L e on a rd o Da Vi n c i

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E a r l y C h i l d h ood
 Leonardo was born April 15th, 1452.
 His name was Lionardo de ser Piero da Vinci.
 He was born in Florence, Italy as the son of a legal notary.

Leonardo’s childhood home
(Pictured Left)

Ap p re n ti c e s h i p

When Leonardo became 14 years old he was apprenticed to Andre de Cione in Verrocchio’s Workshop, the finest in all

of Florence. In this workshop he learned many types of art including drawing, painting, sculpting, and modeling.

Earliest known work of Leonardo is a pen
and ink drawing of the Arno Valley
(Pictured Right)

P rofe s s i on a l L i fe

In 1504 Leonardo worked for Cesare Borgia as a his Chief Military Engineer and Architect. He drew maps of places that

Cesare was planning to invade, and also some maps of the Borgia Stronghold.

Portrait of Cesare.
(Pictured Left)

Map of Imola for
(Pictured Above)

Oth e r P rofe s s i on s

Leonardo was not only an artist and architect. He also studied the anatomy of animals and humans and made

sketches of them. He was a good sculptor as well and was in the employment of many other people.

He worked for, Michelangelo and an assortment of churches.

A sketch of a horse Leonardo
(Pictured Right)

E l d e r l y Ye a r s

In his old age he moved to the Vatican and spent much of his time there. Sadly, on May, 2nd 1519 he died in his home

and was buried in the Chapel of Saint-Hubert in Château d'Amboise.

Self portrait of Leonardo.
(Pictured Right)
The house Leonardo died in.
(Pictured Above)

L e on a rd o’ s L i fe At A Gl a n c e
Leonardo’s Life at a Glance
Born In:
1452 - 1466
Professional Life:
1467 – 1519

I n t e r e s t i n g F a c t s Ab o u t
L e ona rd o
 Leonardo was a vegetarian.
 Leonardo would buy caged birds and set them free.
 Leonardo wrote with his left hand.
 Leonardo taught himself to speak Latin.
 His most famous picture is the Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa.
(Pictured Above)

Ac h i e ve m e n t s o f L e o n a r d o
His most well known
painting is the Mona Lisa.

He painted the Vitruvian


He invented the first eight
barreled machine gun.

He invented the first flying
contraption which was a
hang glider.
A sketch of a flying
(Pictured Left)

O t h e r P i c t u r e s O f L e o n a r d o ' s Wo r k

The Baptism of Christ
(Pictured Above)

The Portaini
(Pictured Above)

Another self portrait.
(Pictured Above)

Sk e tc h e s From Jou r n a ls

Study of the arm.
(Pictured Above)

Study of fetus in the womb.
(Pictured Above)

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