Fundamental Research of Financial

By David Holmes Registered Investment Advisor

February 5, 2015A.D.


There is no published definitive study that shows the choosing of
Investment grade or US Bonds safety with interest returns of ½ to 7%
over periods of 5 to 20 years provide net-after-inflation-returns
that satisfy the net-returns-required to build a Retirement/Family
Estate that will likely and indefinitely provide the necessary family
income needs (85% of before-age 65 remuneration) for
ages 65 thru 97. None!
Unpublished Conclusion: Savers require Average gains exceeding
10 to 15% annually … or they will consume their funds!
Politicians, investment, savings or Insurance ‘professionals’ or
organizations refuse to discuss the specifics of this moral, personal,
family and national issue and any alternative than more government!
Further, it is ridiculous to assume or imply that anyone could save 50 to
75% of income over a period of 20 to 30 years for such an elder-years
income estate or that no such ‘estate’ is needed. Ridiculous! But, is
the Democrat assumption and promises that the government can and will
provide such above specified and ‘fair’ pensions honest, possible?
Thirdly, most major corporations are or have terminated their pension
and medical care provisions beyond 401ks. Likely, all will or will wish
they had. Why? Should governments do likewise? Should the Military?
What about FICA?
Lastly, it is just as ridiculous and dishonest of families to expect to have
such access to income in their elder years without specific personal
assets being built. Note, for the dad averaging an annual income of
$50,000, the 85% elder-year income requires assets that will yield
$42,500 annually.
Of course, only using the Obama BALD responses: Bluster-ArroganceLies-Denial, there is no problem.
What responsible and intellectually-honest individual isn’t
interested in known, available, moral, understandable, affordable and
working-needed solutions?

Understanding Investing with Holmes
David Holmes

Registered Investment Advisor February 3, 2015A.D.

These 2 charts show the daily public record of five funds. They interest and inform each
thoughtful and sober saver and investor. The SP500 is both well known and a bellwether. BRKA
is also well known as the very successful fund of Warren Buffet. PMTPX is the largest bond fund
in the world. The RYVYX is a less known fund and is built on the NDX100, also an index fund.
The likely long-term blessed outcome is what you see, choose and
experience, whether $100,000 growing to $140,000 in one year, $460,000 in five years, very
much less or zero.
Whether one year or five, you get the picture: each with temporary declines but ….

My point, those who don’t believe … Jesus atoned for their sins, rose from the grave, is in
control, is coming again and by the second birth we should be diligent, faithful and obedient
stewards until He does … their basic foundation and rational understandings are very
different from mine and the God of Psalm 23. But, for those with these basic Biblical beliefs, you
likely see the profound and providential meaning of these charts as I do and you likely should/do
comfortably invest with David Holmes and the Psalm 23 Programs.