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AVI3/4M Visual Arts

Term 3 2015
Unit 1: The Artist as Creator and Presenter
Thursday February 5th- Tuesday February 17th
* Monday February 16th: Family Day
o What is Art?
o Review: The Critical Analysis Process, Constructive Criticism, The
Artists Statement, The Title, The Elements and Principles of
o Sketchbook Development
o Art and Visual Culture
o Visual Arts Disciplines
o Guided imagery
o Mixed Media
o The Mona Lisa
o The Human Form
o The Traditional Ideals of Beauty
o Human Proportions
o Film: Wasteland
o Art History: Rococo, Neo-Classicism, Romanticism, Realism
o Unit 1 Test: Friday February 13th
o Unit 1 Project and Class Critique: Tuesday February 17th
Unit 2: The Artist as Inspiration
Tuesday February 17th- Monday March 2nd
o Canvas stretching
o Underpainting
o Painting techniques and mediums
o Colour and emotion
o Visual Conventions
o Social issues
o The Finishing Touches
o Contemporary Artists
o Film: Frida
o Art History: Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Expressionism,
Fauvism, Symbolism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco
o Unit 2 Test: Friday February 27th
o Unit 2 Project and Class Critique: Monday March 2nd
Unit 3: The Artist as Experimenter and Finder
Monday March 2nd- Monday March 23rd
*Monday March 16th – Friday March 20th: March Break
o The Exquisite Corpse
o Soft Sculpture
o Art, Law and Ethics
o Sculpture Mediums and Materials


Personal Expression
Finding Inspiration Online
Film: Pollock
Art History: Cubism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Expressionism,
Abstract Expressionism
ISP Checkpoint #1: Friday March 6th
Unit 3 Test: Friday March 13th
Unit 3 Project and Class Critique: Monday March 23rd
ISP Checkpoint #2: Wednesday March 25th

Unit 4: The Artist as Observer
Monday March 23rd- Monday April 13th
Friday April 3rd: Good Friday
Monday April 6th: Easter Monday
o Types of printmaking
o Stencil Art
o The Functions of Art
o Social Justice
o Careers in the Visual Arts
o Profile: Art Therapy
o Film: Exit Though The Gift Shop
o Art History: Pop Art, Environmental Art, Conceptual Art, Street
o ISP Checkpoint #3: Friday March 27th
o Final ISP Project and Class Critique: Thursday April 9th
o Unit 4 Test: Friday April 10th
o Unit 4 Project and Class Critique: Monday April 13th

A Few Reminders:
 Please check in to our class website on a daily basis,
this should be bookmarked on your computer and is the first thing you should do when
you arrive to class
 The course calendar will be posted at the top of the daily schedule in two-week
increments on the website
You being all necessary materials to class: sketchbook, computer, charger, binder,
artists smock
 Your in-class activities, artist profiles, blog posts and certain assignments are not
scheduled on this calendar, you must refer to the class website for information and due
Please be advised that each project will include a class critique
 This course calendar is subject to change, any changes will be updated on the website
and calendar
 If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to me during or after class, or send
me an email: