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4 x 4 Circuit: Bench Press + 3 more
Posted on October 24, 2013 by Ben Musholt posted in Circuit Training Workouts
For today’s 4 x 4 circuit workout, you’ll warm-up with 5 minutes of jump rope and then 50 prisoner
lunges. After that, rotate 4 times through the following 4 exercises: bench press, shrugs (barbell or
dumbbell), single arm overhead squats, stability ball jackknifes. After you burn through those, cool
down with some more core strengthening via 100 superman arm/leg lifts and 100 raised knee
crunches. See the pictures below for more information on repetitions to perform during the 4 x 4

2013 by Ben Musholt posted in Uncategorized Strength Mob T-shirts and Hoodies are available for sale! Strength Mob T-shirt . workout | Leave a comment Strength Mob Apparel Posted on August 18. shrug. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page. overhead squat. Tags 15 minute workout air squat at home circuit training barbell barbell lunge bench dip burpees chest press circuit training circuit training ideas circuit training workout clean and press deadlift dive bomber push-up exercise exercise prescription software fitness garage gym garage gym workout garage workout hollow rock kettlebell kettlebell swing overhead squat parallettes parkour conditioning personal trainer exercise software personal trainer software physical therapy exercise software physical therapy software pull-up pull ups push-up push-ups shoulder press side plank split squat squat jump step-up Strength Mob sumo deadlift tricep extension Turkish Get-up v-up workout Want more exercise ideas? Check out the just-released Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia! Posted in Circuit Training Workouts | Tagged bench press. circuit training. garage gym.Error: Twitter did not respond.

Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. No refunds are available at this time. and your return mailing address to: P. M.O. 2013 by Ben Musholt posted in Circuit Training Workouts 4 exercises rotated 4 times through: That’s the definition of a 4 x 4 circuit workout.Strength Mob Hoodie Shipping to USA only. and V-ups. kettlebell Turkish and send a check payable to BPM Rx. Inc. Indicate Men’s Size S. Be sure to warm-up for 5 to 10 minutes prior to the workout and follow the rep scheme listed in the illustrations below. T-shirts are $20 + $5 S/H. Hoodies are $45 + $5 S/H. OR 97208 Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment 4×4 Circuit Workout w/ TGU and Thrusters Posted on August 5. XL. Box 2365 Portland. Email ben@bpmrx. Please no international orders. L. For this variation you’ll do barbell thrusters. Have fun! . single arm preacher curls.

and 6 large step-ups (per leg). 15 knees to elbows. Do the following reps for each exercise: 8 barbell squat pushes. v-up. As a cool down: Try 50 prone leg lifts. You’ll set a timer for 13 minutes and try to hustle through as many rounds as possible of the four exercises shown in the image below.Posted in Circuit Training Workouts | Tagged barbell. exercise. then 50 prone trunk lifts. workout | Leave a comment 13 Minute AMRAP Workout Posted on July 23. circuit training. Prior to the circuit. 2013 by Ben Musholt posted in 15 Minute Workout Here is a good 13 minute burner. designed in the AMRAP fashion. warm-up with 5 minutes of whole body activity. Turkish Get-up. thruster. 10 ring chest flies. preacher curl. .

you need to hurry up to support it. knees to elbows. 2013 by Ben Musholt posted in Circuit Training Workouts Support the ‘Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia’ on Indiegogo. chest fly. because it is only running through July 21st! . step-up. barbell. workout | Leave a comment The ‘Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia’ Is Coming! Posted on June 23. But. I’ve got big news to share: The M ad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia crowd-funding campaign is now live on Indiegogo.Posted in 15 Minute Workout | Tagged AMRAP.

coreO you name. Posted in Circuit Training Workouts | Tagged barbell. and even depth jumps. it’s getting used. barbell lifts. back. kettlebell | Leave a comment Full Bore Circuit Training! Posted on June 10. calisthenics. or a signed copy of the book! Above the $25 level. followed by 4 circuit exercises. Rotate 3 times through the circuit exercises. kettlebell movements. garage workout. This is guaranteed to be a reference tool that you’ll use for years to come. Enjoy! . T-shirt. You’ll do bear crawls. overhead squats with dumbbells. exercise encyclopedia. please “like” the book on Facebook. and 2 “cool-down” movements. then you’ll LOVE this book. Circuit Training Workouts For this circuit training workout we are reverting back to our old-school structure of 2 warm-up activities. chest. depending on how many people you have hustling through the circuits with you. If you’ve been a fan of the Strength M ob workouts. Legs. It details how to perform over 700 different body-weight calisthenics.Secure yourself a digital download (PDF ebook). your name will be included in the Acknowledgements section! M ad Skills will be the largest collection of illustrated exercises that has ever been published. to keep your garage workouts challenging and fun! Aside from supporting the campaign on Indiegogo. 2013 by Ben Musholt posted in At home workouts. bent-over barbell rows. Give yourself 30 to 45 minutes to get through it. and gymnastics-conditioning skills. hollow rocks.


Grind on. Circuit Training Workouts | Tagged barbell. 2013 by Ben Musholt posted in 15 Minute Workout Simple format today: Warm-up on your own for 5 to 10 minutes. That’s it. Bam. then rotate 4 sets through the 4 exercises posted below. workout | Leave a comment Circuit Training: 4 x 4 Workout Design Posted on May 28. overhead squat. hollow rock. exercise. . depth jump.Posted in At home workouts. circuit training.

pull-ups (upper body strength). workout | Leave a comment 15-Minute Workout: Rainy Day Burner Posted on May 23. Try this 4-circuit workout – it should take you about 15 minutes. exercise. summer seemed like it was just around the corner – now it’s raining cats and dogs in Portland. 2013 by Ben Musholt posted in 15 Minute Workout Ughh. ring dips (upper body strength).Posted in 15 Minute Workout | Tagged circuit training. and burpees (general conditioning). with barbells and what not. First warm-up with some jumping jacks or other rhythmic body-weight exercise. Need a cure for the gray weather? How about 15 minutes of painful pleasure? AhemO in the garage gym of course. . You know. Rotate 3 times through: Barbell hanging cleans (lower body and upper body power).

50 box jumps. circuit training. For today’s workout try 120 kettlebell swings. determine how many sets you are aiming to do of each exercise. hanging clean.” Take a handful of movements. 2013 by Ben Musholt posted in Circuit Training Workouts Need to add some variety to your workout structure? Try this brutal variation: AFAP. 100 push-ups. burpee. and 200 prisoner lunges. then try to get through them as fast as possible. pullup.Posted in 15 Minute Workout | Tagged 15 minute workout. ring dips | Leave a comment Garage Gym Workout: As Fast As Possible Posted on April 11. Split them up into as many sets as you need. just do them all to completion! . Be smart though: Make sure to do an adequate 5-10 minute warm-up to prepare your body for the onslaught. aka “As Fast As Possible.

box jump. . garage gym. push-ups. Just. 2013 by Ben Musholt posted in 15 Minute Workout Four exercises: Barbell push press. You will take a brief rest here and there. Ready. kettlebell swing. toes-to-bar leg raises. but don’t stop until your stopwatch hits the twelve minute mark. medicine ball cleans. go for a jog. Do ten repetitions of each one. workout | Leave a comment 12-minute AMRAP Workout Posted on April 4. Do I need to mention that you should warm-up before hand for at least five minutes? Jump rope. do some arm circles.Posted in Circuit Training Workouts | Tagged AFAP. and squat jumps. as fast as possible. Rotate continuously through all four movements as quickly as you can for an entire twelve minutes. Get. lunges. It will be hard.

BPM Rx is a registered trademark of BPM Rx. toes to bar. squat jump.Posted in 15 Minute Workout | Tagged AMRAP. workout | Leave a comment ← Older posts Home | Blog | About Us | Contact Us | Pricing | Terms & Conditions | Use the Tool © BPM Rx. push press. . Inc. barbell. medicine ball clean.