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What are narwhals?




Are you a narwhal?


☠ Lifespan And Endangerment ☠


How to draw a narwhal ☮




╰☆╮ Narwhal Questions ╰☆╮!


Legends Of the Narwhal!


Fun Facts ♥


Find this picture in this book!


What are narwhals? What is their life
history? What is the horn? If you want to
know, Read this book! It has everything
you need to know to be an expert on this
amazing animal! Everything flippers to
blubber, sounds to everything you want to

What are narwhals? !


Narwhals are
almost exactly like
the beluga whale,
except different

Narwhals are relatives of the beluga
whale. But they have something different. A
horn. Well, Not exactly a horn, But lets get to that
later. Narwhals are truly amazing animals. I love narwhals
because they are truly amazing animals! Narwhal lovers,
Keep on reading! Everything from flippers, hearts, and
myths, You can become a expert on narwhals. I want you to
know that narwhals, first of all, are REAL. Absolutely, Not
imaginary, 100% real. Yes, Its true. 40% of the people I
asked said it was fake. When I told them that they were real,
They didn’t believe me. When I searched it up for them, they
didn’t believe me. Still! !

Said narwhals were real :D

said narwhals weren't real :(



Narwhals scientific names are…!

Magnus Monocerous ♫!
Monodon Monoceros ♫!
Namodon Geroserous ♫!
Scinosenorous Caminocameilis ♫!


Their name is Monodon Monoceros. Also meaning “Corpse Whale”
In Morse. “Monodon” Means Corpse, And “Monoceros” Means
Narwhals were first discovered by Olaus Magnus in 1555, But were
never recorded accurately until the 18th century.
Many people thought that narwhals were mythical
creatures, Until Olaus Magnus stood up and told
everyone they
Narwhals without tusks
Narwhals that have tusks
were wrong and
Narwhals with 2 tusks
took them to at
the place a dead
narwhal was. He
showed them!
Rare narwhals
with two tusks
have also been
found. Narwhals were already
rare, One with a tusk is even more
rare, Yet alone 2 tusks! 

Are you a narwhal?!


Are you funny



Are you fun?

Are you stern?




Do you fool around in class (Be

You are not a narwhal :(.

You are a narwhal! You can make
people laugh even in the worst of
times. It comes in handy
sometimes, but don’t let it distract

☠ Lifespan And Endangerment ☠!
Here is a endangerment list.!

Narwhals are not really close to extinction, But there has been a law
passed that only native inuits can hunt narwhals for their blubber for food.
Narwhals are supposed to taste really bad, Like burnt rubber if the are burnt,
and just chewy rubber if they are cooked well. This is an extinction
thermometer. The narwhal is in the yellow part.

Bloody water from after a narwhal hunt.

Narwhal Meat :(

How to draw a narwhal ☮!

and the last step is your final product! Hope that
you enjoyed! Once you are an expert on drawing
narwhals, You can always add to them! I suggest
adding necklaces, or clothes !



This is a really important part of a narwhals reputation. A narwhal is
actually known for its horn. Did you know that a queen of England
even bought a narwhal horn for a LOT of money thinking it was a
unicorn horn! People sometimes make a fake unicorn head or use a

stuffed horse head and use a narwhal tusk as a horn so they can
have a unicorn head, like this. Personally, I think the tusks are the
most interesting thing about a narwhal! they are made out of
spiralled ivory, and jewellery and cups are made out of them. They
are very cool and are very hard to get.

╰☆╮ Narwhal Questions ╰☆╮!
How big are they?!

Narwhals can be about 16 feet (4.9 m) long (not counting the tooth)
They are pretty big!

How long do they live?!

Narwhals maximum life span is about 50 years.!

What do they eat?!
Narwhals eat fish , squid , shrimp, and other marine animals. They
feed near the bottom of the sea, deep under the ice of the Arctic. !

Where do they live?!
Narwhals spend most of their life in Canada, Greenland, Norway
and Russia. !

What does the tooth / horn do?!
To be honest, Narwhals don’t really use their tooth. Males use it to
attract the females though. 


Legends Of the Narwhal!
The Inuit Legend of the Narwhal Tusk!

Humans have valued the narwhal's tusk for many years. It is probably the origin of the myth of the
unicorn, but the tusk and the narwhal were first associated in 1648 when Tulpius examined a
stranded specimen in the British Isles. Through the Middle Ages the tusk was sold to cure epilepsy,
strengthen the heart, induce perspiration, and buffer poison. A narwhal tusk was among the most
prized possessions of Queen Elizabeth I. Many people who were able to get ahold of a tusk could
sell it for 10 times its weight in gold! The Inuit tribe has their own legend about just how the narwhal
grew its tusk:!


"A wicked woman lived with her daughter and her son, who was born blind. As the son got older,
his sight improved, even though the mother tried to convince him of his helpless state. One day a
polar bear came near the house and the mother told the son to aim a bow and arrow at the bear
through the window covered with seal skin and strike him down. The boy pulled back the arrow and
the mother took aim from him. The arrow struck the heart of the bear and although the boy could
hear the groans of the dying bear, the mother laughed scornfully at him, saying that he had missed
the bear. That night the mother and the daughter had fresh polar bear meat while the mother
cooked dog meat for the son. Later the boy's sister told her brother that his shot was successful
and secretly gave him meat.!


Time passed and an old man came to the house for a visit. Before he left, he told the young girl
how she could help her brother regain his sight. In the spring, he told them to watch for a red
throated loon who would swim trustingly toward them. Once the loon was close enough, the blind
brother should wrap his arms around the loon's neck and the loon would take him to the bottom of
the lake. Once they came up, his sight would return. The loon told the young man not to tell about
his regained sight until later in the summer when he would send a pod of belugas to their campsite.!


When summer came and the ice began to break, the belugas began to move. On one occasion, a
pod was closer to land than usual. The young man grabbed his harpoon and told his sister to
accompany him to help him aim. They went to the shoreline and the mother, seeing the son with a
harpoon, became concerned and followed them. Once she was close to them, the son gave the
end of the line from the harpoon to his mother, asking her to tie it around her waist to hold the
harpooned animal. The concerned mother told her daughter to make sure he was after a small
animal as she was tied to the harpoon. The son instead aimed for the largest whale and harpooned
him. The mother was cast into the sea. As she submerged she spiraled around the line, with her
long hair twisting into a long lance. This is how the narwhal came to be.” !


Second Legend; The narwhal goddess!
ATUQTUQARNAQ – The narwhal goddess, who had the form of a whale-sized mermaid with her
hair sculpted into the traditional horn/tusk of the narwhals she ruled over. Before Sedna
transformed her into the narwhal deity she was an abusive mother to her blind son. When he
recovered his eyesight after a loon dipped him in the ocean repeatedly he got revenge on his
mother by harpooning a massive narwhal while his evil mother was holding the other end of the
harpoon line. The narwhal dragged her into the sea where Sedna transformed her into the goddess
who rules over narwhals. There are rare traditions in which the narwhal goddess is herself Sedna,

but the overwhelming majority of accounts list the narwhal goddess as a separate deity and
preserve Sedna’s usual origin story involving her father Anguta trying to banish her to the sea. In
other traditions the narwhal goddess is the mother of the moon god and the sun goddess. !

The Legend of the Woman Who Became a Narwhal!
One day, she was standing beside the water with her hair out loose when her husband came after


...when he was about to reach her, she fell backwards into the water below and sank out of sight.
When she came up out of the water at the mouth of the river, she had already turned into a
narwhal with a long tusk. Rapids were forming in the river and, because her hair was spread out in
all its length, it began to twist around and around in corkscrew fashion. This is the reason why
narwhal tusks are formed with a corkscrew twist.*!


Transformations such as this were believed to have happened frequently in the past, especially
during rituals where the shaman could turn into an animal or bird.!



Based on an Inuit legend of the Narwhal…!

Lumaaq “lived with his sister and stepmother, who were very evil. The stepmother made him hunt
for her, but she would often tell him he had missed his kills when in reality she was keeping all of
the food for herself. One day a loon asked what was wrong with his eyes, and when Lumaaq told
him, a number of loons took hold of the boy and pulled him under the surface of a lake, letting the
water wash out his eyes. Lumaaq could finally see; however, he didn’t share this with his family,
because he wished to get revenge on his stepmother. One day they went whaling, and he tricked
her into tying the rope of the harpoon around her waist, right before he threw the harpoon into a
large whale she had not seen. She was pulled into the ocean by the whale and became the first
narwhal.” from :historyofnarwhal.html

Fun Facts ♥!
♫ Narwhals make sounds like video games!!
♫ Some narwhals don’t have teeth!!
♫ There are some rare narwhals that have
two teeth (Or horns) !
♫ Narwhals are mammals!
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Match the words with the picture!!


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