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Teacher– Kyla Barnes

Assistant Teacher– Laura Dinezio

Costello Elementary
1333 Hamman Drive
Troy, MI 48085


Office Phone #

Classroom Phone #

Midwinter Break-NO SCHOOL
School Resumes

With winter weather in full swing and drive
time being unpredictable, please plan ahead.
You may want to add a neighbor or close
friend to your emergency form. In the event
you find yourself running late, or traffic does
not allow for a timely arrival, a back-up plan
would then be in place to allow for pick up
by 3:45pm. Notify the center anytime
someone other than the parent will pick up
the student.
Please understand that when you do not arrive by 4:01pm the child care staff and your
child become concerned about you. In addition, staff may have other commitments after 4:01 pm, and may not be able to honor
those if they cannot leave work on time.
We must use the time on our classroom
clock as our guide.
Late pick up more than three (3) times may
result in dismissal from child care.
Late fees are as follows:
3:45 – 3:50 pm = $5.00/child
3:50 - 3:55 pm = $10.00/child
After 3:55 pm = $10.00/child + $1.00/
minute per child

Thank you for your cooperation.

If you are not signed up for School
Messenger, please consider doing so.
School Messenger allows you to receive
automated phone calls and text and
email messages for emergency notifications such as snow days or other closings.

Friday February 20th will be pajama day.
Please send your child to school in their PJ’s
if you want (this is not required!). You may
also send in slippers for them to wear in the
classroom, but please make sure that they
have boots for outside still.

Please pass this information on to anyone
you know that may be interested!
Are you looking for a preschool experience that will get your child ready for
success in kindergarten and beyond?
Troy School District preschools will hold
an Open House for Fall 2014 classes on
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 from
6:30 pm-8:00 pm at current locations.
Troy offers a variety of preschool options for children ages 3-5 years old.
Our programs align with the Michigan
Early Childhood Standards of Quality
and prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond. Classes fill
quickly! For preschool information and
locations visit or
call (248) 823-5100.

After Planning Time comes Work Time.
During Work Time, children immediately begin what they have chosen to do with the
appropriate materials and people, and continue until they have completed their plans or
changed them. Work time encourages children to focus attentively on both play and
problem solving. As children work, adults pay
close attention and move easily among the
children –
observing, supporting, and assisting them as
needed. After about 45 to 55 minutes,
children clean up by storing their unfinished
projects and putting away materials.
Cleanup is thus part of the cycle. It can occur during work time — children may individually choose to put things away when they
are finished using them — and/or as part of
the classroom’s transition between work time
and recall time.
*Look for details on the ―review‖ portion of
this process in upcoming newsletters.

For more information about our Daily Routine and the HighScope Curriculum that we
follow in our classroom visit:

Please call the Building Blocks classroom
when your child will be absent for the
door. The classroom has a phone/
voicemail to accept your messages. The
Costello main office does not take care
of our attendance.

Visit the recall website for consumer products.