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Your guide to greek

gods and goddesses part
By Eloise Johnson Crosthwait




History/Family Tree"




Demeter,Dionysus and the Twins"


Does your name begin with an H?"


The Aces"


Symbols "







Καλώς ήρθατε στην Ελλάδα.(Welcome to Greece.)Welcome,to a
world where myths are woven like yarn, Mount Olympus above, gods
and goddess flying about. Smiles,Happiness, laughter. Welcome to


Which one is Greece??

This one?


This one?


History/Family Tree!


The History of Greece is VERY complicated. So,that’s why there is
someone else creating a first book all about the history of before the
gods. So, I’ll just tell you a little, Kronos ruled over the titans, but was
afraid that his son or daughter might overthrow him like he did with his
father so as him and his wife had children, he swallowed them. His wife
was disgusted with his actions so when their last child was born, she ran
away with him/Zeus. Zeus was raised with a nymph and a goat, and
when old enough, married a titan,Kronos’s sister. Then Kronos’s wife
urged her son to overthrow her husband. So, Zeus’s wife tricked Kronos
into drinking a drink she promised would make him undefeatable, but
instead it made Kronos weak and barf out the children that remained.
Which were Then,all the gods went to war, the new gods against the old
gods. The war lasted for fifteen years but then at last the new gods won."




Posiedon is the king of the sea, he is the god of the sea but also
specializes in earthquakes. He was the creator of dolphins and has
26 wives, (but most of them are water/ocean nymphs.) He was
Medusa’s boyfriend, and her turning into…..well what she was
before a demigod chopped her head off.
Medusa was beautiful. Everyone fell for her, especially Posiedon.
Posiedon and Medusa were dating and everyone knew they were
going to be married soon. One day, Posiedon decided that on a date
they were going to go to Athena’s temple. So the next day when
Medusa was knocking on Posiedon’s underwater mansion they
went. You must understand that this form of action that Posiedon
was about to preform was very sneaky and disrespectful, and fatal if
they were caught. But they still went and as they
were inside… you might think this is gross but
they kissed and at that moment, Athena came
bursting in and started yelling at Posiedon. Then
she whipped around and faced Medusa, and put a
curse on her. Her curse was to turn into one of the
most ugly young women in the galaxy. Medusa
screamed, smoke formed around her body and
when it cleared, she looked like the Medusa you
know today, and when ever she looked at
someone and they looked back, they would turn to
stone. Medusa screamed and ran out of the
building and Posiedon was smart enough to
disappear into a puddle of seawater and return to his kingdom. He
didn’t come out for five hundred years.




Zeus is the king of the gods. He is one of the most
important gods and the lord of the sky. Together,Zeus
and his two other brothers Posiedon, and Hades killed
there father and the other titans. Zeus has 12 goddess
wives including the queen of the gods, Hera.



Hades is the god of the underworld.
Darkness is his lair,ghosts and ghouls are
his friends. He has a helm of darkness
which brings out your worst fears and
makes him invisible to his enemies. If you
come within 20 feet of it you would want
to run the other direction for five hours.
Heres a tip: stay away from Hades, no one can guarantee your
safety, except for another god or goddess.



I’m so pretty!!


Aphrodite is the oldest goddess,
she was born from the body of
Oceanus, the son and husband of
Gea. Gea didn’t like Oceanus
anymore because he threw her sons the one
hundred-handed ones creatures with fifty
heads and one hundred hands, and the cyclops creatures with one
eye into Tartarus, the darkest pit in the galaxy. So she and the
titans/giants held him down and chopped him up and when he fell
into the ocean his blood and foam mixed and out came Aphrodite.



Aphrodite is mostly mistaken as Zeus’s daughter. But, if it
weren’t for Zeus, Hera would have blasted Aphrodite out of
existence, or driven her mad and watched her like a performance.
But, luckily for Aphrodite Zeus gave Aphordite a place on Olympus
and a husband, Hephaestus even though she sometimes doesn’t
always stick by her husband, and there are rumors going around in
Mount Olympus that her and Ares are dating and soon to be




A demigod is half god half human. Aphrodite has many demigods, in fact
most gods do. A demigod is formed with a god and a mortal. The
demigod should have some powers depending on their god or goddess
mother of father. There are two series about a son of Poseidon one of
the big three, and there is another book about him continuously but also
about new characters, some of them are Roman.( I have read both of
the series.)"


This is a

This is a normal
person (Justin


Demeter,Dionysus and the Twins!


Demeter is the goddess of the harvest, or growing of crops. She has a
daughter named Persephone. Her daughter is the wife of Hades, the
god of the underworld.The god of the underworld took Demeter’s
daughter and they have their own miny myth so I’ll tell you that:"
Hades was in love with Persephone. She was beautiful: wavy long
blond hair and sparkly blue eyes. She was tall, but not to tall and skinny.
She loved her mother and would do whatever her mother said, or not do
whatever her mother said not to do. And Demeter would not let Hades
marry her daughter, so Hades asked Zeus for help. Zeus suggested that
Hades kidnap Persephone, so one day when Persephone was out
with her friends thats what he did. Demeter was heartbroken that
Persephone had been kidnapped, and her sadness effected
all of the world because no crops would grow so people
were dying so Zeus called on his youngest son Hermes to go
and Bargain with Hades to get Persephone back to Demeter so
crops would grow again. But while
Persephone was
down there she had eaten four
pomegranate seeds
and if you eat in the underworld you
have to stay there
forever. So, Hermes made
a deal with
Hades and so for
months of the year,
would go back to
the underworld,
but for the rest of
the year she would be
on Mount Olympus
with her mother. And
that my friend is
how the seasons were


Dionysus is the god of wine drunkenness and madness. He was driven
mad by Hera, but for the last 1,000 years he’s been in Mount Olympus.
He is usually drunk, so if you ever visit Mount Olympus, don’t expect a
lot of words from Dionysus. He and Zeus don’t get along well so when
you go to Mount Olympus, don’t say anything to Zeus about letting
Dionysus back on Olympus."





Apollo is the god of many things. Medicine, the
Oracle of Delphi, music and the lyre. His twin
sister is Artemis. He is the god of so many things
that he has a son who is the god of medicine that
is the god of medicine. In one of t the heroes of
Olympus books, you visit him and he has a old
lady and a snake guarding his office. He is very
cheerful and kind and gave the kids what they
wanted. Apollo is a very nice god."

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Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and the goddess of many things just
like her twin: little girls, not marrying and her symbol is a deer. There is a
short myth about Artemis and a very selfish man: A man was going
hunting, and he stumbled upon a lake and saw the goddess bathing in
the stream. Any normal person would have walked away for fear of the
goddess seeing him, but this man was selfish so started
walking toward the stream. When he came close
enough he could see a three headed dog guarding
Artemis. He stopped and started walking back but
stepped on a stick and the goddess saw him standing
there, she did not look happy. She took the water from
the creek and splashed it on him and the moment it
touched his skin he turned into a deer. The dogs went
crazy. They were straining against their leash, barking.
Then Artemis let them off leash. The dogs ate the deer
and the man was never seen again."


Does your name begin with an H?!

Hephustus isn’t exactly the son you dream about. But Hera took one

look at him and threw him off Olympus. He fell for 24 hours straight.
Some water girls saw him and caught him before he fell into the water.
His face is a little messed up but otherwise he looks OK. He was raised
by water girls but is a craftsmen worker and a blacksmith. He is the god
of fire and metalworking. His demigods are very skilled at what he
specializes in."


Hera is the queen of the gods. She is the
goddess of marriage and child labor. Her
symbol is a peacock or a pomegranate. She
is Zeus’s wife. When they won the war and
Zeus became king, and started marrying
other people jealousy darkened her days. She
ounce even dared to steal Zeus’s lightning
bolt. He strung her up and struck her with
lightning until she admitted she did it."




Hermes is the messenger of the gods. He can travel the world at an
amazing speed. When he was little he was very mischievous. When he
was small one day he decided to steal Apollo’s cows, and Zeus was
mad at Hermes but also sort of entertained so Zeus was not as mad at
Hermes, but Apollo was very, very mad at him. So, using
Hermes’s cleverness he made Apollo an
instrument he called a lyre, and
Herme’s son is one of
because Apollo is the god of music so
the main evil
Apollo immediately forgave him.
characters in the
Percy Jackson series
Hermes is very clever and can make
even though Hermes
you do whatever he wants."
is one of the kindest




Hestia is the goddess of the
Hearth or the home place. She
is very kind and quiet. She makes her
own homes around the world. She is
considered a minor goddess but is really
Hestia gave her throne to
one of the twelve because her mother and
Dionysus in Olympus when
father are Kronos and Rhea, even though she
he came back from
is commonly mixed up as a daughter of Zeus. In
being driven mad.
the olden times she was worshipped at every town
and they would give sacrifices almost every day. The
people would usually sacrifice goats or major things
that they needed.


The Aces!


I’m so popular!!



Athena is one of the most popular goddesses in
ancient Greek. She is the goddess of wisdom and
battle strategy. She is very famously known and when
she was born she was considered a “brain child.” She
has her own myth. Here it is: Zeus had heard a rumor
that the child of a nymph would someday over power
him. So, the first nymph that he ate was a very nice and
pure hearted nymph. Later that day he noticed that he
had a headache and no matter how much ambrosia he
drank the headache wouldn’t go away. Then at dusk, a young women
jumped out of his head dressed in full battle armor. That young women
was Athena."



Hey, this calls for
war!!!!!!!(Which I love)

Ares was a god no one could like. He
was a blood loving god, a coward who
loved war. He was vicious and hardcore. If
you are ever mad, or want a fight blame Ares. Except
for Aphordite, no one wants him around.


Symbols !

Artemis: Deer"
Aphordite: Dove"
Ares: sword"
Athena: owl"
Apollo: bow and arrow"
Hermes: Winged shoes"
Hestia: fireplace"
Hera: peacock"
Hephestus: metal"
Dionysus: grapevines"

Demeter: grain or wheat"
Hades:the three headed dog"
Posiedon: trident"
Zeus: lightning bolt





Match the word with the definition:"



an extremely important person who seems like a god."
an all powerful spirit or being that is worshipped."
a female god, a women who is greatly loved."
an idea or story that was told in an ancient culture to explain
5) to limit your business or area of study to one specific subject."
6) A person or god that is the daughter or son of Kronos or Zeus"


As you can see, gods and goddesses are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!