional material for two new courses
for Recreation & Leisure Services and Sport Management programs
(assuming same course codes)
3. Allow Humber's Recreation and Sport programs to become (or continue to
be) the leading educator of program registration, facility booking,
membership and tournament management software within post-secondary
4. Increase 'rubber meets the road' employable skills of graduates.

Part A: Investigate the current trends and resulting plans of private and
public recreation and sport facilities/organizations as a result of the
expiration of Class Software in 2017 via interviews, site-visits and primary
Part B: Analysis of facility management software service providers
(interviews, demos).
Part C: Develop recommendations on what software should be
implemented into Sport Management and Recreation & Leisure Services
programs at Humber College.

PART A: Investigation into the trends & plans of private and public
recreation and sport facilities/organizations
Over a five month period in the late Summer and Fall of 2014, various private
and public recreation & sport facilities/organizations currently using Class
Software were surveyed. The main discussion centred around:

The intent of their organization as Class Software is phased out and
new choices emerge for program registration, facility, membership and
tournament management
The anticipated timeline for any transition from Class Software

When in survey format, the main question was:
As a current user of Class Software, what direction has your
organization gone or what direction do they plan on going
for facility and program registration software when Class is no
longer available?
Surveys and interviews were completed in person, phone and via email. The
response rate was 88%. The following organizations participated in the
 Town of Caledon

City of Waterloo
YMCA of Guelph
City of Vaughn
Town of Newmarket
City of London

Canlan Icesports
City of Mississauga
City of Cambridge
City of Guelph
Town of Orangeville
Town of Woolwich
City of Brantford
City of Toronto
City of Brampton
Town of Oakville
Parks and Recreation

The recreation and sport organizations surveyed and/or interviewed provided
the following information:

8% have already switched to ActiveNet

“The Township of Woolwich has been on ActiveNet since the fall of 2009. Our first
registration was done January of 2010.” K.Makela, Director of Recreation &
Facilities Services, Woolwich Township

34% intend to switch over to ActiveNet before 2017 (as early as this

“The City has been tied to Class for many years so any other vendors will really
need to blow our socks off to change or on the flipside Activenet doesn’t come close
in meeting our needs.” Glenn Gedge, Director of Customer and Administrative
Services, City of Cambridge
“Right now, we are leaning towards ActiveNet as an organization…. We aren’t
100%, but it looks like it will go that way. “ K.Winter, Manager of Programs and
Services, City of Brantford

58% have not made a decision. They are reviewing the options
available and intend on making a decision based on what suites their
organization best as well as what the majority of the industry intends
to do.

“Our organization has met with other surrounding municipalities and we are still in
the fact finding phase. “ R. Perruccio, Client Services Supervisor, City of Vaughan
“There has been some discussion at a Director level, as to what other municipalities
have been doing, but as of now there is not final decision as to where we will
transition to .” D.Smith, Town of Caledon

Notes: If we were to compare these findings to the often cited study of how
new technologies and ideas spread (Diffusion of Innovations, 1962), it is
arguable that current Class Software users are following the typical bell curve
of adoption. Perhaps a more interesting and useful observation is that this
investigation is taking place when only the “Innovators & Early Adopters”
have made their move away from Class Software.

PART B: Analysis of facility management software service providers
Active Network review:

25+ years in the industry
10 years experience delivering the new ‘web-based/cloud based’ service
One-line description: Professional and undoubtedly the leader in the industry

Book King Software review:

12 years in the industry
Clientele mostly involving colleges and universities
“Launching” a number of new things
One-line description: User friendly

Intelligenz Solutions review:

12 years in the industry – new to Canada and US
One-line description: No local clients = no clout

Maximum Solutions review:

20 years of experience
Only do recreation software, nothing else
Main focus is Ice Rink Management
One-line description: Great potential, but not ready

ReCPro Software review:

18 years of industry experience
Similar to the existing Class Software system (not the new Active Net)
One-line description: Out with the old

Vermont Systems review:

18 years of industry experience in the United States
Great ownership model for ensuring customer service
One-line description: Great product, experience in Canadian market lacking

PART C: Develop recommendations on what software should be
implemented into our programs
Before making a recommendation on the direction Humber College should
take in their transition from teaching Class Software, one ‘new’ item of
information needs to be discussed. Between the time this analysis was
approved and research completed, Humber College Athletics and Recreation
Department had meetings with program faculty to review the capabilities of
Class Software and our experience with it. They also researched other
universities who have integrated the software in their Athletics/Recreation
Departments. As a result of their research, Humber College Athletics has
decided to use Active Networks as their provider of registration, membership,
facility booking and tournament management software. This information
has to be acknowledged as a factor in the recommendation. Fortunately, it
only further supported the findings from Part A and B of this report.

Although the industry is in the early to middle stages of adoption with
respect to transitioning away from Class Software, it is clear from the
organizations surveyed that Active Networks will remain the major provider
of registration, membership, facility booking and tournament management

In the primary analysis of 6 of the major providers of ‘next

generation’ registration, membership, facility booking and tournament
management software, it was also plain to see that Active Networks is still
the leader in the industry.

Therefore, it is recommended that Humber College pursue the acquisition of
Active Network’s ActiveNet for the basis of new course content to replace
RECL 253 and SPRT 251.

Next Steps
 Begin the process of introducing ActiveNet into current Class Software
courses RECL 253 and SPRT 251
 New course curriculum development
 Licensing and Faculty training with Active Network and ActiveNet
 Continue to keep in contact with existing and new community contacts
in order to track their progress in the transition from Class Software to
a new system