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Englisch Arbeitsbogen 3 Lösung

1. Choose the expression which best completes each sentence
2. Complete the sentences, using the correct form of the passive
a) was sold
b) in run
c) is appointed, is given
d) have been stolen
e) was searched
f) were advised
3. Join the following sentences, by using conjunctions
a) Although he was tired he went on a spectacular journey
b) Because he was a little nervous he drank a glass of whisky
c) The plane was late because the weather was stormy
d) Although he's a very nice person I don't really trust him
e) You can help us because you're a hardened traveller
4. Questions on the text
a) It's about campus life on the Language Department at Berkeley University
b) They have never been there before
c) They should speek english only
d) They can borrow books from the college library / They can do sports
e) No, they are typical american institutions
f) The greatest of all students problem is that they have to speak english only
5. ing-form or to-infinitive
a) talking
b) joining
c) to speak
d) welcoming
e) smoking
f) becoming
g) expecting
6. Which is the correct form?
7. Rewrite in reported speech
a) Brian asked his friend how long he had had toothhache.
b) Wolfgang said that he was afraid the NHS wouldn't cover his treatment
c) Briant told me (said) not to wait any longer
8. Complete in the passive
a) is financed
b) was started

h 4.g 3.... Which word goes with which definition or synonym? 1. I do / No. Letter-writing for taking to give got had not gone.. 12...f 2. to take back of sacking felt.c) are treated 9. realised hat to give in should be given 13. to call thought to be loosing.. e) Yes. Say it in English a) What did you do when you were at home b) I repaired my parents' car c) My father las his car repaired in a garage usually . I don't because..c 11. I don't because. Complete these sentences went wanted.j 5.. Answer in complete sentences a) The strike broke out because they sacked an apprentice b) He hadd been there for one year c) – be employed again d) Yes. was ought to be corrected had never expected. would have been for not writing have been 10.. I do / No.